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The spooky campground episode

The spooky campground episode
Hey there sweet peas! :twinkles:
By now you might got the impression that my journey through Japan only consisted of food and shopping so let me get things straight with an ode to campground living and hot springs!
Going to Kyushu was probably the best decision because I had never seen anything like it before. We got there with the ferry which took us twelve hours from Osaka and since the ferry goes only by night we weren’t even able to look outside and see the coast lines of Honshu and Shikoku. Twelve hours later after a night on the floor with a two centimeters futon (~ 0.8 inches) and in a room with twenty people we arrived safe and sound but dead tired in Kitakyushu, the most northern area of Kyushu.

The first thing we did, was going to the tourist info stand in the train station but the ladies there were all bewildered by our question for camping places and told us that there were only very few camp grounds on Kyushu and especially not in this area and season of the year. I remember getting kind of angry at them because they were really unhelpful and I hadn’t slept (enough) that night. :bang:
So as usual we didn’t know where we would spend the night but thought that with a car, everything would look better. Getting a car wasn’t easy. First of all you need a translation for your licence and clever as we are, we did that just when we arrived in Tokyo at the beginning of our stay. Then the car rental will ask you tons of questions that we didn’t completely understand but after several attempts he finally understood that we wanted the cheapest car for the longest timespan available. Since there was some kind of holiday going on that day, it wasn’t easy to find one but he really did his best and we were able to get a car for ten days.

We spent three nights on this scenic camp site amidst volcanic cones and mesmerizing trees and after the first night I was scared to death. Around 1am I woke up hearing the strangest and most terrifying noises as if animals were tearing each others apart. As if that wasn’t enough the sound got interrupted by hysterical screaming of people. My body was all tense and I was trying to perceive whether the noise was coming closer or not but there were short breaks in between the episodes so it was difficult to tell.

Anyway, my bf had obviously heard it too and now we were both sitting there in our sleeping bags and didn’t know what to do. Eventually the voices of people coming closer with occasional giggling of girls convinced me, that is must have been a group of teenagers lurking around in the woods.
I looked outside the tent and saw them going into the building where the toilets are but was still way too afraid to go outside. Some time later they were gone but a car arrived and stopped in front of that building. I plucked up all my courage and went out, determined to confront them with what happened but it was only two women who were camping and they told me that they too had heard the screaming and were scared to death. :ohnoo:
The next day I told Silvan that I had never been as afraid as last night and that I had clearly seen a parade of nocturnal demons in front of my eyes. No, I don’t believe in ghosts and I’m one of the people who thinks that there’s a logical explanation for everything so I was really surprised to hear the same from him. Just hearing the noise without seeing its origin made me imagine the weirdest and most grotesque sceneries of demons and monsters I had seen in Japanese art and movies. A terrifying yet unique experience I will never forget.

Besides that episode I enjoyed staying in a tent a lot. The mornings were freezing and there weren’t any showers because guests could easily go bathing in one of the countless hot springs of Beppu. Except for the women we saw on the first night and two bikers, there was nobody else on the camp ground but during the day there were kids and older people enjoying the lake with pedaloes and eating ice cream.

Dangojiru Teishoku (団子汁定食)

The camping site wasn’t located in Beppu and there weren’t any supermarkets or restaurants where we stayed. We were lucky to have a small shop selling different noodles and sets with delicious broth, fish and pickles nearby.
I’ll leave you with this pic of the fuming grounds and constructions as a prelude for the next entry about Kyushu.

With Maetel (メーテル) and the conductor (車掌) of Galaxy Express 999

Ten days were quite short to travel around Kyushu but with the car I got to see random places I wouldn’t have seen by train and we managed to go round the whole island. Especially after the city life in Osaka it was nice to be surrounded by nature again.
I hope you enjoyed the autumnal colors and have a great sunday everyone!


Windy island of scents

Windy island of scents
Hello there Cuties!
My holiday in the Mediterranean sea turned out to be shorter than expected. I knew that there weren’t going to be any sand beaches but in the four days we stayed there, we didn’t manage to go swimming even once! The very few descents to the sea were steep and you had to walk for hours on small paths – we even saw a serpent and a rabbit – just to discover the next beautiful and wild but not very inviting bay. It was all not very large rocks and full with sea urchins. Anyway, the place was stunning and we did some trecking instead of the ususal beach stuff.

