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Shibuya 109 – Gyaru paradise

Shibuya 109 – Gyaru paradise
Hey there pumpkins!
Christmas is over and I’m finally taking some time to update you with the promised post about Shibuya 109. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday with lots of yummy treats and love. I spent the last few days with the family and um.. so much food!

Shibuya 109 (ichi-maru-kyu) is a cylincrid-shaped department store located at the famous crossroads of Shibuya. It exclusively has stores for women but there’s the counterpart to it for men’s clothing on the other side of the street. The makeup department was pretty cool but then again, every makeup store is awesome in Japan. The clothing departments on the other hand were not my style. Like totally not mine at all but I enjoyed strolling around that spiral of small and crazy stores with the very flashy and almost plastic looking staff.

Although I didn’t see a lot of things I would personally wear, it was fun getting a look at so many different gyaru styles. The clothes range from girly to elegant and even punk. I’m not exactly sure what age range the shops are addressed to but in Japan it’s difficult to tell how old people are and I think that there are also many women in their thirties who come here to shop. I doubt that many tourists actually buy clothes here but there were also many cute items, makeup and a yummy bubble tea shop which I definitely enjoyed a lot. :bling:

You aren’t really allowed to take pictures but the staff didn’t care too much and even if they did, most of them wouldn’t want to come to you and speak English. But they were all super nice and in awe of my modest Japanese skills. The store which I enjoyed the most and even got a few things from was the LDS (love drug store). Plushie cat handbags, unicorn sneakers and capes, they had everything I hoped to see and even more.

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Walking on eggshells

Walking on eggshells
Hello there Sweethearts!
Two days ago it finally rained! … it was incredibly hot these days and the cooling down was nice but the next heat wave is already here. I’m still waiting for my bf to finish his paper so we can go on vacation together but then again, August isn’t exactly the best month to go on holiday so maybe we should wait until the end of August.
Last thursday was one of these crazy hot days too and when we finally found the right location to take pictures of the outfit, it was already noon and the sun on its peak.

Hallo ihr Süssen!
Vor zwei Tagen hats endlich geregnet! … es war echt unausstehlich heiss die letzten Tage und die Abkühlung hat gut getan, aber die nächste Hitzewelle ist schon wieder hier. Ich warte noch darauf, dass mein Freund seine Seminararbeit abgibt, damit wir zusammen in die Ferien fahren können, aber August ist wirklich nicht der beste Monat um zu verreisen, also bin ich mir noch gar nicht sicher, ob wir vielleicht nicht bis Ende August warten sollten.
Letzten Donnerstag war es auch wieder einer dieser sehr heissen Tage und als wir die richtige location gefunden hatten, um Bilder vom outfit zu machen, war es auch schon Mittagszeit und die Sonne auf dem Höchststand.

If you’ve been following this blog for some time you may know that I love taking pictures in rundown locations and that I feel much more comfortable taking pictures there than in public places. I actually had in mind to take the outfit shots in one of the many beautiful parks but I can’t stand the uproar and glances of people walking by, so since I love contrasty pictures, I chose the messed up factory side rather than the green public parks. As mentioned above, it was hot as hell and the light hard but I couldn’t stay in that outfit and makeup any longer so we decided to get it over with and started taking pictures.

Wer diesen Blog schon seit längerem verfolgt, weiss, dass ich alte Fabrikgelände liebe und mich dort viel ungestörter fühle als in der Öffentlichkeit. Eigentlich hatte ich vor, passend zum outfit, in einem der vielen wunderschönen Pärke zu shooten, aber das Aufsehen und die Blicke wären mir einfach zu nervig gewesen. Ausserdem finde ich es immer schön, möglichst kontrastreiche Bilder zu haben, weshalb ich eine vollgesprayte und heruntergekommene Fabrik einem grünen Park bevorzuge. Wie schon gesagt, es war heiss und das Licht etwas hart, aber ich konnte unmöglich noch länger in dem outfit sein, also beschlossen wir, es schnell hinter uns zu bringen.

Although I’ve already been to several conventions, I’ve never had such an elaborate outfit and makeup. The wig and the dotted apron were a lucky strike and I would never have gone to the Yooji’s even if it wasn’t for these two crucial pieces. Laurita gave me the apron and the awwwdorable Totoro bag shortly before her departure and so many people have already asked me about the bag! Thanks Lauritachan and also a big Thank you to Silwi from the Blackpearl in Zurich who fixed the wig and the false lashes for the event. The wig is from Plastikhaar and is rentable at Swilwi’s Blackpearl hair saloon.

Obwohl ich schon an mehreren conventions war, hatte ich nie ein so aufwendiges outfit und makeup an. Die Perücke und die gepunktete Schürze waren ein absoluter Glückstreffer, hätte ich diese beiden Teile nicht gehabt, wäre ich nicht an den Yooji’s event gegangen. Laurita hatte mir die Schürze und auch die unglaublich niedlich Totoro Tasche kurz vor ihrer Abreise geschenkt und ich wurde schon so oft auf die Tasche angesprochen! Danke Lauritachan und vielen Dank auch an Silwi vom Blackpearl in Zürich, die mir die Perücke und die Wimpern so gut fixiert hat! Die Perücke ist übrigens von Plastikhaar und bei Silwi im Blackpearl ausleihbar.

So that’s it with the whole Yooji’s thing! What do you guys want to see next? I was thinking about doing something with the pickled sakura flowers I made back in April and to somehow incorporate them in a bento or traditional Japanese dessert. But there are also a lot of instagram pics I would like to show you..
Also, today is Swiss national day! I actually didn’t even want to bbq but when everyone (or at least my quarter) is celebrating and has little flags outside their windows I almsot feel under pressure.. so tonight is BBQ night!

Das wars mit der ganzen Yooji’s Sache! Was wollt ihr als nächstes sehen? Ich wollte schon lange mal die eingelegten Sakurablüten ausprobieren und sie in einem japanischen Dessert oder bento integrieren. Aber ich hab auch noch viele instagram Fotos, die ich euch gerne zeige möchte..
Heute ist Nationalfeiertag der Schweiz! Eigentlich wollte ich gar nicht grillen, aber irgendwie steht man so unter Druck, wenn die ganze Nation (oder zumindest die Nachbarschaft) am feiern ist und Fähnchen aufhängt. Also gibts heut Abend doch noch eine Grill.


Kota Koti~ a living doll

Kota Koti~ a living doll
I’ve never heard of her until two days ago but it seems as if the whole Asian region is raving about her. The first thing people think is: “she can’t be real” but I can assure you that she definitely is. I totally love her style and her makeup and photoshop skills are truly fantastic! I think she’s cute also without the huge-eyes makeup and all that but she totally rocks the doll style which I love… :klimper:

a doll with a twist as you can see.. she has two piercing?! :oh:

Ok, so I know this is not everyone’s taste but you have to admit that she’s pretty good in what she does! .. namely, looking like a doll!

Her real name is Dakota Rose Ostrenga and she lives in Florida. There’s not much information about her and most of it is from Spanish sites but here it is:
She’s 16 years old and has an older sister named Kirsten Leigh (20) alias Kiki Kannibal. Kiki Kannibal became known as an Internet celebrity in the US some years ago after publishing pictures of herself on the internet and being featured in the Rolling Stone of last year. She and her sister Dakota have caused quite an uproar in the US and even had to move to an other place when people started threatening them.. :ohnoo:
I wonder what scandalous things they did to earn so many haters!? There are some pretty pupertal and stupid videos on youtube of the two sister speaking bad about other people but it’s a little infantile to threaten and hate them because of that I think!!?

Kota Koti is getting famous for her YouTube videos featuring hair tutorials and outfits while looking like a real life doll.. No wonder that Japan is showing huge interest in her! Earlier this month, she made her debut on Japanese TV, which showed one of her cute YouTube videos and a Japanese talent agency even signed her. Her pictures are currently appearing in magazines in China, South Korea and Japan. According to Japanese blogs however, she’s going to pursue a career in Japan. As she says in interviews with the Japanese media, she has had an interest in Japans since her childhood and also speaks fluently Japanese. :bling: (..at least that’s what she says..)

She’s wearing a lot of different Vivienne Westwood cardigans in her pictures and many of her hair styles feature the Harajuku eyball bow :blinkheart:

She has changed a lot, don’t you think? I don’t know if she had surgery or whatever but in my opinion she’s just very skilled with makeup and photoshop. People though keep saying that she had a nose job..
So what do you think of her? Sure it’s kind of screwed up but I love it when the character of a person doesn’t match the look.. haha :ghihi:


PS: her blog: Kotakoti.com