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Trees amongst giants

Trees amongst giants
Hey there cutie pies!
It’s suddenly friday again and I finally felt like blogging.. or doing something in general. I’m off to Italy for a few days but I wanted to update you guys with some impressions of Tokyo.
Not sure if I’m going to blog about the events chronologically but it pretty much looks like I’m going to start from the latest events. At the beginning I thought that nine days in Tokyo would kill me. The hotels and youth hostels were all booked out and we didn’t have a lot of money left but the days flew by in an instant and despite the fact that we had to change hotel every three days, I was sad to leave Japan.

The people in Tokyo are very polite and cosmopolitan and there hasn’t been one single place or moment of awkwardness. Except maybe for those moments when we had to take the subway with our humongous amount of luggage but I think that throughout time, we learned how to handle that quite elegantly. People sometimes stare at you in different ways and school kids will most likely giggle and say “herooo!” (like in “hello”) to you and even if I stuck my tongue out at them because I was feeling exeptionally mature, they yelled “kawaiii“. That was quite puzzling and frustrating since I sometimes tried to be rude on purpose but I guess it was okay and we sometimes even had a chat with them. :iida:

Believe it or not, but I didn’t spend everyday shopping and on one of those days I needed some green space so we went to the Hamarikyu Gardens, a vast public park that is surrounded by seawater of the Tokyo Bay. We walked for quite some time and enjoyed the view of the trees finally starting to change color, people eating their bento (lunch boxes) under a pavillon, interesting birds and all of this scattered on a green area between skycrapers and the ocean.

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Tokyo through cat eyes vol.1

Tokyo through cat eyes vol.1
Hey there Sweetpeas! :nekopaw:
The first days in Tokyo went by quickly and now I’m on the most northern Island of Japan, namely Hokkaido. Japan has more to offer than Hello Kitty and sushi bars and if you’re a Volcano freak like me, hopping around from geyser to geyser can be quite fun too. But one step at the time. I don’t even know where to begin!!! Anyway, I know that most of you would kill me if I didn’t upload pictures of Tokyo so here we go~ :hehe:

If you follow my facebook page, you’ve probably read that our luggage was left behind in Moscow but that it arrived one day later. The thing is, that even after all my stuff had arrived, I still didn’t had the right clothes for the summer-like temperatures in Tokyo! So the first thing I needed was something to wear. My outfit was rather funny that day… the oversized shirt says: “PREACHER”! I wouldn’t walk around in Zurich like that even for money, but in Japan, I’m a totally different person. :totorosmile:

Our hostel was located right behind the Sensoji temple in Asakusa and we had to go by it everyday to take the subway. The place was crowded with tourists and students even on week days and it was difficult to resist all the cute souvenirs and goodies, especially since all the Japanese school kids were buying them.. But my journey has just begun and I reckoned that I would be able to get what I want at the end of my stay. That’s if there’s still some money left. :catexclam:

As you can imagine, Tokyo is beautiful also by night. Coming from Switzerland, having stores that are open 24 hours 7 days a week are a highlight. Konbini, 24 hours restaurants and public baths that are open all night long are just so fascinating for a Zurich girl. What a contradiction to the recently established (old) law that prohibits dancing in clubs after midnight… I mean come on, it’s TOKYO?!?!

Believe it or not but Tokyo has literally everything. I would love to show you the food pics I took in some fancy underground food market (I think it was even called “the food show“) but it would break the mold… I had some great sushi though (and not so great ramen..) which I just have to share with you.

Right now I’m snuggled up in a blanket and staying at a traditional Japanese place with tatami and futons. Besides an elderly couple next door, there’s no one here… Hokkaido is wild and remote, far away from the bling bling of Tokyo lights and it’s more likely to come across a fox than an other human being. I can’t wait to share my mesmerizing experiences with you guys! Stay tuned~ :hoshi:


