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A typical day in urban Japan

A typical day in urban Japan
Hey there Everyone! :rabukuma:
Maybe it’s because we usually didn’t stay longer than four days in the same place but there wasn’t a typical day or routine during the two months we stayed in Japan. When we were staying in the larger cities though, we enjoyed the usual things you do if you want to live an urban Japanese lifestyle.

Asagohan – Let’s start the day with a hearty breakfast!
I’m totally a breakfast person and while in Japan, I was able to pretty much eat everything I wanted because we walked over long distances and needed lots of energy to survive the day.
Rice with pickles, miso soup and a slice of fish is the traditional Japanese meal in the morning and I couldn’t complain about that because I like eating “normal” food you would also maybe eat for lunch or dinner in the morning better than sweet cornflakes or yoghurt and so on. You could also go to a Konbini (convenience store) that is open 24h a day and grab a tasty onigiri or other packed meals or get a pan (bread) in one of the many fancy boulangeries and cafés.

1. French toast with a salmon salad 2. Onigiri at a Konbini 3. Sticky, smelly natto (fermented soy beans) – I love it :3 4. Tasty mackerel

Go with the flow – Don’t plan everything!
Many tourists have a strict plan to which they stick and I’m sure that’s a reasonable thing to do if you have a limited amount of time but it’s easy to miss out the “real Japanese” experiences if you only travel by guide book. Taking a group bus and go to places where there are countless other annoying tourists is not exactly the ultimate thing to remember. At least for me it isn’t. You don’t need to search for the “Japanese” in Japan, it will automatically happen all around you. Of course it’s nice to visit the famous landmarks and in Kyoto for example it’s impossible to escape the tourists crowd but leave enough space for improvisation and coincidence and you will feel a little more adventurous.

1. Oishii Kirin milk tea with cute Disney characters 2. Drink milk! 3.How about a relaxing massage? From cats for cats. 4. Anime girl.. awwww

Japanese girls know KAWAII the best – take Purikura!
In every amusement arcade (and there’s lots of them) you will find several floors with many different kinds of video games and on the top floor there’s usually purikura photo booths with lots of dressed up school girls and only very few guys. In fact in some purikura places it’s even forbidden to take purikura with the same gender if they’re male! :ohnoo: There always has to be at least one girl with them.
The machines have changed quite a lot since the last time I was in Japan. If you look closely you will see that there’s pics where my legs look unnaturally thin and long, this is definitely new to me and super scary!! The same applies to the huge manga eyes and flawless skin. It’s possible to decide how strong the effects should be but the least edited looks still unreal to me. Anyway, who doesn’t like huge eyes and flawless skin for a change?

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Oh Japan Lover Me!

Oh Japan Lover Me!
Ok, so Japan Lover Me is probably the cutest website I’ve ever come across in the whole world wide web. Their site is structured like a Bento (Japanese lunchbox) with different compartments and is like the pinnacle ok kawaiiness! I must admit that first I was a little overwhelmed by all the colors and figures and blingbling but what I found out is, that it’s a collaboration between three young and talented artists, each located in an other country with a huge passion and dedication for Japan. Their goal is to share their love for Japan.

Japan Lover Me ist wahrscheinlich die süsseste website der ich je im ganzen world wide web begegnet bin. Ihre Seite is wie ein Bento (japanische Lunchbox) in verschiedenen Abteile unterteilt und sozusagen der Inbegriff von “kawaiiness”, Niedlichkeit. Ich muss zuegeben dass ich am Anfang noch etwas überwältigt war von all den Farben, Figuren und dem Blingbling aber soweit ich verstehe, ist die Zusammenarbeit dreier sehr begabter Künstlerinnen die alle in einem anderen Land wohnen und eine grosse Leidenschaft und Hingabe zu Japan haben. Ihr Ziel ist es, ihre Liebe für Japan zu teilen.

