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Hauling throughout Japan

Hauling throughout Japan
Hey there Sweeties! :nekopaw:
Although I had promised myself that I would do all the shopping at the end of our stay in Tokyo, I wasn’t exactly able to stick to that plan. The first parcel was sent back to Switzerland while still in Hokkaido and the second one from Kyoto. I also sent back way too many clothes I had brought along but soon regretted it, since afterwards I only had about three outfits to change into. In the end there were more hair care products, tableware and makeup in my luggage than clothes.

And of course I brought along food. Furikake (rice seasoning) is always convenient because it’s light and flat and I love trying out new combinations. It’s all very basic stuff and some of them are from the 100円 shop but after two months of eating mainly rice it’s difficult to switch to Müesli and Zopf so I’ve been cooking and enjoying Japanese food ever since we arrived.

Hair care is taken very seriously in Japan and if you go to a public bath or hot spring you will notice that most of the people have several bathing utensils such as body scrubers, wash cloths different soaps and various hair care products. The smell is addicting and somewhat different from the scents in Europe and I couldn’t help but bringing some of that with me. My hair now smells like fresh strawberry and sakura.. :tongue:

The chance to come across cat themed things in Japan is sky-high, it’s the ultimate kitty paradise. While the cat-themed stuff is mostly kawaii and girly, the real cats there are so Ukiyo-e! They look and behave quite differently from the cats here and remind me of cats in Japanese wood block prints.
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Ungeschminkt ich or the 5 products face

Ungeschminkt ich or the 5 products face
Eigentlich ist meine Routine beim Schminken immer die Selbe. Die Produkte, die ich benutze, varieren zwar, aber technisch bin ich nicht sehr fortgeschritten. Wenn ich in Eile bin, vergesse ich sogar etwas wie Wimperntusche, primer oder Abdeckstift und viel mehr als fünf Produkte brauche ich sowieso nicht wirklich.

Ziel dieser challenge ist es, wie ihr vielleicht schon erraten habt, sich mit nur fünf Produkten zu schminken. Smugnificent von Our walking closet’s secrets hat die challenge vor einer Woche gemacht und ich fand das Resultat echt super. Die challenge wäre keine echte Herausforderung, wenn man Schminkpinsel nicht zu Produkten zählt, aber ich habe mich sowieso entschlossen, die Schminkpinsel wegzulassen und stattdessen mit den Fingern zu arbeiten.

My makeup routine is pretty much always the same. The products I use vary but my skills aren’t very advanced. When I’m in a hurry, I sometimes even forget to put on mascara, primer or the concealer, and I don’t really use more than five products anyway.
The goal of this challenge is, as you may already found out, to do your makeup with no more than five products. Smugnificent from Our walking closet’s secrets did the challenge one week ago and the result was really good. The challenge wouldn’t be a real challenge if brushes didn’t count as products as well but I decided not to use them anyway and to work with my fingers instead.

Während 75 Prozent des Jahres bin ich bleich. Und ich meine so richtig durchsichtig mit kühlem Unterton und dazu noch dicken Augenringen. Wenn ich makeup kaufe, fällt meine Wahl bei der foundation eigentlich immer auf den hellsten Farbton. Seit über einem Jahr benutze ich nun die Lasting Velvet von Sensai, die gut abdeckt und auch hält.
Zum Glück gehöre ich trotz meines hellen Hauttons zu den Menschen, die braun werden können. Ich liebe Sommerbräune und schütze mich dementsprechend wenig vor Sonneneinstrahlung, obwohl ich es wirklich nötig hätte.. ich weiss, es ist unverantwortlich und richtig dumm und ich habe mich fest dazu entschlossen, mich zu bessern und wirklich einzucremen, aber ich bin eben auch ungeduldig.
Natürlich habe ich mich dieses Jahr auch schon verbrannt, was am roten Unterton in meinem Gesicht gut zu sehen ist. In den schwarz/weiss Bildern unten, sieht man den Sonnenbrand, die Falten und die unebene Oberfläche der Haut noch besser.

During 75 percent of the year I’m pale. And I mean like really transparent with a cool undertone and big dark circles. When I buy makeup, I always pick the brightest shade. I’ve been using Sensai’s Lasting Velvet which I like a lot because it covers and stays all day long.
Luckily I can get a tan even with my fair skin complexion. I love a nice summer tan and have never really cared about the solar radiation even if I should have… I know that it’s irresponsible and stupid and I decided to be reasonable and to put on enough sun screen in the future but I’m still impatient.
Also this year I already managed to get burned as you can clearly see on my reddish undertone in my face. The sunburn, wrinkles and uneven surface of the skin is even more visible in the black & white picture below.

ungeschminkt ich – me au naturel

Ich war gerade aufgestanden und hab gleich Schminke draufgepackt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt bei mir ganz klar darauf, die Augenrinke und Unreinheiten abzudecken. Drei von fünf Produkten, die ich benutzt habe, decken ab. Der helle Farbton der Schminke ist im Sommer für mich nicht ganz ideal, da ich im Gesicht recht braun werde. Den Open up Stift für unter die Augen habe ich noch nicht so lange, aber ich liebe ihn total! Es gibt ihn in hellblau oder rosa und beide Farben passen sich der Haut sehr gut an. Dazu brauche ich einen concealer von Shiseido, der auch sehr zuverlässig ist. Um mir etwas Frische zu geben, gibts natürlich immer rouge. Am liebsten habe ich das flüssige Benetint rouge von Benefit. Ich brauche es seit Jahren und das dritte Fläschen ist fast fertig. Man kann es für Wangen und Lippen benutzen und ich finde, es lässt sich gut einarbeiten und hält auch dementsprechend lange.

