Wishing for spring when it’s still a winter wonderland

Wishing for spring when it’s still a winter wonderland
Hey there Starshines! :nekopaw:
It’s been a while again, hasn’t it? I missed the blogosphere and reading the many comments on my last entry made me so happy! Now I’m looking forward to see what you’ve been up to.
I know you’re probably expecting to to see the pictures of Milan but first there is one more Zermatt entry waiting to be written. Well actually there isn’t a lot to write about but more to show you. When I came back from Zermatt a week ago, I actually thought Winter is over but somehow it only begun… I’ve had it with snow for this year but I wanted to share some hopefully last snowy impressions nevertheless with you guys. :rabukuma:


So grab yourself a nice cup of hot tea or chocolate.. or coffee ugh.. honestly, who likes that stuff outside uni time? Or if you’re having summer right now, grab a nice cold beverage (these pics should cool you down anyway..) and enjoy~ :bling:

These houses are empty during the winter time but during summer there are actually herders with their animals living there!

I’m wearing the new scarf from the F21 order I showed you in a previous post.. love it! :klimper:

Click on “read on” for many more pictures~

On the way to Zmutt, there’s a place where the birds come sitting on your hands! … if there’s something to eat on it :catexclam:

Involtini filled with spinach and cheese – so incredibly delicious! :bang:

On the last day it was snowing so much and I just had to take some “outfit pictures”. :miam:


Sorry for the huuuge picture spam but I didn’t want to bore you with too many snow entries so that’s it for now! :jupp: I have tons of pretty new clothing waiting to be worn and slowly I need to start focussing on uni again. I blogged way too little and never as much as I had intended to but I hope I can find a decent blogging pace again nevertheless. :etone:
The next entry however, is probably going to be about my few days in Milan.
Have a blasting weekend and see you soon ~


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  1. I LOOVVVEEE SNOW! But I am without snow appropriate shoes ^^; Eeeek, the penguins are so cute…I thought they were real for a sec. #failed.

  2. I understand that you’re waiting for spring. I am, too!
    However, when you get such a beautiful winter landscape, who needs spring? ;)

  3. Oh.. More snow.. I’m glad I have the heating pad on my lap or else I’d froze by just looking at your pictures. :d

    But Winter looks so lovely on those pictures. I’d be back to see Milan in your blog Nekochan. Love your entries.

    Happy Chinese New Year too.

  4. Ohja, es geht wenn man sich alles vorher gut vorbereitet ganz schnell und kompliziert ist es echt nicht. :)

    Ich bin ja echt mal auf das Bild gespannt. ♥

    Ooh, dein Blog ist ja süß. Ich folge dir mal. <3
    Lieben Gruß

  5. So much snow everywhere! And I thought we had crazy snow in Toronto, lol!

    Those penguins are soooo cute! Are they rocks? Because that’s what I thought at first when I saw them. XD

  6. These pictures are freakin’ amazing! I’ve never been to a place where everything was covered in snow, and now I want to. :(

  7. The only thing that is holding me back from going to Zermatt right now is knowing how cold it would be… your photos make it looks so amazing!

  8. Your snow pics leave me a little jealous, but you’re still awesome. I’ll be hittin’ the snow in march when I head to Alaska, so I will stop complaining. You look great and I love the icicle picture!

  9. So many beautiful photos!
    I’m looking forward for my vacations on the snow, but atm I’m hating the snow tempest out of my window, as this evening I have to go to school -.- Life is contradictory…

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