Trip to Berlin

Trip to Berlin

おひさしぶり! :hionigiri: It’s been a while since my last entry..:kitten: As you may know I’ve been in Berlin for some days. Happily we were able to stay with friends so we didn’t had to pay for accommodation! We stayed in Kreuzberg a district of West Berlin that is really close to Mitte. The location was perfect for the nightlife because there were many bars and nice restaurants and during the day we could easily get to the different parts of the city. We visited a fleamarket, went to a funfair, visited some important spots (but rather by coincidence than intentionally) walked a lot (my feets were hurting every evening :ohno:) ate Sushi & Ramen and had a Picnic on the waterside of the Landwehrkanal and did other amusing things. Since it was Easter and all the shops were closed, I couldn’t spend all the money I itended to :crying: but on the second to last day I was able to get a few things :wink:.

Berlin is a fascinating city and I wish I could have stayed there for a bit longer! My friend Sophie kindly borrowed me her camera so I could take pictures.. Actually I planned to take the pictures with my phone but it turned out to be a rather stupid idea and a pure waste of time..I was too lazy to take my Nikon with me so I was really thankful that I could use her cam during our stay there :hehe:

Berlin Astronaut


Heringbrötchen (Herring sandwich) is something very German! Can you see the thick pieces of Onion? hahah :ghihi: I love it but it’s not everyone’s taste :wink:


Pom Pom Berlin Alexanderplatz

At the subwaystation Alexanderplatz you can find Pom Pom’s Crêpes Eis. A delicate Japanese woman is working there all by herself and creates delicious Harajuku Crêpes! We saw many of these shops in Okinawa and other parts of Japan and I can’t believe that there aren’t more of them in Europe because they would be sooo popular!! Harajuku Crêpes are filled with ice cream, whipped cream, fruits and more luscious ingredients and are cone-shaped. If your interested to see some pictures of it just seach for “Harajuku Crêpes” on google!

Pom Pom Berlin Alexanderplatz

Pom Pom's Crêpes Eis

Restaurant Makoto – honestly the Ramen weren’t that good… and the Yakisoba neither… but it was fun speaking Japanese with the staff and the prices were decent. The picture above is their vitrine showing a fake ramen bowl. In Japan there are many restaurants with fake food in their vitrines :nope:

I will post about some cute things I got in Berlin on my next entry :sleep: So stay tuned for more!
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. わーい(⌒▽⌒) Another entry of Neko-chan, which I have been waiting for so long *yupiee*

    I love the urban life-style pictures mhmmmmm and the food *_____*

  2. Heringbrötchen…. ähh… :-X

    Schön, dass du zurück bist und ich wieder was zu lesen habe. :miam:

    Das Foto mit den Tanksäulen finde ich super lustig.

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