When back in Japan I’ll…

When back in Japan I’ll…
dye my hair pink! I don’t know how I came up with this crazy idea but I like it! I always wanted to do something special with my hair but I never had the right opportunity. When I was fiveteen years old there was an opportunity for everything besides school and I dyed my hair black but that’s all! (or at least almost). I barely go to the hair dresser (actually I haven’t visited one since last spring!) and wear always the same hair style. Three years ago or so I cut my hair pretty short but since then I never really tried something new. Since if everything goes well and stupid ねこちゃん isn’t too lazy to study the plan is to return to Japan next fall I came up with the idea to dye my hair there. I don’t feel like wearing pink hair here in Switzerland with all that seriousness around. But that’s ok because it will encourage me to hurry up and finish with my studies and finally travel again! Can you imagine it’s over two years ago since I last saw this country I love? And now that only one year is left before I can returne there I’m so very excited!!

Why pink? I don’t really know why.. Every other color like red, green or blue would make my skin look washed out. Even if there are bright or also pastel-colored red, green and blue shades I choose pink because I think this will look the most “natural” (well as natural as pink can be) on me. I’m already thinking about how to explain the hairstylist how I want the color in Japanese! :tongue:

Probably I’m also drawn by the fact that many anime character have pink hair. Usually it is not a color I wear (at least not in these bright shades) but having it as hair color is something completely different. I think it looks cute, cool and special all in one. A great advantage of waiting with the dyeing of my hair until back in Japan is that I can grow my hair longer! I already have kind of long hair as you can see here but I never had really long, long hair so I want to try it:blinkheart:

The only thing I’m not yet sure about is whether I should choose a warm or a cold tone of pink. Any suggestions? I read a little about skin tones but I find it very difficult to figure out your own. I tried all the different methods like the one with the veins, or the one where you put your face or hand near something golden and then silver and thereby decide about if you have a cold or warm skin tone but I still can’t say what skin I have.

read on if you want to look at more pictures of pink hair!

all pictures by we♡it & pinterest

What do you think about skin tones? Do you know your own? Is there any good advice on how to find out ? I’m so looking forward doing this!!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. I have never thought of having pink hair before, but after your post and looking at your pictures I really have to say: it looks so sweet, sexy, hm… and girly!:nyan: It’s quite a unique colour and i think it doesn’t attract a big attention (well, not in Japan :nope:) as it isn’t a dark, jazzy pink. :nyanyan:

    PS. My last haircut was in spring too *lol* but I should go once soon -.-”

  2. I went to your lookbook to take a look at pictures but I can’t get a good idea of your undertone.

    I like the first two image’s pinks (four pictures total) and the one opposite Angelina Jolie’s pink. Don’t forget you can always get pink hair that has multiple shades woven in: just like real hair colors aren’t just one solid shade your pink doesn’t have to be either!

  3. TO get an idea what your skin tone is – you need to pull up your hair and look at your face in a mirror in natural sunlight =) – then assess the following your skin colour, your eyes and your current hair colour – if all 3 result in leaning more to the lighter side of the colourwheel (pale yellows / blues) – then you’re definately cold skinned =) if your on the other side of the colour wheel (like moi – i got dead white skin, dark red hair and brown eyes) – that would make you go for the warmer browns :)

    ahhh pink hair!! :3 it’s soo adorable! Hope you put up photos once you get to do it ;)

  4. @ Miho-chan: that’s why I love it! I think dark pink would look to harsh one me…
    @ Ava: awww that’s so sweet of you!! My lookbook pictures are all kind of overexposed so it’s difficult to tell.. but maybe I can send you one? (one of these photos I would never ever publish..:hehe:) I trust your opinion! and yes, I thought about having multiple shades of pink too.. I guess that’s less tiring!
    @ Afef: I still find it difficult to say.. maybe I have a mixed tone :nope:

  5. Oh my God those hair are simply WONDERFUL!! :oh:
    I’ve never worn pink clothes but i think pink hair is amazing. I really like it, especially with blue, clear eyes and a light tone of skin (like you, as I can see :happy: )
    I would really like to dye my hair too, but I don’t know since I really love my hair.. >__<

    • yaay I love it too so much!! I can’t wait for the school year to be over and travel Japan again!!

  6. :hirabbit:

    Es gibt coole Perücken in Inet :)

    Beim Färben ist es immer sone SAche…
    Aber wenn du blond bist, kannst du auch so ne Tönung machn :>

    • es gibt echt die coolsten Perücken aber ich hab nen riesen Kopf und da würde ich lieber die Perücke anprobieren bevor ich sie kaufe.. :snif: hab eine cosplay Perücke gekauft die mir viel zu klein ist ..

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