Wild berries, Mushrooms and Hearts

Wild berries, Mushrooms and Hearts
I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I’ve never been that keen on makeup but lately I couldn’t keep my fingers away from it. After reorganising my makeup I found my first cream blush from bobbi brown that I bought in Kyōto. Amusingly my other bobbi brown blush has disappeared.. anyway, I’m happy to have found the old one because it’s a color that really suits me! Normally I would never buy this shade because it looks awfully brownish but the lady recommended it to me and since I didn’t really know much about makeup and she seemed to know a lot about it I followed her advice. Unfortunately they don’t offer this kind of shade anymore (it’s called Stonewashed Pink) and since my little round pot blusher is coming to an end I had to look out for a similar shade and found Manhattan’s Mousse Rouge in brown.

As you can see on the picture I couldn’t resist buying other things as well. The two kitchen towels with mushroom prints and two cooking spoons with hearts were just too cute to be lef behind. Even the cashier exclaimed when she saw them.. :youreweird: Oh yes, maybe I should annotate that it wasn’t a makeup store but a supermarket where I bought these things.. :nope:
Depinding on the light the shade of the mousse rouge looks pretty different. The consistency is not as dense as a cream blush but to call it a mousse is a little overstated. I used my bobbi brown brush for liquid foundation or cream blush to apply it and it took up almost too much color. Fortunately it is easy to spread, leaves a powdery finish and blends in splendidly.

I’m wearing MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid in NW 20, Manhattan’s Cream Rouge in brown, bobbi brown eyeshadow and benefit’s Miss Popularity. The picture is taken with my phone so the quality is rather bad but I think the color of the cheeks and lips results quite good.

To see the swatches for Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain in wild berry wink read on!

As you can already see on the picture above, the color of the lipstain looks significantly different on my lips. While on my hand it’s without a doubt a red, it turns purplish on my lips. The color can look different from picture to picture depending on the light. The same goes for the mousse. The shade looks brownish and almost golden in sunlight but pinkish in cold light. Is it my skin or is it the colors ?!?

Sorry again for the rather gross picture but this time of my lips.. The lipstain is shaped like a marker and the color really goes into your skin. The swatches I made on my hand were really difficult to remove. It dries quickly and at first has a strong color. On the picture above however it doesn’t look very strong but I think that’s because I started rubbing my lips too early and moved the color to the outline of my lips..or sometthing similar. You can also see some minute dark-red particles.. that’s probably dry skin. With a little effort and a moistening lip balm or gloss this is a great color that lasts really long! I’m happy to have bought it because depending on what shade I want to achieve I can build this lipstain up and imrove it with other products.

I also got myself a brown cardigan with a hood (I’m a absolute hood addict) and a blingbling key pendant for my Gothic Lolita outfit on sunday. Even if I still don’t know what I’m going to wear..

Have a nice evening!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. <3 I had similar feelings when I started getting into makeup. Who knows why it happens!

    Brown blushes are surprisingly versatile aren't they? I think you might like Mac's Melba or Mocha or their cremeblush Ladyblush. They all lean brown with a touch of pink – but they may be too dark for your complexion.

    <3 You look lovely dear.

    • makeup is pretty powerful! :totorosmile:
      Thanks Ava, yes, I think so too! but what I like especially is that brown blush looks so natural! or at least that’s my impression… I will definitely check out the two MAC blushes!

  2. The lip stain looks fantastic!! I think I want to get myself one, but maybe in a lighter color. Are there other colors available at CG? xx

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