By clicking on the different Kokeshi dolls labeled with “Kawaii”, “Cool” and “Otaku” you gain access to their blogs with different Japan related topics. The three artists :hoshi: Kaila, :bling: Chichi and :flyusagi: Mishiewishie are located in Japan, the Philippines and the United States and there’s a lot of drop dead cute illustrations on their sites but also tutorials, collaborations, presentations and contests and they’re always looking for people who would like to contribute something to their site and share their enthusiasm for Japan. Enough said.. Just look for youselves!

Wenn man auf die verschiedenen Kokeshi Puppen die mit “Kawaii”, “Cool” and “Otaku” gekennzeichnet sind, klickt, gelangt man auf ihre blogs mit verschiedenen Japan Themen. Die drei Künstlerinnen Kaila, Chichi und Mishiewishie leben in Japan, den Filippinen und den USA und man findet unglaublich viele, niedliche Illustrationen auf ihren Seiten aber auch tutorials, Kollaborationen, Präsentationen und Wettbewerbe und sie suchen auch immer nach Leuten die etwas zur Seite beitragen und ihren Enthusiasmus für Japan teilen wollen. Genug gesagt.. schaut selbst!

Kawaii, Cool & Otaku Japan

Are you still with me or has all this cuteness killed you? Because ther’s still the cherry on top
the Japan Lover’s Bento maker :bang:

Seid ihr noch dran oder hat euch die ganze cuteness schon gekillt? Das Beste kommt noch..
der Japan Lover’s Bento maker!!!

You can imagine my face when I saw that you can create your own Bento online by choosing between the cutest and most traditional Bento ingredients such as sausage squids, onigiri, shiitake mushrooms and many more. Which one of my creations do you like the best? I think i would go with the bottom left one..

Ihr könnt euch mein Gesicht vorstelleb, als ich gesehen habe, dass man da sein eigene online Bento zusammenstellen kann. Zur Auswahl stehen verschieden, typisch japanische Zutaten wie Würstchen, shiitake pilze, onigiri und noch viel mehr. Welche meiner Kreationen mögt ihr am besten? Ich glaube ich würde mich für das Bento links unten entscheiden..


Klee and Japan

Klee and Japan
Hello there Sweeties! :hirabbit:
I’ve been wanting to blog the whole time but my week was very hectic and adventurous! Last weekend I visited the Klee Museum in Bern to see the exhibition Paul Klee and the Far East and I enjoyed it very much. And this week, last week I had the chance to visit a really exclusive collection of antique European textiles and Japanese propaganda textiles, especially Kimono. The collector’s house was beautiful and the view was amazing and down in the basement he had rooms full of breath-taking textiles and dresses and we were even allowed to touch them! But I’m going to tell you more about this special excursion in a later entry…

The Paul Klee museum practically consists of two hills or waves and looks pretty cool with all the green landscape in the background. I like Klee’s art and apparently Japan loves him too. He influenced Japanese artists, writers, musicians and even architects. Some of his works show inspirations of different Japanese artists such as Hokusai oder Sharaku and I could clearly see that in his awfully cute and mangaesque fish drawings that remind me a lot of Hokusai’s prints and sketches.

These are art works of a Japanese artist inspired by Paul Klee.

Downstairs there was a large hall where you could try out different things such as Japanese calligraphy and there were many children too. In fact I think it was thought for children but I just had to give it a try too… :nope: I was totally fascinated with Buddha boards – “Based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind – ready to create a whole new masterpiece. source and that’s exactly how it works. Nevertheless I like writing with real ink much more.. :miam:

Paul Klee museum

I totally lost track of time and in the end we didn’t make it to the Qin exhibition. At least I was able to take some pictures of the inside of the museum that had some stunning deco!

I hope you guys had a good weekend! I spent mine in the countryside with lots of sun, hard work and food~
I don’t know when I’ll be back to posting because there’s the final exams approaching and as ususal I have some ‘last moment studying’ to do.. But I do have some Bento lined up and ready to be published so if I find the time, I would love to show them to you~ :raburabu:

Take care and see you soon!