Wreckful Cat

Wreckful Cat
Hello there dear Readers & Bloggers! :hello:
Just a teeny tiny update with few words and lots of pics~ I can’t wait to finish my exams but for now I’m stuck behind my books while everyone else seems to be going on holiday:crying: What about you? are you going anyplace special this summer? I’ve spent a few days in the countryside with the intention to study but since the Internet thing turned out to be more complicated than what I had expected, I came back because I need the world wide web to look up things and stay in touch with you guys!.. and err.. there were too many distracting activities.. :nope: but see for yourself!
Sooo.. sit back and enjoy the picture fload cutie pies :on:

1. Lake Marmorera 2. thank you for the zooM! 3. sleeping under marguerites 4. evening mood 5. Engines 6. birch bark 7. gnarly tree 8. clear water 9. Hop 10. Akatsuki 11. striking red fruits 12. meat, cheese, butter & bread 13. shroom 14. Huge mosquito..o.O 15. grilled meat… 16. Nina taking a bath :)

Isn’t that mosquito in the last line huge?!? Fortunately it was already dead when Silvankun found him.. Mosquitoes love to suck my blood! :oh:

This is an outfit I wore some time ago. As you can see, I try to keep it simple… I’m totally in love with peter pan collars! And I wore “orange” lipstick for the first time. The shade is so pretty that I’m probably going to review it. :klimper:

What do you think? Do you like it? It’s getting really tight with my study plan so I should get back to it… Have a nice evening Beauties! I hope I will be able to update in August but I can’t promise it.


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  1. Huuuhuu :nekopaw:

    The pictures are lovely! :aiyo: Ich hasse Mücken! QQ Bin leider auf viele Insektenstiche allergisch bzw. reagiere so darauf! U__U Letztens wieder Antibiotika bekommen wegen Mückenstick :ghihi:

    Awwh, dein Oberteil gefällt mir total! Und du bist so süss *__* Unglaublich fotogen! O_O Kawaii!!!! :ii:

  2. Good luck with your exams! I really love your outfit, I love the peter pan collar. I wish I could buy some, one day. I’ll be going on a roadtrip all the month of August. I’ll miss reading your blog :sigh:

  3. AH that mosquito is huge!! So scaryyy. And hahah, I love Peter Pan Collars as well! They’re the best.
    I chanced upon your blog, and I have to say, it is so cute!! I really like your dragon calligraphy image on the sidebar – do you mind me asking where you go it?
    ♥ xixia

  4. Oh well, mosquitoes are really annoying, but at least it’s not Japanese mosquitoes. I bet you know how bad they can be! ^-^;

    When I was your age I almost never went on vacation!
    As long as you can enjoy your free time that’s good enough, right? :)

    Enjoy your summer vacation!
    I still have to work one more week before I’m off for summer vacation. I’m planning a trip to mainly Chubu area this time! ^-^;

  5. すっごいキレイ〜!Did you take them via Instagram? I just started and addicted already.. Let me know if you have an account, I’ll follow you there too! The peter pan collar is so pretty, by the way :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  6. Best of luck in your studying! I’m not doing anything special over the summer, but I’m trying to relax more… not working out very well, though.

    Mosquitos are evil! They always take, but never give back! -hmph- lol Oh, adorable outfit! The “orange” lipstick look lovely on you :)

  7. :hionigiri: Good luck studying! I know it’s hard to study during summer~ Also, OMG that mosquito is HUGE!!!

  8. @ Lou: awww Lou, you’re too sweet! :miam: it’s terrible that you had to take medications because of a mosquito bite! I don’t know if I’m allergic but it itches so much and gets all swollen.. :snif:

    @ Chani: Thank you! :on: Have fun on your roadtrip!!! I would love to go on one… :catexclam:

    @ Xixia: Thank you! hahaha I thought so too when I saw it.. :jupp: I found the dragon calligraphy with google! probably entered the serach terms “dragon” and “illustration” or calligraphy.. can’t remember :nope: I chose it because 2012 is the year of the dragon :)

    @ zoomingjapan: Fortunately there weren’t many mosquitoes where I was in Japan.. (it was probably already too cold for mosquitoes… :happy: ) I’m enjoying too much free time… :hehe: Can’t wait to see pictures of your trip then!

    @ Akiko: ありがとうございます~ I took most of them with my nikon D70 but edited them with Instagram :ii: my name there is ninnikuneko :klimper:

    @ nyuu: Thank you :rabukuma: Mosquitoes are evil indeed!!! :eee: can’t wait to show you guys swatches of the lipstick!

    @ Sewon: Thank you Sewon :boxkitten: I’ll give my best!!!!!! hope everything goes well.. :jupp:

  9. Hi ねこちゃん、I forgot to tell you about the camera. Im thinking Nikon D5100. D7000 looks so good too! but it seems like little more professional (I’m a beginner) and pricey too. So D5100 seems a good one for me.. Anyway I’m glad to came back to your blog as I just saw your answer about instagram :) See you there too! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  10. Mosquitoes are terrible…they always seem to get me. Good luck with your studying too!! I hope you have some fun during the summer time as well. Thank you for visiting my blog & leaving the comment, I appreciate it. The artist I showed on my blog was friends with Klimt and it was she that influenced Klimt’s works, it’s just that Klimt was more famous, but she is where he got the ideas/inspirations from, I learned that when I studied Klimt & Art Nouveau, which was quite interesting. You have a super blog..I hope you have a great weekend!! xx

  11. You look gorgeous in that outfit! Very understated but the shoes and lips give a lovely pop of colour :) Man I hate mosquitos! xxx

  12. Your photos are always so beautiful!!!
    Peter pan collars suit you! Instead, they’re too ladylike for me. I have one, but it’s quite childish because it’s deer faux fur with pom poms XD I like the lipstick too.
    I already went on the big holyday (Mexico), but now I’m leaving for the seaside with my parents.

  13. @ Akiko: I’m excited to see the quality of your pics with the new cam! Glad we found us on Insta :smile:

    @ The Dainty Dolls: hehe I’m glad I’m not their only victim.. :hehe: about the artworks, I read your entry after I wrote the comment and everything explained itsef.. :catexclam: I was so impressed by the similarity of their motifs that I had to leave a comment immediately :nope: your blog is lovely as well! :ii:

    @ Maisy: awww Thank you Love! :blinkheart:

    @ Piperita Patty: Thank you!!! hehe I think they look child-like but that’s what I love about them! :aiyo: Have fun at the seaside! I envy you a lot!!

  14. oh das oberteil ist total süß
    wollte ich mir auch schon holen
    ich steh zzt so auf bubikragen

    und vorallem wollte ich mich herzlich für dein kommentar bezüglich der neuen haare bedanken!
    soooooooo liebe und nette worte! Danke
    habe mich so gefreut! :ballerina:

    • Thi: Bitte liebe Thi! :rabukuma: Bubikragen ist ein gutes Wort :D ich mag sie auch total gerne!!

  15. Oh deine Bilder sind einfach so gut :) also sowohl die von deinem Outfit, also auch die in der collage & das Outfit ist dazu auch noch richtig gelungen, ich mags ebenfalls gerne schlicht & durch den lippenstift wird es dann gleich etwas “aufregender” sieht echt gut aus! :)

  16. Such an Lovely outfit you have, these pictures are also very well taken love this atmosphere in it! ^^ You are so adorable! <3

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