Views of a Pomegranate

Views of a Pomegranate
Hey Cuties! :twinkles:
No special reason for this entry, just an extremely beautiful pomegranate that became subject of my photographical experiments.

Standing on the balcony in the snow for good lighting. :iida:

I can’t remember when I last bought a pomegranate but when I went to the supermarket and saw this one I just couldn’t resist. I’ve always liked these fruits because there’s something mysterious and important about them. It’s such a satisfaction to pick out one by one all the jucy acidulous grains but it also takes a lot of patience.

Pomegranates are believed to have many meanings such as longevity, fertility, prosperity, abundance and generosity. Here are a few myths and beliefs about the said fruit.

:sprout: “When Persephone, the queen of the underworld and vegetation goddes in greek mythology was held captive in Hades, she swore she would not partake of food until her release. However, she could not resist the tempting pomegranate, consuming nearly the entire fruit before halting herself and leaving only six seeds uneaten. It is from this story that believers think our yearly cycle of six months of growth and harvest followed by six months of winter is derived.” :sprout:

:sprout: “Berber women used pomegranates to predict the amount of their offspring by drawing a circle on the ground and dropping a ripe pomegranate in the center. The amount of seeds expelled outside the ring allegedly prophesied the number of her future children.” :sprout:

You can eat them brutally by using spoons and hands…. :ohnoo:

:sprout: “The Hittite god of agriculture is said to have blessed followers with grapes, wheat, and pomegranates. The seeds were sugared and served to guests at Chinese weddings. When it was time to consumate the marriage, pomegranates were thrown on the floor of the bedchamber to encourage a happy and fruitful union.” source :sprout:

or simply break the half in smaller pieces so that the arils pop out. :flyusagi:

How do you like pomgranates? I think their flavour is really refreshing because it slightly sour and astringend and so good in fruit drinks!
Can’t wait to eat many more of these during spring. :aiyo:


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  1. :hirabbit:
    I really love pomegranates! They’re so fresh and tasty and always reminds me of home, beach, sun! Can’t wait to eat them, tehee.

  2. I can’t remember when was the last time I ate one… its been a while.. when I was a child we use to have pomegranate trees… I use to love to put a little bit of sugar on then mmm so yummy… love the pictures and Im loving your blog… Thank you for stopping by my blog =)

  3. The first picture with the snow falling is so pretty!

    I think I’m conflicted about pomegranates, haha. I didn’t have a good experience with them when I was little so I haven’t really had any since but I keep hearing about how they’re so good. :P

  4. You know I’ve never ever bought a pomegranate but I’ve had them in desserts and drinks etc. I like them!

  5. I love the way that pomegranates look – they’re so beautiful, more like jewels than fruit! But I prefer to drink pomegranate juice than to eat the seeds, it’s much less work :)

  6. It’s incridible how you can make of such a simple thing as a fruit, an really interesting blogpost! This is why I love your blog :)

  7. LOVE pomegranate. The first time I ever ate pomegranate was on a road trip to God knows where and we pulled over at a rest stop… There were these red things lying around and someone said, “I think that’s a pomegranate.” Curiously we opened it and I instantly became skeptical since anything in Texas has a slight chance of being poisonous, but gladly it wasn’t. Then I was addicted.

    Since then I just like pomegranate raw.

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