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Wishing for spring when it’s still a winter wonderland

Wishing for spring when it’s still a winter wonderland
Hey there Starshines! :nekopaw:
It’s been a while again, hasn’t it? I missed the blogosphere and reading the many comments on my last entry made me so happy! Now I’m looking forward to see what you’ve been up to.
I know you’re probably expecting to to see the pictures of Milan but first there is one more Zermatt entry waiting to be written. Well actually there isn’t a lot to write about but more to show you. When I came back from Zermatt a week ago, I actually thought Winter is over but somehow it only begun… I’ve had it with snow for this year but I wanted to share some hopefully last snowy impressions nevertheless with you guys. :rabukuma:


So grab yourself a nice cup of hot tea or chocolate.. or coffee ugh.. honestly, who likes that stuff outside uni time? Or if you’re having summer right now, grab a nice cold beverage (these pics should cool you down anyway..) and enjoy~ :bling:

These houses are empty during the winter time but during summer there are actually herders with their animals living there!

I’m wearing the new scarf from the F21 order I showed you in a previous post.. love it! :klimper:

Click on “read on” for many more pictures~
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Zermatt in an instant

Zermatt in an instant
Hello there Lovelies :nekopaw:
How are you doing? I’ve completely lost track of uni but soon it will start again and I’m afraid that I forgot all the Kanji I learned. :jupp: Hope I can study a little in the coming two weeks. I’ve never been on holiday for such a long time and Im not sure whether I invested my free time cleverly… well I still have some time left to do some useful things.
Right now I’m still in Zermatt and enjoying some sunny weather and lots of snow and snowboarding. I’ve been snowboarding for ten years now but I’m thinking about going back to skiing. Or rather do both?! Anyway, winter sports are a lot of fun and in Switzerland there are many opportunities and places to go. But Zermatt has always been my favourite winter resort and I wouldn’t want to miss the impressive view of the Matterhorn. You know, that mountain that has even its own chocolate brand?

Do you know Toblerone? It’s quite delicious!

I’ve been coming here since my birth and it always feels so cosy and good when I arrive in this little village. (well actually it’s getting bigger and bigger because they’ve been constantly building more cottages and hotels..) One special feature of Zermatt is, that there are no cars and therefore the air is pretty pure. It’s not that there arent’s any means of transportation but they’re all fueled with electricity!! Sounds pretty funny, doesn’t it? And of course there are oldfashioned carriages. Soooo romantic! But I have only been on one a long time ago when I was a kid.
Nough’ said. Here are the pics~

1. Me, hanging in a tree 2. Carriage for the fancy international guests of the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof
3. Best confectioner in Zermatt: Fuchs :sprout: 4. View from a slope

1. The mighty Matterhorn 2. Down there lies Zermatt 3. So devilishly coooooold! 4. Sight from the viewing point of the Gornegrat. Noticed how different the mountain looks from here?!

Sorry for the blurry insta pics but I wouldn’t want to risk my old and trusty Nikon while falling on my butt or worse. I hope I can make some decent shots on the last day or something.

1. Silvankun soaking in the sun 2. First day.. it was cold 3. Finally a little sun! 4. Swiss tools and a handyman

1. Rothorn 2. Captain Nekochan 3. Our boards 4. Ride~

1. Silvankun’s crazy hairstyle 2. Kiss! 3. Lovely view 4. One of the best hot chocolates evvver!

That’s it for now! I’ve still got some more pictures but I’ll upload them in a later entry… I hope you don’t mind! We still have four days left and afterwards I’ll go visiting my grandmother in Milan. I’m honestly so excited since I haven’t been there and haven’t seen her in a long time. But I love that city and I can’t wait to show you some impressions.

Take care cuties and stay tuned :on:


Spring in January!

Spring in January!
Hey there Lovelies~ :heartame:
Beginning from today I’m finally on holiday! Today I finished my paper and now I’m looking forward to doing the many things I missed during the semester. :jupp:

:sprout: Visiting other cities :sprout: Making bento (the last one I did was almost two months ago) :sprout: Planning the trip to Japan :sprout: Reading books :sprout: Hanging out with friends :sprout: Taking pictures
:sprout: Go snowboarding :sprout: Sleeping :sprout: (Online) shopping :sprout: Working out :sprout: And last but not least, blogging!

I need blooood…. lots of it!

I hope you didn’t fell off your chair after seeing this pictures. I spent several days in Italy but as you can see, working on my paper made me become a vampire. Drinking Silvankun’s blood was the only option for me to take this picture in the sunlight. :hehe:
Although it was really warm for this season of the year (18 degrees on the first days of January… seriously?!) I spent almost the entire time inside.
Forgive me my face ‘au naturel’ but I was way too lazy to put on makeup, especially since I was and still am having a sore throat and a runny nose…


Right now we’re back in Zurich because Silvankun has to write exams for uni but I’ll be enjoying the sun again really soon when he’s finished! It’s kind of unusual for me to have so many weeks off from uni but I guess I still need to get used to it… What I’m looking forward to the most, are the two weeks I’ll be spending in the mountains to do some snowboarding. But for the coming days I’ve planned a lot of sleeping, making bento & shopping~ :totorosmile:
Sounds quite selfish eh? Well I know that everyone has already posted their resolutions for the new year and mine do certainly not only consist of selfish things but admittedly I have quite some egoistic catching up to do. It was truly inspiring to read all your resolutions and it helped me to decide on mine~ :catexclam:

Nina loves playing in the snow so much!
Julier mountain pass
~Marshmallow Neko~

Wearing pink happens pretty rarely to me so I wanted to take pictures! I never think too much about what to wear when I’m there but when I found the old sweater in a drawer I thought it could look cute with the white scarf. The texture of the scarf is incredibly soft and I love the pompoms~ :hoshi:
I know I havent been blogging much since I started with uni but I absolutely want to blog more now that I’m actually on holiday. I got a little rusty but I hope I can surprise you with my upcoming posts.