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October at a glance

October at a glance
Hey there Readers :on:
We’re in the middle of November now but I have quite a lot of images I took during October and that I would like to share with you. October has been quite an eventful month with lots of yummy food, family and friends. I had my graduation ceremony, got a lot of pretty things, didn’t celebrate Halloween and already enjoyed snow! :catexclam:

View from the kitchen’s balcony

It’s hard to believe that the images above were taken in the same month, isn’t it? While at the beginning of October the weather was sunny and so warm that I felt the urge to go swimming, the second half was cold and brought the first snow of this year. I prefer snow over rain so I was happy about the snow-covered trees and roofs even if it lasted only for a few days. Many branches of trees though, broke because of the heavy snow on top of the autumn foliage. :x:

The graduation dinner took place in a restaurant on the Uetliberg, a mountain from where you can see over the whole city of Zurich and even beyond. We had to walk for a few minutes through the snow-covered forest and I was only wearing my new, cream-colored cat flats without any socks:jupp: nyahaha well I guess I learned my lesson but fortunately I didn’t get sick. It was strange and really nice at the same time seeing the people you’ve been together for the past two years at school in a totally different environment after some months. The beginning was a little stiff but after some wine it felt like we had never been apart. :miam:

Read on if you’re interested in more pictures~

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Hey there guys! :bling:
I’m so excited to announce two things. The first things is that my first attempt at making Japanese pickles (Tsukemono) failed miserably. The second thing is, that I’m creating a second blog just for Japanese food and above all, Bento! Sounds pretty ironic, doesn’t it? Especially after my epic Tsukemono fail and my initial intention not to split nekoblog.. :jupp:

Isn’t the colour beautiful? :klimper:

Anyway, the food entries, recipes and Bento have already been copied to my new blog and I can’t wait to show it to you and fill it with funny, creative and hopefully inspiring food entries. As usual, it was a pretty spontaneous act but I think that it was the right decision. My Bento and Washoku entries just seemed so lost in all the different topics… Now they have a place for themselves.

Now I’m going to show and tell you what I did to get such disastrous pickles so you won’t make the same mistakes as I did.. :ohno:

The Ingredients

:sprout: Japanese eggplants (take any vegetable that is convenient for pickling such as carrots, cucumber, cabbage, radish etc.) :sprout: Rice vinegar :sprout: Salt :sprout: Sugar :sprout: Jar

The recipe says to cut the vegetables in thin slices but since I’ve never eaten nor seen a thin sliced Tsukemono I decided to cut it normally, that means about 1/6 of an inch.. (yeah.. you know that I’m not a good recipe follower..). First of all let me explain you what I love about Tsukemono. Basically there are three different types of Tsukemono: Shiozuke are with salt, Misozuke with miso and Nukazuke with rice bran. While Miso- and Shiozuke are pretty easy to prepare, Nukazuke are “a bit” more complicated to prepare but those are the ones I love! As usual I was so impatient to try out the recipe in the book I found at home that I didn’t even read about Tsukemono in general and thought that this recipe would get me the yummy, crunchy and vivid coloured Nukazuke pickles I wanted… but I was wrong.

The pickled eggplants after two days in the fridge…

To read about the recipe and see more interesting pickle pictures, read on!

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Murasaki Bento

Murasaki Bento
As I wrote in my previous entry I would like to write more often again! Shorter but more frequent entries.. Not blogging for over a month has definitely left its aftereffects. Also, I’m having some difficulties with my cam at the moment! I just can’t seem to get the focus thing right. There are some very sharp areas and some totally blurry areas.. Anyway, I will ask my brother since he’s kind of a pro with these things. :iida:
Bute here you go, I called it Murasaki Bento since the pickles are purple but with this cold light it doesn’t look pruple at all.. :crying:

Murasaki 紫 means purple in Japanese and stands for wealth and position. I’ve heard that it’s the color of the Japanese emperor, the Tennō 天皇 but I couldn’t really find something when looking for it on the internet. There is the story of a famous German manufacturer of pens, pencils and other art supplies called Faber Castell who tried to open up to the Japanese market with a crayon set but failed miserably. The same set was sold in Europe with big success so they couldn’t explain this total flop in Japan. When they tried to find out why nobody wanted to buy their sets, the company was told that they had forgotten one of the most important colors for the Japanese: purple. They changed the set for the Japanese and added purple and since then the set is sold very well.

Since it was rather cold I made a hearty Bento including Onigiri with Furikake and Tsukemono, smoked meat, carrots and spinach in one of the tires and Tamagoyaki with cheese, Caprese and melon with raspberries in the other tire.

Obento mass production! The pic nic in the wild park was really cool! People, especially the kids, stared a lot but we didn’t care! :kitsune:
As soon as I’ll manage to take a picture of my new hair cut I’ll show it to you! And there’s still the top ten award I need to do and a lot of makeup I haven’t reviewed yet. My asos and topshop orders arrived and I’m very pleased hehe.. I love the topshop blushes!

Have a great day Everyone!