The island is one of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, and has about 400 inhabitants. There’s two grocery stores, a gelateria, one bus that does a distance of about 1km and that’s about it. After the second day I was already so fed up with the island that I regretted to have actually come to that place. But on the other hand, I nevertheless got pretty tanned while trampling around on dusty trails and I really enjoyed taking pictures of the unique nature around me. :hoshi: Every shrub, tree and flower smelled different and very intensly.

Since it was quite torturing for me, standing in front of the sea but not being able to go in, we decided to leave. I’m a little disappointed but I will hopefully find some other destination as soon as possible. Any recommendations? Maybe a little more touristy but also slightly more comfortable. :jupp: I don’t mind going camping at all as long as the sea is cristal clear and the weather sunny but Capraia was rough!! Even if there have been a few sunny days, it’s still far away from being summer in Switzerland and I really don’t feel the same about lakes so it has to be near the ocean!

So… what are you up to this summer? Lying on the beach or city trips? I have quite some things coming up but I’ll tell more about in a later entry~ Also, I finally had the courage to open my blog reader… sooo many blogposts I missed!! I just took at glimpse at a few blogspots and was amazed by the new layouts and awesome topics! Can’t wait to finally be back in the blogopshere. I’ll give my best to start feeding my readers with quality images again, deeper texts than this one.. and *crosses fingers* some new surprises! :bang:

Take care & have a nice sunday~


Of flowers and dresses

Of flowers and dresses
Hey there Cuties! :hionigiri:
It’s been a while again, hasn’t it? Thank you so much for the encouraging and honest comments on my last entry. Well not on the Bento part but on the uni related stuff I wrote. I was really touched and especially your comment, mishberries, :bling: made me smile and think a lot. I’m so lucky to have few but really caring readers writing such awesome comments!
I feel kind of guilty though, that I haven’t more to show you than some flower pics..

These were flowers growing in the countryside two weeks ago~

I’m actually really into flowers and plants, but then again, who isn’t?! Every year I discover a flower that I didn’t knew before and I get all excited..
Uni hasn’t really gotten a lot better but today sweet Laurita :hoshi: visited me to go through some exam stuff. Well actually she did all the work because I was too unorganized to be of any help..
ありがとう~ :ii:
nyaaaa what can I tell you… my life at the moment revolves pretty much about trying to learn Japanese and East asian history of art. Today I had a rather tense talk with my professor about an object description I wrote on a Dogū figurine from the Jōmon period. It may doesn’t show on my blog but I can actually be quite demanding. The good thing is that it’s only around one more month and then I’m already on summer holidays! Or at least semi-holidays since I still have to write papers then. Yeah, that’s pretty much everything I can tell you about my life right now. :w:

It was one of those days when it’s a minute away from snowing and there’s this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. Right? .. just kidding, this is a quote from American Beauty. I always get to think about this passage of the movie when I start my sentences with “It was one of those days”. Actually it was one of those first really hot days when I thought that I need new dresses. I was on my way back home and like always had to take the tram that goes across all the city and I spontaneously got out and went for some shopping.

In the end I ended up buying only one simple white dress from h&m (not in the pic) because the others were too expensive for me. But I also finally got my beloved lace shorts!!! I’ve been craving shorts like these for ages and I feel lucky to finally have them. There’s also the navy coat in the upper right corner which I immediately fell for. It was love at first sight. And the picture under that shows the outfit I wore that day. … my eyebrows look crazy in that pic. Sorry for that! :oh:

Wearing out my neko flats~ :nekopaw:

This was a rather pointless flower and outfit post… I should post the pictures I take more regularly but I’m always afraid that they’re not special or “themed” enough but I guess that ist’s about what you make out of it.
I wish you all a fab weekend! And keep a stiff upper lip! .. ( but that probably applies more to me right now..)


The cat on the mat
a square is her bed tonight
for the door has shut


little haiku by neko~