The Alps

The Alps
Hi Everyone!:hionigiri: I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty awesome :wink:. Friday afternoon we left for the countryside and had two great days there! Something useful about Switzerland is that it’s a small country that borders on Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Liechtenstein so we spent our weekend in a small village on the Italian side of the Alps. The journey over the mountain pass is always stunning and the beauty of nature breathtaking. Many different flowers and grasses which change from season to season and cows grazing beside the road make this Pass look fairytale-like.

As you can see there is still some snow on the mountains..In Italy however it was much warmer! Saturday we went for a hike to see the Marmitte dei Giganti (The giants’ cooking pots), curiuous geomorphological formations resulting from swirling water creating round-shaped potholes. Their origin are the glaciers that covered all this lithic area about one million years ago. During the summer season some parts of these glaciers began to melt and the water enriched with sand, small stones and the help of gravity started to carve its way through the arenaceous rocks.

Our next stop was “Il Paradiso” (paradise), an archeologic-botanic garden. It is a park spread over two hills with remains of old fortifications, statues and a variety of beautiful plants. There is an iron bridge connecting the two hills that according to the legend had been separated by the devil who once had to quickly flee back to hell.

Sophie :miam:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding the location or how to get there :nyan: And if you are in Switzerland please come visit this place with me! :happy: You are all welcomed :keki:
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. You look adorable and the views are so scenic! I especially love that picture of your boyfriend laying down with the iron flag in the background – I didn’t see him there are first!

  2. For hiking is Switerland very practical ^^ You’ll find all in one: beautiful mountains, nature and fauna.

    Did you see any Enzian? It’s my favourite alpine flower (o^ω^o)

  3. @ Ava: Thank you for saying so! I’m happy you like the photos (´・ω・`)

    @ Miho-chan: No, I didn’t see any Gentian.. at least not the classical ones :nyan:

  4. What a load of wonderful places *O*
    You’re so lucky to have a house there!!!
    Thank you really really much for the invitation, I’d like to see you too :DDDD

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