Teriyaki Obento

Teriyaki Obento
Remember my multicolored Totoro pirate crew Obento from last week? Well even if it was fun while creating it, it was also quite exhausting and nerve-racking. Fortunately I didn’t have to do it alone. Anyway, the next day I felt like doing an other one. I don’t know if it was the frustration over the last one that didn’t turn out like I wanted at all or if I just wanted to do a new one but I felt very determined. It was a saturday so there wasn’t really a purpose for it but Silvankun and I ate it for lunch and it was delicious! :kitsune:
Everytime I try to do a Kyaraben (character Obento) I’m happy when I can return to my “normal” or more traditional Obento. What I can say after my food cloloring experience is that with all the beautiful colors of vegetables there really is no need for artificial food coloring in an Obento to make it look radiant and tasty! Of course I knew this before but now it’s even more obvious. The food coloring will never render such a beautiful color as a vegetable.

Can you see the glossy chicken? I love meat that is cooked Teriyaki style but then again, seriuosly, who doesn’t?!? The “trick” to obtain this really sticky, glossy and decadent sauce is to mix soy sauce with Mirin, Sake and sugar. I don’t know if it’s really necessary but I always turn the meat in Katakuriko (you can use any starch) before I put it in the pen.
If you want to try Teriyaki sauce, here is what to do: Mince some garlic and ginger and put it in a pen with a little bit of vegetable oil. Make sure not to burn the garlich and ginger. Coat the chicken in Katakuriko (or any other starch) and remove any excessive starch befor you put it in the pen with the garlic and ginger. Fry the chicken on every side until golden brown. Add some sugar, Sake and Mirin. Wait until the alcohol has evaporated and than add a little bit of soy sauce. Now you have to be really careful not to burn the sauce. Lower the heat and let the sauce thicken until it’s as glossy and sticky as you like. If you are following this blog since some time you may know that I’m not good with quantities. I can’t tell you how much sugar or Sake I use because I just do it intuitively (maybe that’s why I rarely succeed in baking.. :snif: Don’t be afraid to try this out just because I didn’t write any indications of quantity! If you want there are plenty of recipes on the internet but I really recommend you to just follow your nose! Your taste buds and eyes know what’s good.. trust them! (and yourself)

This Bento is on the green side but after the last Obento I really wanted something fresh. The upper part is filled with Tamagoyaki and melted cheese, broccoli, Japanese sweet potato that has been cooked and then stir-fried with some sesame oil, sugar and soy sauce and some more winter cherries. The other half has Onigiri with Furikake, chicken Teriyaki, broccoli, cucumber and radishes.
Besides the cheese in the Tamagoyaki it’s a quite traditional Obento and to be honest, that’s the way I like my Bento. :sigh: I like to see them filled with Japanese food. :ghihi:

Have a nice weekend everybody!


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  1. mmmmm! You always make the tastiest looking obento! *kinda sad I just had dinner* It’s amazing that something so healthy can be so tasty looking! I agree on your point about Obento being filled with japanese food. I’d never just pop a sandwich and sweets in – then it’s just a bog standard packed lunch!

    • BunBun :miam: thank you! Yesterday I cooked your recipe and it was delicious!!! hmm where should I upload the picture.. well I’ll tell you as soon as I know ;)

  2. Mal das totale Gegenteil von deinem letztigen Obento :nope:
    Teriyakiiiii looks iamiiii xD
    Like you said, nothing can beat natural colours of vegetables – not even food colouring *lol* But sometimes we have to enjoy funny experiments :wink:

    • yepp, totally :tongue: and yes, experimenting is definitely fun.. but this is food so I felt really bad not eating the colored rice… :ainoonigiri:

  3. <3 I love this. The experimentation ones and the traditional both have their own different charms. I like them both for different reasons~

  4. Wow! This is very very lovely blog!!!
    and Teriyaki Bento looks so great!
    I’m a Japanese. I like Japanese culture. and I’m so happy to know you love it too:whistle:

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