I had just got up when I decided to put on makeup for the challenge. The main focus of my makeup routine obviously lies on concealing dark circles and blemishes. Three of five products provide the desired covering. It’s a bit difficult to use the brightest shades of makeup also during summer when my face gets tanned but here we go.. The “Open up” crayon for underneath the eyes is still new in my collection but I already love it so much. There is a light blue and pink version of it and both shades adapt perfectly to the skin’s tone. Futhermore I used a Shiseido concealer that is very reliable. To make me look even a little bit awake and fresh there’s always rouge. I prefer the liquid Benetint rouge from Benefit. I used it for ages and the third flask is almost empty now. You can use it for lips and cheeks, it’s easy to work in and lasts very long. It’s also not possible to remove it just with water..

So sieht also mein Gesicht nach dem Schminken mit fünf Produkten aus. Nicht wirklich anders als sonst oder? Der einzige Unterschied zu meinem üblichen Makeup ist, dass ich noch etwas Benetint auf die Lippen aufgetragen habe. Die Schminke ist aber ohne Pinsel viel fleckiger und ich glaube, ich habe auch deutlich mehr davon gebraucht. Mit einem gereinigten Gesicht und etwas mehr Geduld kann man bestimmt bessere Resultate erzielen.
Die Fotos sind alle etwas unterschiedlich, da meine Lumix mitten drin beschlossen hat auszusteigen, sodass ich für andere Bilder mit der handy cam weiter machen musste.
Wenn ihr bei der Five Products challenge mitmachen wollt könnt, ihr gerne den Banner oben benutzen! Ich würde mich echt freuen euer five products face zu sehen.

So that’s how my 5 products face looks like. Pretty much the same as always? The only difference is that I put some Benetint on my lips. Applying makeup without brushes results in a more blotchy surface than with brushes and I think I also used much more product. But with a prepared and clean face and a little bit more patience you can get better results than this.
The photos are all a bit different because my Lumix decided to stop working so I had to continue with my phone cam.
Please feel free to tag yourself and to use the banner. I would love to see your five products face!


The Season of the Witch

The Season of the Witch
Hi there Pumpkins! :etone:
It’s Saturday and I’m finally able to write an entry! :jupp: Friday morning I had to get up at 6am (compared to other students who have to get up at 4am it’s nothing but still..) and after a funny tram ride with two classmates and other people I almost got out at the wrong station and as I arrived at the university ad after six weeks I still enter the wrong class room… Anyway, I hope my classmates don’t think strange things about me but I’m afraid it’s already too late and that they’ve already labeled me as weirdo. :bang:
The good thing about Friday is that after the two lessons from 8am to 10am the next two days are freedom! Or at least I pretend it’s freedom but actually uni makes it almsot impossible to relaxe even for one single day. So what’s exactly the point of this entry? Well actually I had in mind to show you the pics of the Japan Matsuri but I haven’t been through all the pictures yet and you know how meticulously I choose my pictures so please be patiet with me! :arigatou:

Sugar Skull Makeup

I’ve never been good at posting themed Bento or entries at the right time and as last year I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a Halloween Bento in time although I really really would like to… I don’t know why but somehow Halloween is kind of important to me maybe because it’s a spooky, funny, cosy and yummy time of the year. Pumpkins, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and lots of delicious things to eat are totally what I love. :totorosmile:
Nevertheless I never really understood if it’s custom to dress up spooky or just funny. Is it that adults dress up Western union money order funny and children spooky? Shoutout to all US Americans: Please enlighten me!!! :bling:
A makeup look I would definitely love to try is the sugar skull makeup above. I like it because it’s creepy but beautiful nevertheless and the many colors and different styles make every face look so individual! I have no Halloween party to attend this year but looking at inspirational and breathtaking makeup is still fun.

Broken Doll Makeup

The broken doll theme is pretty stunning too I think but it sure looks frightening with the huge eyes and eyelashes.. the heart-shaped lips are cute though! :klimper: I tried this look last year and I loved it but this year I would definitely go for the sugar skull makeup.

Gothic Beauty Makeup

Gothic Halloween makeup is elegant but sooo dramatic and I think it looks awesome!

So what are your plans for Halloween this year? Do you dress up funny and strange or creepy?