Hallo meine Lieben! :ii:
Die ersten Tage in Tokyo vergingen schnell und ich befinde mich jetzt auf der nördlichsten Insel Japans, Hokkaido. Japan bietet viel mehr als nur Hello Kitty und sushi bars und wenn ihr so wie ich auf Vulkane abfährt kann der trip von einem Geysir zum nächsten ebenfalls eine Menge Spass bereiten. Aber eins nach dem anderen. Ich weiss nicht mal, wo ich anfangen soll. Auf jeden Fall weiss ich, dass die meisten von euch mich umbringen würden, wenn ich nicht gleich einige Bilder von Tokyo uploaden würde… also hier sind sie~
Wenn ihr mir auf facebook folgt, habt ihr bestimmt gelesen, dass unser Gepäck in Moskau verloren ging und es erst einen Tag später in Tokyo ankam. Das Problem war, dass auch nachdem meine Sachen ankamen, ich noch immer nicht die richtigen Kleider für die sommerlichen Temperaturen in Tokyo hatte. Also war das erste, was ich benötigte, etwas zum Anziehen! Mein outfit war an dem Tag ziemlich komisch… auf dem oversized shirt steht: “PREACHER”! Ich würde in Zürich nicht einmal gegen Bezahlung so rumlaufen, aber in Japan bin ich eine komplett andere Person :totorosmile:
Unsere hostel lag direkt hinter dem Sensoji Tempel in Asakusa und wir mussten jeden Tag daran vorbeigehen, um zur U-Bahn zu gelangen. Es war sogar an Wochentagen voll von Touristen und Schülern und es war schwierig, all den süssen Souvenirs und goodies zu wiederstehen, besonders da all die japanischen Schulkinder sie kauften.. Aber die Reise hat erst gerade begonnen und ich dachte, dass ich am Ende meines Aufenthaltes das kaufen kann, was ich will. Natürlich nur im Falle, dass dann noch etwas Geld übrig ist.
Wie ihr euch vorstellen könnt, strahlt Tokyo auch in der Nacht. Aus der Schweiz kommend, sind Läden, die 24 Stunden offen haben, ein echtes highlight. Konbini, 24-Stunden Restaurants und öffentliche Bäder, die die ganze Nacht durch geöffnet haben, sind so faszinierend für ein zürcher Mädchen. Was für ein Widerspruch zum kürzlich eingeführten (alten) Gesetz, das das Tanzen in clubs nach Mitternacht verbietet… Also bitte, es ist doch Tokyo?!?!
Glaubt es oder nicht, aber in Tokyo gibt es wortwörtlich alles. Ich würde euch liebend gerne die Essensbilder zeigen, die ich in einem fancy unterirdischen Food Markt gemacht habe (ich glaube, es hiess sogar “the food show“), aber das würde den Rahmen sprengen… Ich hatte aber leckeres Sushi (und nicht so tolle Ramen), welches ich einfach mit euch teilen musste.

Confessions of a Debaucher…

Confessions of a Debaucher…
Instead of studying I’m blogging… but who doesn’t know that? Maybe it’s a good way to keep calm an distract oneself from the nervousness that comes with the exams. But first of all I would like to say Thank you, for all your sweet and honest comments on my not so happy post about Moscow. For those of you who are interested in knowing what exactly annoyed me on my trip there, read my answer to Eden-Avalon’s comment here :bling:
I hope you don’t mind that I’m showing you something else between the Moscow entries. Today I went through the coutless picture folders on my desktop and discovered some food pics I haven’t showed you yet.

What is your favourite food? Do you think that it’s true that colorful food is healthier than plain food? I like to cook colorful because it looks nice.. & healthy! But I don’t know if it really is that more healthy than a plate full of plain Sauerkraut. :tongue: I really do enjoy eating different things though!

But now comes the serious part of this post. As I wrote in a previous entry, I would like to write more frequently and shorter posts. Because the more I write and post, the easier it gets! Entries are done so much quicker for me when I’m writing more frequently and I have to think less about how I would like to express myself. Also, I take pictures of a lot of things but many of them are never published because I think that there’s not enough to write about them. Pictures however, are often more expressive than words so long story short, ( nyahahaha have you seen that Sout Park episode with the ziplining too? :nope: ) I will try to update nekoblog more often and with tiny glimpses into my everydaylife.

Totally dopey looking ねこちゃん :kitten:

I hope the food porn didn’t made you drool too much…


PS: I didn’t made all the food! Only the two first pictures and the wok vegetables are my work.. :nope: