The Devil’s Doll

The Devil’s Doll

Happy Halloween and Samhain!

I chose this picture from we ♥ it because it represents the bonfires for Samhain and well the pumpkins for Halloween :nyan:
Have you looked at the moon recently? I don’t know if it’s only in Switzerland but the moon looks huge and has a cool sickle shape! Well the sickle shape is not that special but since it’s really big, it looks pretty fascinating.. Too bad I don’t know how to take a picture of the night sky with my camera :sigh:
Recently I haven’t been blogging because I’m entering a phase (actually weeks, if not months) of intense schoolwork and preparation for the first part of my final exam (the Swiss higher education entrance qualification.. lol) so sadly there isn’t much time left for blogging.. :crying: but back to the topic!
Even if Halloween’s popularity in Switzerland has decreased in the recent years, there are still many people celebrating this event on parties and with friends.
Actually I remember trick-or-treating twice when I was a child but I truly disliked it. I haven’t got a sweet tooth at all and I always thought that rining at the doors of others for sweets is embarrassing. Anyway, I think at least everyone enjoys dressing up and carving pumpkins :happy: I like Halloween because I love this time of the year and I have an affinity for spooky things.. I can’t explain what it is exactly but probably it’s the fog, the colored leafs and the dense atmosphere. Aaaand it’s my birthday soon :totorosmile:
I didn’t manage to make a Halloween Obento because of different reasons but I will try to do one next year! But- I managed to take some pictures of my Halloween makeup :ohnoo: so here we go!

I didn’t have a specific idea of how my makeup should look like from the start and it didn’t take me much time to do this! The thoughts I had while painting my face were “broken doll” and “chelsea smile“..
I first encountered the chelsea smile in the film “The Black Dahlia” by Brian De Palma and it left a huge impression on me. There is also an urban legend in Japan about the Kuchisake Onna (Slit-Mouth Woman)..
When I was younger I used to go to some gothic parties manly because I loved to dress up spooky. Now that I don’t go to such parties anymore Halloween is the only time I can live out this creepy side of me :iida: and believe me, there is a whole other side of me, you don’t know because I’m not writing about it on this blog muahahrhrhr :hehe:

The satanic reverse cross is inspired by Hirari!

To see more pictures of my Halloween makeup, read on!

Here is what I used:

The breakouts I got from MAC’s Studio Fix foundation are slowly vanishing.. after three weeks!!! I don’t use the Studio Fix for my daily makeup but for things like this it’s nice to have it..
What do you do on Halloween?!? Do you like getting dressed up?


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  1. great job on the makeup. i love that photo too of the burning pumpkin. i actually find it really scary though!

    <3 rae

  2. Won’t lie – that burning pumpkin scared the bejesus out of me when it popped up on my blogger homepage! Pretty cool though.

    Your makeup looks stunning! Your hair is amazing all teased and poofy too :3 Mine just wouldn’t do that. It likes lying flat as a pancake – lazy thing haha ;)

    Do you think your skins maybe getting used to the Studio Fix? Or being less oily due to colder weather? That might make sense :P xxx

    • muahahrhr I’m happy I was able to scare someone :jumpingrabbit:
      Thank you BunBun :swirlheart: I don’t know if my skin is getting used to it because I really don’t use it that often.. I even bought a new foundation from shiseido two weeks ago..
      BUT- currently I’m only using concealer like I did before. I’m so happy that the breakouts are diminishing! And I guess you’re right, I could give the studio fix a try now that is has gotten colder..
      I LOVE black hair.. and yours is fabulous! :twinkles: I even dyed it black once :hehe:

  3. hesch ned gseit dassd chli zrugg schrubsch mit blogge? hesch nüt bessers z’tue?

    • jepp.. han ja au 3 täg nüm blogged :totorosmile: nene.. ich muess mich die und die nächst wuche nume uf d’schuel konzentriere.. aber en halloween itrag hani scho wöle mache =) kei sorg sister heart :iida:

  4. Der brennende Kürbis ist toll… und deine Haare <3

    Und japanische und koreanische Gruselfilme sind die besten – oder die alten britischen (Hammer Studios zB). Hollywoodproduktionen find ich seltener gruselig bzw gut =/

    • danke :happy: ja ich mag japanische und koreanische “gruselfilme” (wenn man dem noch so sagen kann.. hrhr) auch am besten!! :wink:

  5. きゃ~ :ohnoo: You look so creepy ねこちゃん :nope:
    But honestly, I like your creativity of the broken doll! Very well done, especially your hair style! looks great! :nyan: :swirlheart:

    and your eyes!!! I envy you for your ocean blue eyes :starlove:

    Happy Halloween :nyanyan:

  6. I just had a quick ritual and went about my day as normal. It makes me a little sad that i’m so busy I can’t do things I enjoy.

    <3 You make a very pretty broken doll. My studio fix fluid breakouts are slowly leaving too, but I'm going to try out a clinique foundation since it's much better for your skin. I also hear great things about Makeup Forever – but they don't have a color match for me.

  7. Hello love. I just saw your comment! :D I’m a new follower. ♥ Love your blog! I’m glad you liked mine. Hope we can be friends :)

    And by the way, I love your halloween makeup and I really love your lips! So perfect! ♥♥

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