When every leaf is a flower

When every leaf is a flower
Hey Beauties! :rabukuma:
Just a short update about my life… Autumn has finally come but instead of golden days and colorful trees it’s raining almost every day and Im not getting so much of the usual autumn feeling. But maybe it’s too early to say. :wink: University is consuming almost all of my time and I can’t believe that it’s already Friday again! When I come home I’m so tired that I don’t even want to cook nor eat and the next holidays seem so far away. :jupp: I’m enjoying most of the classes nevertheless but most of all I like to learn how to write Kanji! 25 characters a week is manageable but not to underestimate especially since you have to remember the 25 characters of the weeks before… The Japanese woodblock print (Ukiyo-e, 浮世絵) class is pretty awesome as well!

This is an outfit I wore some time ago while strolling around somewhere with Silvankun. The coat is about six years old but I rarely wore it and it’s quite perfect for autumn, don’t you think? But Im especially fond of is the Ainu bag. Ainu are people indigenous in Northern Japan (Hokkaido) and Russia. We visited a museum while staying in Hokkaido and I bought this pretty bag in the museum’s shop. I like the different colors and the white embroidery. And remember the two silk scarfs I bought about a year ago at Zara? Well I never wore them but this year I started wearing them. :klimper: I feel like I have to dress myself more adult now because of all the fancy dressed people at uni….! :bang:

The spot is perfect for taking outdoor pictures! There are small trees and forests, weeds, ponds, reed and even sand. Its like having everything but in miniature. The soil was sometimes a little muddy so my shoes got all dirty but it was fun nevertheless.

1. Ink traces; 2. Calligraphy book; 3. So impressed by the Bokuseki thing that had to start practicing with ink when I came home…; 4. Sensei explaining Kanji; 5. Bookworming; 6. Dream library; 7. Painting in my room; 8. Breakfast in the car; 9. Me, waiting for my sister at h&m; 10. nyan* neko mood; 11. Windy autumn day; 12. The starway at the Japanese institute; 13. My cute keys; 14. Manga me; Mini cupcakes; 16. Japanese online TV!

If you’re an Insta user and now wondering what I did with the two pictures in the left bottom I’m glad to tell you that there’s app that does this Manga effect. Thank you Adrian for sharing! It’s called “Manga Generator” but it doesn’t work well with every picture.. you have to try and play a little until you get the effect you like. :smile:
That’s it for now folks! I’m going to bed.. (yes, on Friday night, pretty lame, isn’t it?.. I know :crying: ) I hope you’re having a fun weekend and I can’t wait to be back and share the many Bento I made for uni!!!


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  1. Kanji is pretty difficult and start forgetting many of it now.. So proud you learn 25 of them every week..! I should start doing it too. The coat is definitely a great one for fall and looks perfect on you :) Hope you have a nice weekend, ねこちゃん! p.s. The manga effect is so cool! xo akiko
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  2. You look lovely in the photos! I like the coat too. I feel the same about the weather at the moment, there has been a lot of rain and I want leafy Autumn days rather than constant rain!

    • :twinkles: Thank you Winnie The weather has actually started to get better in the last week! But the colourful leafs are still missing =(

  3. :hirabbit: I love your hair and your red shoes. :) I took a calligraphy class last year, but really didn’t like practicing the same characters over and over again. Your sensei’s work is beautiful!

  4. Ganbatte! ^___^
    I never studied Japanese at unversity, but on my own once I moved to Japan. It took me about 3 months to learn how to write about 2000 Kanji and their meaning. It took another 6 months or so to learn all of their kun- and on-yomi.

    If it helps. I can never go anywhere on Fridays. I work until 10pm and after that I’m too tired anyways.
    It’s Saturday night and I just came back from work, but I have to get up early tomorrow to go to a festival ^-^;; …

    I think you’ll get used to your university life after a while. It took a while until I got used to working full-time, too :/

    • I admire you so much for learing Kanji by yourself! 2000 characters in three months is genius!! Hope the festival was fun :tanoshii:

  5. Eee I detest Kanji!!
    So much characters to memorise and it’s never ending ;~; ! On that note though, I’ve forgotten most of it now :(

    Ahhh, it’s Spring here! But it’s still been a bit rainy and cold ..unlike today which finally has good sunshine!!

  6. Ich liebe Kanjis <3 XD aber du hast Recht… so viele in einer Woche QQ boah! Würde aber auch am liebsten den ganzen Tag Kanjis lernen als 9 Stunden im Büro zu hocken! U_U Ganz ehrlich jetzt! Wir können gerne tauschen x'''D

    Die Fotos sind wieder einmal wunderschön! Du hast echt Talent! <3 :twinkles:

  7. Hey,
    danke für deinen Besuch bei mir!

    Dein Blog ist ja echt die Wucht, vor allem oben die Buttons, klasse! Der Vintage-look deiner pics hat was…

    Oh, woodblock printing mag ich auch gerne erlernen, habe hier findet dieser leider mangels Leute nicht statt, kann ich gar nicht nach voll ziehen :-(

    Ist es in Japan nicht auch so, je nach dem wo man wohnt wird man mit Dialekte herausgefordert? :-D

    Von Soyatoo gibt es auch kokos und soja whip, aber die rice ist meiner Meinung anch die Beste, gibbet auch zum Sprühen. Jetzt wo ich dadrüber schreibe, bekomme ich Lust auf was Süsses!


    • Danke für dein umwerfendes Kompliment Mel! :hoshi: Holzschnitte selber machen?!? Das wäre klasse! *idee in den kopf gesetzt hab* muss man aber bestimmt aufpassen sich nicht in die Finger zu schneiden mit den scharfen Messern :/ Danke auch für den Link! Werd ich mir mal genauer angucken :)

  8. We’re having the same kind of autumn here, too :<

    And, I love learning kanji too! I love that lightbulb moment you get when you read a kanji on your own for the first time, it's so worth the effort <3

  9. I’m happy you like your university even if you’re tired! ^^

    Here in Milan I didn’t see so many red leaves yet and now it’s raining…I hope it won’t last long, I too want an autumn of read leaves and sunrays!
    I love these photos! The sceneri is so beautiful!
    I’d like to know more about Ainu, I studied something, but I’m still really ignorant.
    I want to have a smartphone to try the manga effect XD

  10. :hionigiri: love your bag and scarf so much!! Very original look that I love :) and you look so adorable when you are in neko mood <3 Can't wait to see the new bento you make!!


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