Tsuru – Sushi all’osteria

Tsuru – Sushi all’osteria
Hey there Beauties! :ii:
I decided to make several posts about Milano and start with the last day or more precisely the last evening evening. Living in Zurich makes it kind of impossible for me to eat Sushi at the restaurant because they’re all pretty expensive. And buying many different fishs (as at the sushi bar), shrimps and other sea food for just one sushi evening is rather time consuming. :jupp:
So every time we’re in an other big city we love going to Japanese restaurants. Since we stayed at my grandmother’s place, and ate delicious home made food, the only chance to eat Sushi in Milan was on the last evening at our departure back to Zurich.

Edamame and Sapporo beer – love that city! :blinkheart: The sushi in Hokkaido is the best!

We decided to go to a simple but friendly place located near the Porta Romana. When we arrived, the restaurant was actually still closed but they were nice enough to let us in and take the orders almost immeditaley. Silvankun and I were totally surprised and happy about it because we were still having a long ride back home ahead of us and driving during night is not definitely not a lot of fun.

Doesn’t this sashimi almost look like a fatty, glossy salmon steak?! :miam:

The tableware was rustic and cute and so were the dishes and the whole interior. I know that going to a sushi bar could encourage one to take the fancy and daring things but I love the authentic taste of things and want to taste the same as when I’m eating home made food in Japan. Of course not always but that’s what I usually prefer. :tanoshii:

Nigiri zushi … :bang: so yummy! :klimper:

Maki zushi – always nice for in between :baloonpanda:

The fish was delicious and so fresh :on: the pieces though could have been slightly larger and thicker but the sashimi, on the other hand, was perfect! The only thing I could complain about is the Wasabi – it wasn’t strong enough and far too little.
Still haven’t had enough? Then click on “read on” for more lusciousness!

Natto is admittedly not everyone’s taste and I enevr had it together with tuna but it was ok.. :ghihi:

omg … that’s food porn! so delish~ :happy:

It’s difficult to believe but it’s been over a year since I last had sushi! At the moment I’m craving Japanese food and am doing many quick and easy recipes almost every day. Not sure wheteher to upload them here or on my food only blog Nekobento but I’ll let you know anyway!
Trying to catch up a little for all the days I didn’t blog so stay tuned for more lovelies! :boxkitten:


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  1. :hionigiri:
    Mhmmm the sushi looks yum!
    The tableware and cutlery
    looks nice yes c: I don’t
    like too hot wasabi haha..


  2. Aw no, too many deliciousness, haha! I really love sushi, hadn’t have that for a long time as I saw your quite tasty post. :catexclam:

  3. Not near in Porta Romana, it’s near Porta Genova, in a little street across naviglio.
    It’s one of my favorite place here in Milano.

  4. The sushi looks pretty good! Though I agree the nigiri sushi could have been a bit thicker but it all looks great to me! Love the authentic look of the place. I fancy sushi now – it’s been a while!

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