Tsumori Chisato~ In the garden of Eden

Tsumori Chisato~ In the garden of Eden
Hey guys! I’m totally in love with the umbrellas (or rather parasols) of Chisato Mori’s Sping/Summer 2012 collection! This quote from “The clothes whisperer” describes her collection pretty accurately: “A very Japanese approach to vacationing in the tropics.” I like her crazy, cute dresses with colorful prints and patterns and a hint of Manga. I think she’s very versatile in how she combines different ethnicities and cultures in her collections. I could go on and on for many hours, babbling about every single collection of hers but as you may know I’m kind of tied up with a lot of schoolwork I have to do.. So for now I’m just going to show you some shots of the Spring/Summer collection 2012 that you’ll hopefully enjoy. Of course I am going to introduce her and some of my favourite pieces of her collections an other time.

To see more of Tsummori Chisato‘s Spring/Fall collection 2012, read on!

Here some pieces of other collections:

Yes, it’s the hoods and the printed animals that win my heart.. :nyan: image sources: here & here


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  1. Ooh that owl print dress is something I’d wear all the time! I love collections like this, full of colour and interesting fabrics and shapes. Not like lots of designers that just put out the same stuff and expect people to pay stupid amounts for it. Some of it’s a bit extreme.. but I’d love to just walk around with a parasol everyday. xxx

    • hehe yes BunBun me too :smile: I know what you mean with “some of it is a bit extreme” but there are so many cute dresses I would like to try!!! Maybe not from this collection but the parasols are just darling!! :jumpingrabbit:

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