The Duomo and the Galleria

The Duomo and the Galleria
Hey there Blogosphere! :hirabbit:
Today I would like to show you some impressions of the cathedral church of Milan and the The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
As you may know I’m half Italian so half of my relatives live in Milan. My parents grew up there and came to Switzerland to finish their studies. That’s why I was born and raised in Zurich but sometimes I wish I lived in a big city like Milan.

The Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. It is the fifth largest cathedral in the world and the largest in the Italian state territory. At least that’s what Wikipedia says…

Pink light…. seriously?! :kitten:

I was so lucky to get to the piazza, the cathedral square, at a good time. Shortly before sunset there was a beautiful evening light and the pale marble bricks of the cathedral glowed so intensly! :twinkles:
Wiki: “The piazza marks the center of the city, both in a geographic sense and because of its importance from an artistic, cultural, and social point of view.”
If you’re afraid of birds though, you shouldn’t go there. :nope: There are doves everywhere and they’re not afraid of you.

Sorry Lucerne, this lion has definitely more dignity! :hoshi:

The Galleria

Wiki: “The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the oldest shopping mall in Italy and named after Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. The structure is formed by two glass-vaulted arcades intersecting in an octagon covering the street connecting Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Scala.”
The atmosphere inside there is simply breathtaking and comforting at the same time. The floor is made of mosaic stones and there are some of the oldest shops and restaurants in Milan, such as Biffi Caffè, founded by the pastry chef of the monarch. :ichikeki:
But most of the people come just the see the stunning architecture and to take pictures. Like me for example. :totorosmile:

Click on “read on” for more pictures~

The tradition tells that spinning three times with one’s right heel on the bull’s genitals will bring good luck. I would never do that! ..and especially not a man?! :bang:

Piazza del Duomo by night :starlove:

The next day I just had to go one more time, especially since all the stores were open even on sunday. I didn’t had a lot of money to spend but I found a beautiful top/dress that was on sale at MANGO. I can’t wait for spring and summer to wear it!

The atmosphere on the piazza however was totally different. While by night the cathedral was looking mysterious and magical by day it had turned looking just imposing. I started taking a few pictures but than I decided that the pictures with the evening light would be more special so I stopped again.
I hope you enjoyed the ride and see you really soon Beauties!


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  1. Ohh my, very awesome pictures! I’m so jealous I couldn’t visit Milan yet. This big city must be really interesting and you seemed to enjoy your time there. :jumpingrabbit: So cool that part of your relatives live there! ~

  2. What awesome photos :twinkles: I love looking at old buildings like that, I think it’s always amazing to think how they would have built them with the technology they had back then.

  3. I’ve never been to Milan but I fell in love with Italy on my first visit this past fall and I would absolutely love to go. I always think the Duomo looks really beautiful – I’ve never seen another cathedral quite like it, the triangular shapes are so different than anything we have in France :)

  4. :ohnoo: that cathedral is humongous! And the architectural details is superb. I thought the French and English Cathedrals in Quebec are beautiful.. But those are nothing compared to the one in your pictures…

    I wonder if one of our architecturals in this century would turn to be a legend on the cpming centuries..

  5. :hello:

    Oh Gott, die Bilder und die Eindrücke, die man dadurch gewinnt sind sooo der Wahnsinn! Da wäre ich jetzt auch gerne. Es sieht alles so wundervoll aus. ♥

    Wenn du hier wärst könnte ich dir ein paar Matcha-Pralinen geben. Haha. Aber du kannst die auch ganz einfach selber machen, wenn du du du Matcha hast. Man braucht auch gar nicht so viele verschiedene Zutaten und auch das Herstellen ist unkompliziert. Du bräuchtest nur so eine Pralinengabel wie hier auf dem Link.

    Ich glaube die könnten dir echt schmecken. Ich hab auch den Link zu dem Rezept auf meinem Blog gepostet. :)

    Lieben Gruß, du schöne. :twinkles:

  6. I loved scrolling through the pictures. I would love to go and live in Milan soon. Hihi. ^^

    Password: 72#<RKPU4m3*i!o

  7. I had no idea you were half Italian! Do you understand and speak Italian then? I would love to visit Milan one day, it looks so beautiful.

  8. wie immer super schöne Bilder :) ..ich gucke mir selber auch total gerne kirchen & kathedralen an, einfach eine sehr angenehme Architektur ;)

  9. “There are doves everywhere and they’re not afraid of you.” Hahaha oh god, that sounds quite…scary. Regardless, I’d still visit. The pictures are wonderful. It seems like you get to travel a lot and get to see beautiful places!

  10. Wow you go to a lot of gorgeous places. I feel kinda envious. ~

    That’s so grand and historical for a shopping mall. And the cathedral looks like a castle from a fairy tale.

    I hope I can visit Italy someday. *u*

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