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Niwa Bento

Niwa Bento
Hey there Readers! :omnom:
When you’re reading this I’m hopefully on my way to Italy. I made this bento right after the crazy spontaneous decision to go to Japan this fall. Since the internships start in spring the only option was to go really soon so that means that we won’t be able to see sakura trees blossom (again) but the Koyo (autumn leaves) instead which are at least as beautiful as the cherry blossoms I think. But I’ll tell you more about my trip to Japan in a next entry!

I made this bento using mainly frozen ingredients such as the shrimps, edamame, renkon (lotus root), naruto roll, and the sweet bun. As you can imagine, it was quickly done and I didn’t had to put a lot of effort in it. Actually I had planned on making onigiri with pickled sakura blossoms but this container is just too small to show off the onigiri well enough so I sticked to normal rice and put the sakura blossoms on top. The sakura blossoms were pickled back in April, and I should have written down earlier how I did them because now I forgot… :chottoangry:
But I’ll try to remember and look at the pictures I took of the process. The rice was pretty good because I used the salt and a little bit of rice vinegar which I pickled the blossoms with. The salt smells quite intensly of cherry wood and foliage and the vinegar turned out pink. :youreweird:

Besides the frozen stuff, I had some really pretty fresh tomatoes from the plant that grows on my balcony. At first, I was rather skeptical in regards to this plant but except for looking a little miserable it produces quite a lot of tomatoes! The skin is a bit hard but the taste is great and they look beautiful, don’t you think?

The sweet bun in the red container was a little dry and had a nutty (I think) filling. Maybe it tastes better if you put it in the microwave first but it looks definitely cute in a bento. It is supposed to look like a lotus flower bud but it somehow reminds me of a peach. I also had a huge glass of lupin beans (I love their name!!) and used them in a bento for the first time. Even though they’re not very yellow, I think they look good together with the bright green edamame beans. Oh, and the bento is obviously called niwa (garden in Japanese) bento because there’s tomatoes from my little balcony garden. :nyanyan:


Hallo liebe Leser! :nekopaw:
Wenn ihr diesen Eintrag lest, bin ich hoffentlich schon auf dem Weg nach Italien. Ich habe dieses Bento gleich nach der verrückten und spontanen Idee gemacht, diesen Herbst nach Japan zu gehen. Die Praktika sind erst im Frühling frei (zumindest viele) und somit war die einzige Möglichkeit, schon bald zu gehen. Das heisst, wir werden (wieder) die Sakurablüten verpassen, aber das Koyo (Herbstlaub) ist mindestens so schön wie die Sakurablüten, finde ich. Aber ich werde zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt noch weiteres dazu berichten.
Ich habe dieses Bento hauptsächlich mit Tiefkühlprodukten gemacht, so wie die shrimps, edamame, renkon (lotus Wurzel), Narutorolle und das süsse Brötchen. Wie ihr euch vorstellen könnt, hat dieses Bento nicht lange gedauert und ich musste auch keine grosse Anstrengung leisten. Eigentlich hatte ich vor, Onigiri zu machen und diese mit den eingelegten Sakurablüten zu garnieren, aber Onigiri sind einfach zu gross für diese Box und die Details würden nicht gut zur Geltung kommen. Die Sakurablüten habe ich im April eingelegt und ich hätte niederschreiben sollen, was ich gemacht habe, weil ich mich jetzt nicht mehr daran erinnern kann.. :ohno:
Aber ich werde versuchen, mich zu erinnern und werde die Bilder, die ich währenddessen gemacht habe, nochmals anschauen. Der Reis hat ziemlich gut geschmeckt, da ich ihn mit dem Salz und ein wenig Reisessig, mit denen ich die Blüten eingelegt habe, gewürzte habe. Das Salz riecht recht stark nach Kirschbaum und Laub und der Reisessig wurde rosa. :twinkles:
Abgesehen von den Tiefenkühlprodukten hatte ich hübsche und frische Tomaten von der Pflanze auf meinem Balkon. Am Anfang war ich, was diese Pflanze betrifft, ziemlich skeptisch, aber abgesehen davon, dass sie etwas komisch aussieht, macht sie viele Tomaten. Die Haut ist etwas hart, aber der Geschmack ist super und sie sehen echt hübsch aus, oder?
Das süsse Brötchen in der roten Box war etwas trocken und hatte, glaube ich, eine Nussfüllung oder so. Vielleicht hätte es besser geschmeckt, wenn man es in die Mikrowelle getan hätte. Aber es macht sich wirklich gut in einem Bento, finde ich. Es sollte eigentlich aussehen wie eine Lotusblüte, aber mich erinnert es an einen Pfirsich. Ich hatte auch noch ein grosses Glass mit Lupini Bohnen (ich liebe ihren Namen!!), die ich zum ersten Mal in einem Bento verwendet habe. Auch wenn sie nicht so stark gelb sind, sehen sie gut aus zusammen mit den hellgrünen Edamame Bohnen. Das Bento heisst übrigens Niwa (Garten auf Japanisch) Bento, weil die Tomaten aus meinem Balkongarten sind.

