The Rhine Falls and a fleet-footed summer beginning

The Rhine Falls and a fleet-footed summer beginning

Hey Everybody! :hionigiri: Summer, with its nice as well as less attractive features has finally reached Switzerland and its population. I like summer, don’t get me wrong.. But there are different little things I have to take care of in order to make summer a hundred per cent enjoyable experience even if living in the city!

It would be fantastic spending the whole summer at the seaside without school or work, taking a swim in the deep blue ocean whenever you like and get incredibly tanned :nyan:..but I’m far away from it. I’m happy if I can get two weeks of holidays this summer and that’s it. Nevertheless I try to enjoy my summer even here in this semi-crowded city (semi because in comparison to other cities the population density of Zurich is still quite human..). Fortunately there are dozens of places you can go to for swimming and tanning. Many lakes and pools with expansive, well-kept public green space give Zurich a green and actually fresh appearance. Sure there are still places you preferentially avoid like for example hot rooms with thick air and trolleys, trams and trains packed with smelly, sweaty people but sometimes such situations are unavoidable in a city. I just try to go to the lake or pool as soon as possible every day and study there..:hehe:. Being in this green surrounding lifts my mood and makes me almost as happy as being at the seasite..:miam:

Today we went for a quick side-trip to the Rhine Falls:

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls


On our way there we passed several pretty localities..

Our picnic on sunday…

Last but not least…:chibi1:
Since none of the 3 winners seems interested in getting the prices I will now proceed:
Congratulations to Eden-Avalon, Lu Thatcher and Amanda Como Please write a comment if you read this and what prizes you like!
byebye ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

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  1. :hirabbit:

    ich liide au chli drunter, dass etz summer isch und chill-modus iisetzt und mier trotzdem no so viel ztue händ >.<‘ …und all die lüüt wo am see hänged macheds au nöd besser ;_;

    mann, mir münd au unbedingt mal es picknick mache! (ich verpass immer die wuchenend XD”)
    gseht aber nach viel spass us bi eu ^^

  2. D: I’m sorry to hear that the initial winners didn’t contact you back. Sometimes people only follow blogs for giveaways and they don’t check back or stick around. I enjoy reading your blog with or without the giveaways!

    Of all the items I most like the owl pins, the large usacafe bunny and the zipper cupcake. I’m not sure how many prizes go to each person but i’d be happy to receive those and if there’s more I leave it to you to decide. :D

    (I’ll email you my mailing address)

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