Totoro and The thousand-dollar genome

Totoro and The thousand-dollar genome
Hi Everyone! :hionigiri:
I can’t believe the week is almost over again! Next week I’m going to start with my matriculation project and therefor will have to visit a laboratory. I know it probably isn’t a topic of public interest but I will nevertheless shortly describe what this project is about :wink:. Scientists have found a more or less reasonably priced (a thosand-dollar) way to sequence human DNA which means that your personal genome can be decoded and possible genetic diseases (such as for example Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or different kinds of cancer) can be predicted. My question is if this is a curse or a blessing. What would you do? Would you dare having your personal genome analysed and being told what diseases you may carry on your DNA?… Well, now you know what will keep me away from blogging the next week :hehe:.

But now to the other part of this post: My first Totoro Obento!
Yesterday I found a magnificent blog called “Cooking Gallery”. Athough I visited quite a few Bento related blogs I had never see this one! Some of them look almost a little too kitschy to me but all in all I have to say that I’m quite impressed! The color and box range is just stunning :happy: ! Unpredictable as I am (if you read my last Obento entry you’ll probably know why..), I suddenly felt the urge to make a Kyaraben (キャラ弁)! Influenced by all the Totoro Obento out there on the web I chose to follow the mass and creating one myself. I think many people choose Totoro as character in their Obento because it is (compared to a specific human) an abstract character and therefor quite easy to reproduce. Sure there are a lot of details that you can reproduce in different ways (better or less good) but I think you still have a wider range of options as while reproducing a human character like Naruto for example. I think what distinguishes a real Kyaraben from a well let’s say “less good” Kyaraben (as mine) is the accuracy of the details! Totoro fan as you all are you will surely detect my bad blunder.. Yes,… I forgot the whiskers :ohno: Anyway that’s exactly what I was writing about. You can instantly recognize Totoro even without his whiskers but Naruto without whiskers just isn’t Naruto :nope:. Here we go! My Totoro Obento (don’t ask about the two strange white creatures at his feet.. I don’t know what they are..:ghihi:)

Totoro Obento

Totoro Obento

Totoro Obento

Totoro Obento

Totoro Obento

Obento ingredients
– Rice (for Totoro I added crushed black sesame to the rice)
– Green bean, tomato and little pasta stars salad
– Tuna mayo
– Korean Kimuchi
– Edamame
– Carrots
– White Sesame
– Fish balls

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Have you ever seen the movie Gattaca? It’s an American film but deals with a situation similar to your question. It’s one of my favorite movies :3 I’m sure you can download it or find it online.

    THAT BENTO IS ADORABLE! Everything is absolutely perfect! The flowers…oh my goodness! This is really gorgeous art!

  2. @ Sophia Alexandra: I would love to come to San Francisco!! I’ve been to California when I was about 14 years old and did some surfing but I would love to live there :nyan: who knows maybe we’ll meet someday :hehe: oh and by the way, it’s not difficult to cook these things! I’m sure you could easily do it yourself!!
    @ Ava: Thank you dear!! That’s too nice of you to say! And no, I haven’t seen that movie yet! sounds very interesting but also creepy :ghihi: (I just watched the trailer)

  3. Gattaca isn’t a scary movie at all actually! I think they just made the trailer that way to sell tickets. It’s a partial romance and mystery/drama. I bet you’d like it.

    :D I also wrote up about the giveaway! Whee!

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