The time has come~ the Walrus said

The time has come~ the Walrus said
My semi-final exams start tomorrow! :sigh:
Luckily I’m still pretty calm but I’m sure that tomorrow my heart will start beating like crazy!! The topics are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History & Art. The second part of the exams including Mathematics, German, French and Italian takes place in August.
Since Switzerland is a trilingual country (more precisely fourlingual but Rhaeto-Romanic is spoken only by very few people) French is taught at every elementary school in all of the German-speaking cantons. The matter I’m most worried about? Well I haven’t been in a physics lesson for ages!! hehe.. so I guess I’m kind of curious about this one. :totorosmile:
Anyway, wish me luck!! I sure can use it :smile:

This is Rinon from the Anime Ano Natsu de Matteru (あの夏で待ってる) Isn’t he cute?!!

I’ll be back real soon with many things to share with you guys! :catexclam:


PS: The title of this entry is lent from a song in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass and is called The Walrus & the Carpenter.

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  1. Good luck for your semifinal exams !! :smile:
    Lucky , I don’t have physics , biology , and chemistry anymore now ! I’m really weak in those subjects although I was a science class student :sigh:

  2. ねこちゃん, Honey! Soo many subjects :ohnoo: I wish you gooooooood Luck for your exams! Lass es krachen :))) You can do it! :whistle:

    Hope to meet you someday :smile: :nyanyan:

  3. to talk of many things! Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings!

    He eats sandwiches just like I do! :D Good luck lovely I’m sure you’ll do great :) let us know how it goes <3

  4. Good luck! I’m sending you good vibes! I hate physics, I remember when I had to take it when I was studying for health sciences…before I switched into business.

    That gif is adorable!

  5. ich find Essen in animes sieht immer so köstlich aus *_* in echt gibs nix besseres als da!!! ich hab immer das sabbern gekriegt bei allen Hayao miyazaki filmen, wenn die angefangen haben zu essen XD

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