Tanabata Bento

Tanabata Bento
Hi there! How is your weekend so far? :bling:
Today I’ve been to the star festival Tanabata. The location was the beautiful and vast park of the museum Rietberg. But I will probably write about this event in a separate entry so let me just show you our Tanabata picnic. Since the weather was really nice and I didn’t want to spend too much money on food there, I decided that this was just the right occasion for a Bento!

It’s been quite some time since my last one and due to time pressure I kept this Bento clean and simple. Edamame, corn and meatballs in one tire and rice covered with Nori (Noriben), Kimchi, rocket and Umeboshi in the other tire. I always miscalculate the size of this Bento and think of too few ingredients to fill it with. It’s essential to pack your Bento with as many and as differently cooked ingredients as possible but my fridge and time are limited so I just cooked some Edamame and used canned corn to fill the empty space. :jupp:

It’s the first time I made a Noriben! A Noriben is very simple Bento that consists basically of rice flavoured with soy sauce and Katsuboshi (dried bonito flakes) and is covered with Nori (sea weed). For a even simpler version, omit the bonito flakes.. (like I did). To make it to look like a night sky I put corn as stars on it. Anyway, it wasn’t enough and Silvankun was still hungry afterwards so later on we had some yummy ice cream and Melonpan!

Sorry for the weird quality pics.. my Nikonchan was acting strangely so I had to use the Lumix… I can’t wait to show you guys the pics I took at the Tanabata festival though! Luckily the outdoor pics still turn out great with the Nikon. :tanoshii: Enjoy the weekend! :twinkles:


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  1. @ Noora: Thank you! the box is my first box ever!!

    @ Akiko: ありがとう :on:

  2. Thanks ^__^ It was bit hard to get yourself in car :_D. I bought that magazine from blippo.com

  3. :hirabbit:

    Thank you for your comment! x3 We should meet the next time! I’m looking forward to your tanabata pictures x3

    Your bento looks soooo yummiii!! *___* I like to make bentos too! Should do it more often! I would save my money xD

    Btw, I like your blog layout! <3 *___* :twinkles:

  4. I especially like these simple bentos – really!
    By the way: Most of the cameras have problems with that hard white & black contrast. I grown up using analogue camera and real photo film – and I tell you: In the amateur or semi-professional league you won’t had any change to make such a hard-contrast photo – no way, really. Wonderful new world!

    • aww thank you bentolily! :tanoshii: I’m happy about what you wrote regarding the colors… mine has also a problem with red colors too. :nope: I was almost getting crazy trying to take a decent picture where the rice shows but it was impossible for me..

  5. @ Lou: Thank you :miam: and hh yes, we should definitely meet next time! Your face looked somehow familiar but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t ask you :nope: Your blog is so so lovely as well!! I’m totally in love with it! :boxkitten:

    @ Rhiannon: awww thank you! and thanks for the link I will try it :ii:

    @ シャりー : ありがとう~ :aiai:

    @ Ria: thank youuu :w:

  6. …I shouldn’t visit your site when I’m hungry. Now I’m craving noriben.. Looks so delicious! And I’m having a rice craving lately since I couldn’t it eat for a while thanks to my wisdom teeth removal! >.< bah!
    I actually love bento and used to make them all the time, I really need to get back into the game of making them. the only ones I have are so large though, I can never eat the whole bento so I need to find smaller ones. I love cooking! nom nom nom

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