A tribute to spring and burdock

A tribute to spring and burdock
Hey there Readers & random passengers!
As I’m writing this entry, outside it is raining and there’s no sign of spring yet. I arrived to the country side friday night and lo and behold: a ‘few kilometers’ further southwards from Zurich, birds are chirping and there’s flowers everywhere.
I made this Bento on tuesday or wednesday… can’t remember since every day has been quite gloomy and rainy and the atmosphere at uni has been getting on my nerves.

Spring Bento! … or not so much

I don’t seem to have found the right people yet and those who I thought were all right turned out to be weird yet almost mean. That’s nothing new to me bu I thought that people at uni would be more mature.
But I guess I can’t pretend too much from classmates who are partially a lot younger than me.. :jupp: Also, I’m not known for being super extrovert and people often think I’m inapproachable but that’s probably because I’m a bit of a loner.
Nevermind, I don’t likely write too much about personal stuff but since almost all of my life revolves around uni and I spent most of my time there it bothers me and I needed to share it with you guys.. (and the world, I know..*rolling eyes*)
Ok, now I whined enough. As I started to write but eventually lost track, this is a Bento I decided to do while under time pressure. And it turned out accordingly…

Quick and fuss-free: my tribute to spring and gobō. Gobō is also called greater burdock, lappa or beggar’s buttons and is probably my number one favourite Japanese vegetable. It is rich in flavour and the texture is devine. Yes, I’m craving for this this root. It is usually stir-fried with carrots, soy sauce and a little mirin and sprinkled with some golden sesame. Or at least that’s how I learned it. :nyan:
Next to the gobō, there’s the shiraae I raved about in the last entry (click) garnished with pickled ginger. In the other receptacle there’s tuna-mayo sandwiches, shrimps and a sakura mochi for dessert.
I’m off to study or rather writing my speech… I managed neverheless to take some pictures here and I hope that on Sunday I will have some time to work in the vegetable patch.
Have a nice and sunny weekend everyone!


Omusubi Bento

Omusubi Bento
Hi there! :nekopaw:
As promised, here my latest Bento creation. Whant to know the difference between Onigiri and Omusubi? Well actually there isn’t one… :wink: I always thought that Onigiri were supposed to be smaller than Omusubi but apparently there’s no difference at all. Anyway, I filled this Bento with two large triangle-shaped rice balls. One is covered with a slice of smoked salmon and the other one has an Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum, very salty and sour :tongue: ) in the middle. There’s also Ebi fry (fried prawn) but it gets a little lost with all the colorful vegetables.. they were yummy though!

The other tire contains Japanese potato salad with cucumber, boiled carrot and onion as side dish and a piece of molten chocolate cake garnished with cumquats & raspberries as dessert. I rarely think of a dessert when making a Bento but this little left over piece of chocolate seemed just so perfect!

Do you know Umeboshi? How do you like it? I like the more sour and natural colored ones but they don’t sell them anymore in our local Japanese store.. :nyan: The Onigiri wrapped in smoked salmon was ok but I prefere grilled salmon inside or mixed with the rice. As my grandmother is German, you can imagine how much I love German potato salad but I have to say that the Japanese version Obasan made for us when we were in Hokkaidō was also very good and Silvankun and I couldn’t get enough of it! It’s good to wrap a sheet of Nori around it and eat it as Temaki! :bling:

Sooo, that’s it for now! I’m off to the countryside again to start focussing on my studies. I still have tons of books to read so I’m afraid I will have to slow down with blogging a little bit until the end of August. haha..yes, it’s as serious as it sounds but I’m sure that if I start learning really hard now I should have to make it…!!! :w: I hope you guys are having a great summer and experiencing the time of your life! Can’t wait to be back in autumn and continue spamming..!! :rabukuma: and I promise that I will try to keep you up to date with some news out of my daily life as often as possible~

If you want to keep in touch with me you should totally check out ninnikuneko on instagram or take a look at nekoblog’s fb site here: click :jupp:
And of course you can read my complaints and laments about classic literature on twitter as well..
I already miss you guys! :crying:

The usual suspects… artwork by Silvankun :happy: