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Hey there my froggy friends! :hello:
Good news! I got a call saying that my work trial went well and that I’m part of the team now! Working part-time at Mc Donalds makes me realize how important sleep is and how luxurious my free time life was until recently. I’m experiencing phenomena such as tense shoulders, hurting feet and my body feels actually exhausted after eight hours of standing. That’s totally normal but makes me crave sleep so much that I actually started taking naps so instead of blogging I grab my fluffly, red blanket and sleep on the couch that is even more comfortable than the bed.
Enough said, today’s lazy post is all about hands and creams. Well simply hand creams. I’ve never been an avid hand cream nor body lotion user but as you get older you suddenly notice that there’s a reason why people invented creams. To protect your skin from getting older by maintaining elasticity and moisture. I hate touching things with sticky hands, especially when I’m in public transport I don’t like to have cream on my hands because the bacteria that are on everything you touch, will stick to your hands a thousand times better than without cream.


But most people like to carry at least one hand cream in their bag and apply it whenever and wherever they are. My hands or nails are often quite dirty (I seriously don’t know why… :nope: ) so it’s a really gross feeling to put on the cream on already sticky hands and I truly admire all the people out there who manage to keep their nails and hands clean and neat like all the time.


I bought this cream along with many other things in a store called Cosmika (I think) in Fukuoka. Their selection was great and I stayed for a whole our trying cleansing oils, hand creams and makeup while Silvan was reading BANZAI (the manga preview magazine). The ladies were super nice and even gave me some samples of shampoo and other things. Besides the green Frogtime hand cream there were also two other versions in different colors but the green scented so good that I had to pick that one.

Foto 03.02.14 17 59 39

Are you a frequent hand cream user? I have some more cute ones but somehow I can’t find the pics I took with my phone and today the light is very gloomy so no pictures! :snif:
I don’t think I my aversion for sticky skin will leave any time soon but putting on something after I took a long bath is really a must. It’s the only chance I get to use up all the luscious body, feet and hand creams I got!
For the next entry I planned to itroduce you to my new real wooden bento box from Fukuoka!
Also, Valetine’s day is coming closer and opposed to the usual indifference towards this matter, this year I would like to do something special for my love… We’ll see! :bling:


Sleepy Forest Bento~

Sleepy Forest Bento~
Well, look what the cat dragged in… :nekopaw:
It’s a Bento! Am I making too little of these? Having school only in the afternoon makes it kind of unnecessary to bring something along. But maybe I will have more opportunities to do so when I start with university in September. :jupp:

I called this Bento sleepy forest because the two Onigiri seem to have fallen asleep between magical mushrooms.:twinkles:

Yesterday I updated my tmblr account and now I’m totally addicted to it! I actually have two accounts, one with things I enjoy or find interesting and the other one is only for Bento inspirations. I’ve seen so many beautiful Bento that I had to do one myself today. Well actually there may be an other more calculating reason fo this sudden creation. :etone:
Tomorrow we’re heading to sunny Portugal :tanoshii: and I won’t be able to update until the 18th of June.. and since I know that many of my readers like Bento I just couldn’t leave without making one first. I know I should be posting more Bento but it takes quite some time and more importantly, a lot of patience preparing them! :miam:

As usual, the most nerve-recking part was appplying the tiny, sticky grains of rice as eyes for the octopus sausages with the even tinier sesame seeds… If the rice has already dried, the seeds won’t stick on the surface and so on.. I can’t imagine how my Bento will look at the end and the ideas come with the process. Of course you can avoid all these time consuming tasks if you plan your Obento first. :bang:
The two powdered, brown things next to the strawberries are Taro Mochi. They taste sooooo good! The rest of the Bento ingredients are pretty unspectacular. Two plain Onigiri and Inari Zushi. It’s been ages since I had Inari Zushi and I had totally forgotten how delicious they are. They’re done so quickly and you can fill them with so much rice but they still taste sweet and unbelievably tasty! :totorosmile:
Then there is Tamagoyaki filled with green beans and a little pickled ginger and a green bean salad with white sesame seeds topped with Shiitake.

I still need to do some packing so I’m leaving you! If you care to check out my tumblr accounts, feel free to visit NEKONEKO & NEKOCHAN NO BENTOLAND (stupid name, I know.. still need to change that :jupp: ). If you have a tumblr account too, please leave me your link in a comment! I love to look at countless, beautiful and inspiring images and I will gladly follow you :on:
I also still have images of Moscow I haven’t showed you yet but I promise that I will catch up on that after my stay in Portugal! Have an exciting weekend & week everyone!


Easter Bunny Bento~

Easter Bunny Bento~
Hello there! :hello:
I’m in Lausanne for the Polymanga Convention right now but this morning I made an easter Bento! allhealthanswers.net We ate it for lunch in the car.. :tongue: It was the first time I’ve cooked and eaten quail eggs! They’re so tiny and cute and every single egg has a different pattern on the shell. I’ve read that every bird makes its own pattern.

In the upper tire there’s a Soba bird’s nest with soy sauce, Ponzu (a citrus-based sauce), radishes, cress and three little quail eggs, some cottage cheese and a fruity dessert with banana and strawberries. Soba are Japanese buckwheat noodles that I like very much. In the other tire I made a bed of rocket and added salmon, cucumber and a little radish. And last but not least, there are the two plain Onigiri bunnies.

So that’s it for now! I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow.. :iida: I didn’t even had the time to try on my cosplay costume. In fact it isn’t a cosplay costume but just a school uniform. But since I don’t want to wear the same outfit twice I’ll make some changes! Oh and I got a new cam!! It’s unbelievable!! a LUMIX G1! These are probably the last pics you are going to see with my good, old Nikon D70. Last year it flew over two meters and landed on the hard floor but it still worked! I will take good care of the new one though! :totorosmile: Wish me luck!! I’m so excited for tomorrow! There are going to be so many people and I’ll need to speak french! :ohnoo:

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone & Happy Easter!


PS: to take a look at last year’s easter bento click here! hehe it’s quite different, isn’t it? :youreweird: