WIP or~ Week in pictures

WIP or~ Week in pictures
Hey there!
I’m trying to do a short week recap! Nothing special happened, just the usual nature and food pics.. :tongue: My qualification exams take place tomorrow and I’m not very well prepared but I’m kind of used to it and will do my best as always! I still should go through some literature though so I’ll keep it short.

1. Ingredients for Piadine :blinkheart: We didn’t had the usual fillings such as rocket or grilled vegetables but it was delicious! The flatbread was a little thick so it took some time for our 1000W electric “grill” (that is actually thought for crepes :nope: ) to cook it but it worked..
2. My hair :wink:
3. Cereal biscuits with self-made strawberry jam… they tasted so sinfully good.. :miam:
4. Melon with Parma ham, a classic and so refreshing!!
5. Picture taken at a farm somewhere in Zurich
6. Ravioli with artichokes filling and asparaguses… so delicious :kitsune:

1. Beautiful Magnolia tree
2. My favourite beauty products of last week/month. The white one at the bottom is a Sensai cream which I love and can warmly recommend. The REN bodywash with seaweed smells so soft and refreshing, and I also got one with Moroccan Roses and an other with Neroli & Grapefruit, they were a christmas gift and I can use the gorgeous box as a brush case :bling: And last but totally not least, the hair spray the hairdresser reccomended me to buy for my short hair cut. I must say that it’s fantastic!! and with sea salt.. :eee: (sounds strange eh?) oh, and I forgot about the Japanese tsurutsuru face wash. I bought it in Moscow and it’s quite nice but after having tried Sensai there’s nothing anymore that knocks me off my feet.
3. Sakura blossoms.. but I like plum blossoms better :klimper:
4. Natto, very sticky and ropey fermented soy beans. The taste is ok but many people can’t stand it because of its smell. Decide for yourself but at least it’s supposed to be kind of good for you. :nyanyan:
5. Rose that grows near our vegetable patch in Italy

1. On the Splügen pass close to the border to Italy with Nina. There’s still some snow left and summer in the Alps, is really short but soon there will hundreds of different flowers blooming all over the place.. :smile:
2. Happy with my new heart-shaped glasses! I bought them at the airport in Moscow.. :totorosmile:
3. Marguerites.. they always remind me of Alice in Wonderland :hehe:
4. Yes, it’s full of roses there and one is more beautiful than the other..
5. Our vegetable patch!!! yaaay! They’re growing really fast and strong!
6. A room of our house in Italy

As you may noticed, I made most of the pictures with my cell phone… My cam is finally dying, or at least that’s my impression. I’m thinking about selling the Lumix which I don’t really like and use and to buy the Nikon D7000 but for now my phone will have to do.. Wish me luck for tomorrow sunshines!! And have a sunny and magnificient weekend! And if you’re having exams too right now, I wish you all good luck and a clear head!!


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  1. I don’t really get what the big deal with natto is…it doesn’t taste of much, it doesn’t even smell particularly bad to me. It’s just annoying as heck to eat because it’s so sticky and stringy ^^;;

    And wow, I’m jealous that you have a house in Italy and get to see those beautiful places! <3

    (The photos are still really nice, btw, even though they were taken with a cellphone! ^^)

  2. In bocca al lupo per gli esami!
    Avocado should be tasty in piadinas. I have to try it!
    I can eat natto, but not big quantities because even if the taste isn’t bad it’s too viscid.
    My favourite is the photo in the snow!

  3. In french we never say good luck for an exam because it brings bad luck, we say shit, so Merde! Ahhh, you have so many food pictures and it all seems to tasty :crying: ! I not really good in presenting my food nicely, it always looks a mess :ohno: .

    Your picture with Nina reminded me Heidi dancing in a field full of blooming flowers! It sucks not having a camera but your pictures looks really nice :wink: !

  4. @ Rhiannon: hahaha, me neither :tongue: my boyfriend for example just can’t stand the smell but he can eat it. I like to eat it with spring onions, Japanese mustard and soysauce. The house in Italy is my grandmother’s house. We make wine there!

    @ Piperita Patty: Grazie!!! :ichikeki: Avocado was quite nice but the ham was cut too thickily and I couldn’t swallow every bite of it :youreweird: I like the snow picture too… even if I’m making a rather silly face :P Oh, and I know what you mean about the Natto ;)

    @ Here in Switzerland and also Germany we say “Hals und Beinbruch!” … Break a leg!! So in that sense.. thank you! :nope: Arranging food is not so difficult! Just don’t mix everything together before you’ve taken a picture of it!! :hehe: afterwards you can mix it as much as you want.. :happy: I’m glad you like my pictures!

  5. I love that picture where you´re with Nina! Is so cute and lovely background! I´m jealous to you! : D

  6. great pictures! plum blossoms are really pretty – i like the colour better too sometimes..The Alps looks amazing!

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