Tests & Time or: oh no, not an other Obento again!

Tests & Time or: oh no, not an other Obento again!

Good Evening Everyone!

I’m sorry (for some of you..) but this is going to be a food related post again! I’m in a real stressful situation because (..well as always) I’ve not been studying enough for the physics and biology test (although I like biology)..:ohno: Anyhow the important “semster exams” will be in about 1 1/2 months and until then I will prepare myself as good as possible in every subject to distract the teachers from my partially lousy results during this semster. :hehe: This weekend the biggest Anime & Manga convetion of the German-speaking part of Switzerland will take place in Winterthur: the 11th JapAniMangaNight. Miho-chan has already written about the event on her cute & informative Blog here:  Miho’s Happy Life. For me it’s the second Anime & Manga Convention, the first one I went to is called Japan Impact and takes place in Lausanne (French-speaking part of Switzerland). Here you can find some pictures I took during the two days at the Japan Impact Convention (they’re worth a look even though I messed up some of them by holding my hand in front of the flash light.. :smile:). Here is the Obento for my boyfriend for when he comes back from work:

cute Obento


Don’t worry! I will be posting about the Jap Ani Manga Night with many pictures as soon as I can :klimper:

Salad, tomato
Frankfurter, ham
Black sesame

cute Bento

cute Bento

byebye  ねこちゃん  :lipstick:

PS: check out this song :

I’m totally addicted to it :wink:

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for all of the comments – I’m excited that you enjoy my blog.

    Out of curiousity; how did you find my blog?


  2. Hey! hahaha funny! that was pure coincidence…while looking through the pictures for “Obento” on google images, I found the tiny picture of an Obento with goldfish you posted on your blog :) I’m really happy to have found you!

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