Wednesday’s Dishes & Fast Five

Wednesday’s Dishes & Fast Five

:hirabbit: Today I went to the cinema with a fried of mine! We watched Fast Five. Actually it’s not a movie I usually would choose but surprisingly I really liked it! I haven’t seen “The Fast & the Furious 1, 2, 3 & 4” but happily it didn’t matter :nope:. The cinema is named Kinepolis, located in Schaffhausen and much more impressive than the biggest in Zürich :ohno:!! I felt like in an other country or something because I had never been in such a nice cinema here in Switzerland before! What I found to be really breathtaking during the movie were the images of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The whole story takes place there and the scenery of this lively city was just stunning. It shocked me but at the same time it made me want to visit it.Naturally the girls playing were hot and the cars even more :ghihi:. The guys were not really my taste :nope: but most of them weren’t ugly neither. Anyway, this post is not going to be too much about the movie… so if you like action movies with great cars just go and see it! I wrote that I was going to post about what I’m eating recently so here it is:

Breakfast: sugar-free muesli with partly skimmed milk.. I have to say that it’s the third day now an that this meal started to annoy me…It tastes like horse or cow food so I will add some fruits from tomorrow on to give it just a little sweetness and variation in the consistence :miam:

the dark things are dried redcurrants and strawberries not chocolate :crying:

Lunch: Crocodile Obento

: Hake (fish) and fennel with tomato sauce garnished with capers, thyme & mint. Eden-Avalon asked me to post about how I prepare my meals so I gave it a try to explain it:

Ingredients: Hake, tomato sauce, fennel, garlic, olive oil (only a little) and capers

Put the fennel a garlic clove and some salt into simmering water (just enough to cover the fennel) and let all the water evaporate. Add a little bit of olive oil and finely chopped garlic and finally the fish. Pour as much tomato sauce as you like and let it simmer until the fish is done (you should turn the fish at least one time). If you want you can add capers..(I love them..)
Seehecht Nasello

Finally garnish the dish with thyme, mint & pepper:
Seehecht, Nasello

I think this is quite an Italian dish and really easy to make!

If you don’t eat fish try the same with chicken breast :happy:

I hope you will try this recipe and tell me how it turned out!


byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. nnn…. it was a mistake to read this entry >__< It’s 11.00 p.m. and when I eat now I am going to be fat *gg* I got an appetite for seafood (〒_〒)ウウウ

    I should go to bed so I may forget my hunger…


  2. I am definitely going to try this with chicken breast, since I already had two seafood dishes this week. >w< Thank you for posting more information! I like reading your food-related posts because they’re always so interesting. It’s amazing to me that you have time to make such pretty foods.

  3. @ Miho-chan: ghihi I don’t think you would ever get fat :ghihi: lucky you!!
    @ Eden-Avalon: I’m happy you like it!! Oh well this dish didn’t take more than 20 min. :smile:

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