Uzumaki Bento

Uzumaki Bento
Hello there Cuties! :iida:
Yay! How was your weekend? I didn’t feel so good last week and skipped uni too often but I’m better now and ready to study! … or rather forced to because I have exams and presentations starting this week.
Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with that stuff and since the title kind of gives it away, here we go, my Uzumaki Bento.

Sorry for the strange background. It was very early and the background is too dark.

Uzumaki 渦巻き means ‘Spiral’ in Japanese and since I made tamagoyaki rolls and makizushi (‘Spiralsushi’) I couldn’t think of a better name. :tongue: It’s not that I make a lot of Bento to bring with me for uni but I made this one two weeks ago on thursday. It was a quick one that I had in mind to do because I sketched it a whole while back ago with the paper53 app. As you’ll probably notice though, it doesn’t look very similar.
That’s why I don’t really think that sketching the Bento first, makes it any easier to recreate it afterwards, or at least not with my unrealistic drawing. :jupp: But maybe I should make sketches with ingredients that I actually have in the fridge. At least there’s the star fruit!! hehe.. :catexclam:
I admire the vegetarian lifestyle but I missed some meeeeeat!!! The next one is definitely going to be more luscious again. Or should I try making a Kyaraben again?! Who knows.. I wish I had more time to practice my Japanese cooking skills.

It’s really fun sketching with that ipad app and I don’t really care anymore that you have to draw with your fingers. And you can see my own handwriting for the first time on my blog. I’ts awful, isn’t it? I still have several styles.. sometimes it freaks me out although I should have gotten used to it by now.

Of course I had to make two of them.. :totorosmile:

*Nyaaaaa* Bento parade :on:

One for Silvankun and one for myself. :miam:
After three days of unexpected snow, the sun is finally shining again and this time I hope that spring is going to come for good. I enjoyed winter and all but it’s been quite long and I can’t wait to change to my spring ward robe and get sun-tanned again. :ii:
Happy monday Everyone! …unlike me who has to practice Kanji like crazy.


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    • Thanky you~ oh, there isn’t a lot of sea food in there ;) to be precise there is none. Or do you mean the sea weed? :oh:

  1. It look really yummy!!! *Q* I shouldn’t look at food posts when I’m hungry…XD
    I hope sun will retourn here too! Yesterday it snowed and all the newborn flowers freezed. Sigh.

    • looking at food posts when hungry is a torture, I agree!! too bad for the flowers :( it happened here too…

    • awwww thank you so much Izumi! I’m so happy to read that you like it :) you have such a lovely blog yourself!!

    • Several people told me so but I have no idea what to show?! Just filling the bento box with yummy and healthy food :totorosmile:

  2. Amazing bento box food as always! And those bento boxes are sooooo cute. Where you do you get them from?

    Omg same here. Winter is wayyyy too long. Just earlier this week (Monday and yesterday) it was still SNOWING! O_O Spring need to come fast. I’m totally ready to change into my spring wardrobe too!

  3. I think it’s cool that you sketch your bentos first before making it. It kinda remind me of those fashion designers who make sketches of anorexic-looking models wearing flowy somewhat-exaggerated outfits. Unlike those, your bento sketches are realistic and not over-the-top though. :P

    You’re probably tired of hearing this, but your bento looks amazing, as always~ and you’re neko bento box looks so cute. ♥

    Lol I wish you include a naruto in the bento, if only for the pun. XD

    • omg You’re so right about the Naruto maki!!! I’m so stuuuupid T.T I even had it in the freezer..
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliments on my sketching! It makes me especially happy because it comes from you :D you’re such a pro!!!

  4. Hi! I’m really impressed not just with the bento but your illustrations! :) I’m wondering which iPad app you’re using as I’d love to try it out! :) Thanks.

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