What wild animal are you?

What wild animal are you?
If you know me in person or are following this blog since the beginning, you probably know that I’m head over heels for animal eared hoodies and hoods. I got my first eared hoodie a few years ago from Emily the Strange and since then I’ve always been looking for new ones. I like this kind of hoodies or hoods because they add a touch of wilderness to every outfit. Spirit Hoods makes without any doubt the most authentic and breathtaking hoods at the moment but I guess that for some people their hoods are almost too realistic and animal-like. I don’t mind looking like a real wolf or bear so the spirit hoods are probably my favorites but if some people like it cuter and more girly there are plenty of alternatives on ebay.

Don’t you think these coats look incredibly cute? You can find them on ebay, here and here
I remember how hard it was to find these eared hoods some years ago but now they’re getting more and more popular. Even if it’s still difficult to find them in stores in Europe there are many Asian Online Stores that sell them! Although I saw a shop in Konstanz carrying some animal headed beanies they looked too cartoon-like for my taste and were far too small for my giant head. My collection so far consists of two black Emily the Strange Hoodies with cat ears and a black, bear-eared hood with white polka dots on the inside from Hell Bunny (You can see pictures of me, wearing that hood here)
Anyway, this is not going to be a long post (I have to study this week… remember? :sigh: ) but I’ve collected all the cutest animal eared hoodies and hoods I could find and will post them here. You can just click on the pictures to see where to buy them.
Spirit Hoods is my first choice and I’ve been patiently waiting a whole year to buy my first one.. And now that my birthday is close I may get it as a gift and that’s even nicer :starlove:

To take a look at the cutest animal eared hoodies and hoods, read on!

You can get the white hoodie here and the grey hoodie here.

The picture above shows two hoods from Spirit Hoods, the Night Owl and the Grey Wolf. I can’t decide which one to take! The Night Owl is probably less animal-like and more elegant because it has no ears and a very beautiful color.. but on the other side the ears are what I like about these hoods.. Difficult decision!
Help me out please :boxkitten:


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    • The kitty hood is so cute! i’ve been thinking of picking it up too.. but one thing at a time :totorosmile:

  1. die sind ja schon süß aber ich finde solche mützen usw. stehen dann doch nur asiaten oder so süßen mädels :)

    • ich find die Spirit Hoods sehen ziemlich gut aus! (auch and den westlichen Frauen) :D

  2. :hirabbit:

    uiuiu an dir sieht sowas sicher mega süüüß aus weil du so ein hpbsches gesicht hast :)

    ich steh auch voll auf diese Tieröhrchen :)
    finde nur leider soo selten tolle Jäckchen mit Öhrchen die nicht total überteuert sind (weil sie aus “speziellen läden” sind)

    aber ich hab in der Stadt gesehen das dieses Jahr Tieröhrchen anscheinend “inn” sind heheheh da muss ich auf jeden Fall zuschnappen und evt. noch etwas aus japan oder so importieren lassen *freu*

    ich mag deinen blog voll!! deine einträge sind mega toll!mach weiter so

    LG Kandee

      • Danke Kandee :iida:

        hmm… ich hab die links ausprobiert und bei mir gehen sie.. mal sehen..

        edit: hab den fehler gefunden! die bilder gingen schon aber die links im text nicht..
        nochmals danke Kandee!! Du hilfst mir immer so bei meinen blog fehlern!!! danke für dein aufmerksames lesen :D ich bin meistens u ungeduldig um alles nochmals durchzulesen.. *hust*

  3. ooooh I love animal eared ANYTHING! I’m currently sat at home in my jammies wearing that bear eared hat I bought a while ago and was raving about. I’m so glad this is actually a bit of a trend now – I had a panda hoodie a while back but was a bit wary of going out in it because of what people thought. Now I wear it with priiiiide! Speaking of pride – need to get me a lion hat! ;) *bad joke* xxx

    • hahaha :hehe: I was sure you would like it :wink: Your bear hat is sooo cute!!! Well it’s good that one doesn’t need to be ashamed while going out like this anymore but if everyone has it it’s too boring! :nope:

  4. I totally love the bunny outfit :jumpingrabbit: (obviously), but I totally like your choices with the Night Owl and The Grey Wolf. I’ll probably would have added up the Red Fox. I actually love more Spirit Hoods simply because it’s more mature and wild. I don’t like too much girly stuff in my clothes and although I like the other hoods I don’t think I’ll wear them.

    As for which one you should choose… it’s a tough choice. I think the Night Owl is something you can wear in much more occasion and probably mix it with different styles because like you said, it’s less animal-like. But if it’s all about the ears, then you should buy the Grey Wolf. I think you can find something that resemble the Night Owl in other stores but the ears makes the other hoodies more unique. Either way, it’s my opinion, sorry I sorta wrote a lot :sigh:

    • I think exactly the same :raburabu: haha tough choice.. but it’s exactly how you say.. it’s true that the night owl goes better together with different styles.. but the ears are just so cute :ghihi: .. I’ll think it over. there’s still some time left! Thank you for your thoughts!

      PS: I love it when people write a lot :D

  5. They are totally cute :swirlheart: Especially the fluffy ice bear jacket *______*

    Owls are very trendy at the moment, I like the colours of the Night Owl Hood :happy: but the Wolf Hood looks nice too – go and buy both *gg* :tongue:

    PS. I only have a grey jacket with cat ears. :nope:

    • I would love to try the fluffy bear coat… :ballerina: it looks soooo cozy!!
      nooo I can’t have both.. at least not now :D But I’ll tell you my choice when I know it!

    • die stehen doch jedem! :iida: ich kann mir zumindest nicht vorstellen dass die dir nicht stehen!! sie sind doch sooo süss!!

    • You look so かわいい~
      I know that you have one of these ;) I recognized the spirithood right away, remeber? I didn’t decide yet, I think Silvankun will decide for me :klimper:

  6. I love eared hoods and hats too!!! I can’t choose between cute and realistic, though, I like both! Spirit Hoods seems really an interesting brand *_*

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