The Season of the Witch

The Season of the Witch
Hi there Pumpkins! :etone:
It’s Saturday and I’m finally able to write an entry! :jupp: Friday morning I had to get up at 6am (compared to other students who have to get up at 4am it’s nothing but still..) and after a funny tram ride with two classmates and other people I almost got out at the wrong station and as I arrived at the university ad after six weeks I still enter the wrong class room… Anyway, I hope my classmates don’t think strange things about me but I’m afraid it’s already too late and that they’ve already labeled me as weirdo. :bang:
The good thing about Friday is that after the two lessons from 8am to 10am the next two days are freedom! Or at least I pretend it’s freedom but actually uni makes it almsot impossible to relaxe even for one single day. So what’s exactly the point of this entry? Well actually I had in mind to show you the pics of the Japan Matsuri but I haven’t been through all the pictures yet and you know how meticulously I choose my pictures so please be patiet with me! :arigatou:

Sugar Skull Makeup

I’ve never been good at posting themed Bento or entries at the right time and as last year I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a Halloween Bento in time although I really really would like to… I don’t know why but somehow Halloween is kind of important to me maybe because it’s a spooky, funny, cosy and yummy time of the year. Pumpkins, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and lots of delicious things to eat are totally what I love. :totorosmile:
Nevertheless I never really understood if it’s custom to dress up spooky or just funny. Is it that adults dress up Western union money order funny and children spooky? Shoutout to all US Americans: Please enlighten me!!! :bling:
A makeup look I would definitely love to try is the sugar skull makeup above. I like it because it’s creepy but beautiful nevertheless and the many colors and different styles make every face look so individual! I have no Halloween party to attend this year but looking at inspirational and breathtaking makeup is still fun.

Broken Doll Makeup

The broken doll theme is pretty stunning too I think but it sure looks frightening with the huge eyes and eyelashes.. the heart-shaped lips are cute though! :klimper: I tried this look last year and I loved it but this year I would definitely go for the sugar skull makeup.

Gothic Beauty Makeup

Gothic Halloween makeup is elegant but sooo dramatic and I think it looks awesome!

So what are your plans for Halloween this year? Do you dress up funny and strange or creepy?


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  1. Huhuu!! :baburukeki:

    Ne ich glaube nicht, dass du als “weirdo” abgestempelt wirst! :D Keine Sorge! :rabukuma: Ganbare!!! :jumpingrabbit:

    Tolle Bilder hast du da ausgesucht! x3 Wahnsinn, wie kreativ man an Halloween sein kann :D Ich werde dieses Halloween wohl ausfallen lassen :) K.A. irgendwie fehlt mir die Zeit/Motivation zum Feiern i.M. :ghihi:
    Wünsche dir aber auf jeden Fall viel Spass und ich freue mich schon auf deine Bilder! :on:

    Hugs :lipstick:


  2. :hirabbit:

    I also love Halloween a lot! I think it’s because I love scary thoughts though I’m easily scared myself….but it’s like I like being scared -.- hahahaha It also must be because of the awesome candies that come out!

    In the area where I live (Vancouver, B.C Canada!) children usually dress up cute/cute spooky and for adults it really ranges. Young/club goers will usually wear revealing/sexy outfits but then there are some that just dressing up, super heros seem to be a major theme each year lol

    Personally I’m a bit lazy to dress up, if I have to I’ll throw on my Mickey ears and call it a night hahaha

  3. I love all these make up!!! I have a soft spot for halloween and all those holydays where you can dress up :P
    I have to admit I never tried a really complicated make up, I usually go for a gothic one to complement what I’m wearing, I never used my make up as a costume!
    My favourite is the sugar skull one, as it reminds me of my travel in Mexico *W* But I don’t think I’ll try it this year as I won’t go to an halloween party Q_Q I have to go school that evening. I’d like to make a sugar skull necklace, anyway.

  4. :hionigiri: Great great great wrap up of all the Halloween stunning makeup looks!! Love it <3 Would love to see your makeup look from last year :)

  5. I’m back! I should try those make up too but after I swam last Friday my face got allergic to something, I guess I should not play with ’em that much :( so sad.

  6. Halloween is especially fun for kids because you get sooo much candy . As an adult now, I tend to think of it as an occasion to dress up and try on something new. This year I dressed up as Yayoi Kusama. I love the Halloween makeup photo montage you’ve created. I’d love to plan ahead for next year’s costume~

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