Tanabata Matsuri

Tanabata Matsuri
Hello fellow Bloggers & Readers :flyusagi:
Today I would like to share the pictures I took at the Tanabata star festival on Saturday. When we arrived around 1pm there were plenty of people and everywhere families, couples and friends were having picnic. The atmosphere was just lovely and I enjoyed it so much! There were many activities such as making your own Taketombo (bamboo-copters), play Mizufuusen, a game where you have to fish for water balloons with a string made of paper.. and many more.

It was amazing how many people were actually wearing a Kimono or Yukata but the cutest were definitely the children! After our picnic we wanted to take a look at the exposition which was stunning but since there were so many people we didn’t take as much time to look at the prints as we would have liked to.. anyway, I’ll probably visit it an other time because it’s a magnificent collection!

She has such a cute style don’t you think?! love the shirt she’s wearing:on:

I don’t know why the pics turned out so gloomy:crying: my Nikonchan is about to die. As I wrote in my previous post, the park of the Rietberg museum is huge. There were beautiful trees and flowers everywhere and even a small Bonsai collection and a little zen garden. I’ve been there when I was a child with my parents but I totally forgot about this place! I still can’t believe that this is the place where I’m going to study starting from September! :jupp:

To look at more pics, read on~

what I was wearing that day… not a Kimono or Yukata but still.. :klimper:
Silvankun writing on a Tanzaku (短冊), small pieces of paper that people write their wishes on before hanging them on bamboo :sprout:

Sorry for the huge picture spam.. I hope you enjoyed it though!
It was a wonderful afternoon and we even bumped into some friends~ Two of them are half Japanese and were wearing such beautiful Kimono! I’m looking forward to other festivities that take place there because it’s a truly beautiful place. :klimper:


PS: If you want to see some more impression of the event, visit Lou’s blog Blinded by Passion :twinkles:

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  1. These pics are spectacular! We don’t yet have an organised Tanabata festival in London yet, poo :< And that outfit is so chill! <3

  2. ohh, impressive! It looks like you have been to Japan :starlove: I didn’t know that there will be such a big Matsuri. Unfortunately I couldn’t come :crying:

  3. I’d like to partecipate in an event like this *W*
    I like your outfit :D And Silvansan’s too, my boyfiend has the same one.
    I’m not too much into zen gardens though.

  4. Aw you’re so lucky that you got to experience this, it looks like a wonderful event and all the yukatas are so beautiful. I bet you can’t wait to start your studies in Sept!

  5. :hionigiri:
    Awwwwww your pictures make me wanna visit Japan so bad! A couple of my friends went to Japan for exchange and they all love their time in Japan. I heard about this festival before but never have I seen pictures of it, now I do cause of you :rabukuma:

    btw I love your outfit of the day, your whole look is just perfect!


  6. Ein Award geht um die Welt….. so wie es ihm gefällt…..

    Nee denkste, nicht wie es IHM gefällt, sondern wie es MIR gefällt.
    Und MIR gefällt…. Trommelwirbel….
    Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei da wartet eine Überraschung für Dich ^o^

  7. Wow, looks like you’re in japan! I love Tanabata and think it’s romantic. Your post makes me miss Japanese omatsuri.. Beautiful pictures and great post! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  8. Really love the photos! I wish we had a Tanabata festival:snif: It looked like a lot of fun. I really would want to wear a yukata or a kimono one day or just own one :crying:

  9. @ all: awww thank you for your many feedbacks! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!! I hope I can bring you guys more stuff like this!

  10. I Love your picture spam Neko-chan! <3 I hope your camera doesn't die, that'd be a shame. I haven't been posting in the hopes that my new camera (Canon Rebel t4i with the 135mm lens) would get here? But there's been a huge problem with the manufacturer and it's taking forever. I miss you!

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