Uchitomi and the genes

Uchitomi and the genes
Hello! :hello:
The two days in Lausanne at the laboratory of the CHUV (Le Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois) were very fascinating and informative! I learned how the PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) works and had a lot of fun with the pipetting! I sequenced my first gene and the really nice woman I worked with gave me tons of informations I absolutely needed for my matriculation project. I’m really glad I was able to obtain a chance like this! In between the different steps of the process (sometimes the samples had to stay for over two hours in certain machines) we used this free time to stroll around the city of Lausanne. Monday evening we even went to Montreux to peek at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Although we didn’t see any main acts we ejoyed the beautiful lakeside and some delicious food :wink:.

The second day we got the chance to check out one of the few Japanese (and only Japanese and not Chinese or Korean etc.) shops in Switzerland: UCHITOMI. Actually they have two branches but we’ve only got to see the one in Lausanne (the other one is in Geneva). As mentioned above, there are not many purely Japanese grocery stores in Switzerland so I was kind of eager to know whether this shop stocked different and /or more goods as the Japanese shop in Zurich called Nishi.
After asking for directions in french we found it quite easily thanks to its typical red logo with the maneki neko and the lettering UCHITOMI. My first impression was satifying. They actually carried only authentical Japanese goods and the shop smelled good because they also selled a small variety of Take Away Sushi, salads etc. Unfortunately the time we arrived there wasn’t the most convenient one since soonly many “hungry-for-Japanese-food” people stormed the little shop and it got quite crowded..
Also their stock indeed differs from the one of the Nishi’s shop in Zurich. Uchitomi offers a quite large range of tableware and cooking tools while the Nishi’s shop in return has real Japanese rice cookers and Shichirin (clayey charcoal grill) but not so much tableware. Uchitomi has a few beauty care things while the Nishi’s shop carries nothing of that kind. The size of the shops is pretty much the same!

All in all I have to say I luckily like the Japanese grocery store in Zurich better than the Uchitomi in Lausanne mainly because the Nishi’s shop has quite a lot more (even if frozen or pickled) typical vegetables and fish. Nevertheless I couldn’t resist buying a beautiful, crazed, blue plate, a small Onigiri shaper, a Gyōza (dumpling) folder, short-grained brown rice (mmmh:baburukeki:) and Aonori (finely chopped seaweed you use to for example sprinkle over Okonomiyaki). Unfortunately I didn’t had my camera with me and my mobilephone was dead so I couldn’t take any pictures of the shop :crying:. But here is a photo of my humble UCHITOMI haul :nyan::

Crazed Plate

Uchitomi haul

This is the dinner we prepared last week as a delayed birthday dinner for my sister: Ramen
Buta Ramen

and Sushi
Home made Sushi

I hope my Uchitomi review will be a little helpful for those of you who may want to visit it and that the others at least enjoyed the food pictures :hehe:
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Wow your ramen and sushi look beautiful! xD You really have a culinary gift. But they say that science and cuisine are really closely related. What a fun day 8D sequencing genes and shopping at a japanese food store.

  2. Try the Uchitomi in Geneva some day. They are rather big and even carry Yukimi Daifuku. :kitsune:

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