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Yooji’s Giveaway

Yooji’s Giveaway
Hallo ihr Lieben! :nekopaw:
Heute gibts was ganz leckeres zu gewinnen. Wenn ihr in der Schweiz lebt und Sushi liebt, dann habt ihr bestimmt schon mal das Yooji’s probiert. Ein tolles Ambiente, gutes Sushi und andere Leckereien machen es einen Besuch wert.

Am 24. Juli findet ausserdem die Eröffnung der neuen Filiale an der Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich statt, wo ich dabei sein werde! Ich darf ganz viel Sushi essen und mich im Mangakostüm mit den Gästen unterhalten. Als ich vor einiger Zeit davon erfuhr, dass sie cosplayer und und andere irgendwie japanisch verkleidete Leute suchten, hab ich mich natürlich gleich beworben. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass sie von den vielen cosplayer nur so wenige nehmen und habe es am Anfang auch gleich bereut jetzt wirklich mitzumachen, weil sie sonst nur wenige und wirkliche Profis ausgesucht haben. Ich habe noch nie ein Kleidungsstück für ein cosplay genäht und ein Lolitakleid hab ich auch nicht.
Irgendwie hab ich mir dann versucht ein outfit zusammenzustellen, dass zum event passen könnte. Im Vergleich zu den wahnsinns Kostümen der Anderen, bei denen ich die Ehre hatte sie an verschiedenen conventions zu fotografieren, war meins aber immer noch fade und nicht ausgefeilt genug. Mit der nächsten mail wurde mir klar, dass sie keine Amateure ausgesucht hatten und ich ein wirklich auffälliges outfit haben musste wenn ich mich nicht total blamieren wollte. Da ich, was mein Haaar betrifft, völlig unkreativ bin, musste ein guter Friseur oder eine Perücke her. Ich entschied mich für die Perücke weil sie mein outfit entscheident japanisiert. Mein endgültiges outfit werde ich erst am selben Tag zum ersten Mal anhaben, da ich die Perücke nur ausleihe und gleich beim Friseur befestigen lasse.

Wer einen Yooji’s Gutschein im Wert von 50.- gewinnen möchte soll einfach Folgendes tun:

:sprout: mit Bloglovin oder twitter folgen
:sprout: facebook fanpage liken
:sprout: Euer japanisches Lieblingsgericht in einem Kommentar unten hinschreiben!

Ihr habt bis am 18. August Zeit und bis zum 25. August werde ich einen Gewinner ausgelost haben. Yooji’s gibts zur Zeit nur in der Schweiz also ist dieses Giveaway nur für meine schweizer Leser. Ich drück euch allen die Daumen!

Hey there my dear Readers! :omnom:
This post kind of s*cks for you because only my Swiss readers will have the chance to win the sushi coupon giveaway.
Yooji’s is a Swiss resturant chain, specialized in Japanese food. Their restaurants have a great atmosphere, friendly staff and most importantly: good sushi!
On the 24th of July the opening of their newest restaurant at the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich will take place and I’ll be there! Besides eating delicious sushi I will have to talk to the guests in my manga costume.
When I heard they were looking for cosplayer and other somehow japanesey dressed people, I obviously applied for it. I never thought that they would only pick so few of the many cosplayer and I immediately started to regret my application, because they’d only chosen real pros for the job. I’ve never sewn a costume for a cosplay nor have I got a lolita dress.
But somehow I tried to arrange an outfit which could work for the event. In comparison to the stunning costumes of the others though, which I already had the honor to photograph at different conventions, mine still looked lame and not elaborated enough. With the next mail I realized that they didn’t look for amateurs and that I really had to organize something striking, if I didn’t want to blame myself completly. Since I’m totally unimaginative regarding my hair, I would have to had a great hairstyle or simply a wig. I decided to wear a wig, because it adds to the Japanese-ness of the outfit. I’ll only be able to wear the complete outfit on the same day as the event, because I’ll just rent the wig and have it fixed by them.
I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to take good pictures but I’ll definitely try to take a few shots of the event with my phone cam. Wish me luck!!! :tanoshii:


PS: Vielen Dank ans Yooji’s team für den Gutschein!

Klee and Japan

Klee and Japan
Hello there Sweeties! :hirabbit:
I’ve been wanting to blog the whole time but my week was very hectic and adventurous! Last weekend I visited the Klee Museum in Bern to see the exhibition Paul Klee and the Far East and I enjoyed it very much. And this week, last week I had the chance to visit a really exclusive collection of antique European textiles and Japanese propaganda textiles, especially Kimono. The collector’s house was beautiful and the view was amazing and down in the basement he had rooms full of breath-taking textiles and dresses and we were even allowed to touch them! But I’m going to tell you more about this special excursion in a later entry…

The Paul Klee museum practically consists of two hills or waves and looks pretty cool with all the green landscape in the background. I like Klee’s art and apparently Japan loves him too. He influenced Japanese artists, writers, musicians and even architects. Some of his works show inspirations of different Japanese artists such as Hokusai oder Sharaku and I could clearly see that in his awfully cute and mangaesque fish drawings that remind me a lot of Hokusai’s prints and sketches.

These are art works of a Japanese artist inspired by Paul Klee.

Downstairs there was a large hall where you could try out different things such as Japanese calligraphy and there were many children too. In fact I think it was thought for children but I just had to give it a try too… :nope: I was totally fascinated with Buddha boards – “Based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind – ready to create a whole new masterpiece. source and that’s exactly how it works. Nevertheless I like writing with real ink much more.. :miam:

Paul Klee museum

I totally lost track of time and in the end we didn’t make it to the Qin exhibition. At least I was able to take some pictures of the inside of the museum that had some stunning deco!

I hope you guys had a good weekend! I spent mine in the countryside with lots of sun, hard work and food~
I don’t know when I’ll be back to posting because there’s the final exams approaching and as ususal I have some ‘last moment studying’ to do.. But I do have some Bento lined up and ready to be published so if I find the time, I would love to show them to you~ :raburabu:

Take care and see you soon!


Wishing for spring when it’s still a winter wonderland

Wishing for spring when it’s still a winter wonderland
Hey there Starshines! :nekopaw:
It’s been a while again, hasn’t it? I missed the blogosphere and reading the many comments on my last entry made me so happy! Now I’m looking forward to see what you’ve been up to.
I know you’re probably expecting to to see the pictures of Milan but first there is one more Zermatt entry waiting to be written. Well actually there isn’t a lot to write about but more to show you. When I came back from Zermatt a week ago, I actually thought Winter is over but somehow it only begun… I’ve had it with snow for this year but I wanted to share some hopefully last snowy impressions nevertheless with you guys. :rabukuma:


So grab yourself a nice cup of hot tea or chocolate.. or coffee ugh.. honestly, who likes that stuff outside uni time? Or if you’re having summer right now, grab a nice cold beverage (these pics should cool you down anyway..) and enjoy~ :bling:

These houses are empty during the winter time but during summer there are actually herders with their animals living there!

I’m wearing the new scarf from the F21 order I showed you in a previous post.. love it! :klimper:

Click on “read on” for many more pictures~
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