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Uni-bento & life

Uni-bento & life
Hello :nekopaw:
How was your weekend? Mine was quite tiring and I can’t believe that it’s already over. :ohno: The good thing is that my classes start only at noon. The East Asian history of art classes take place in the “Villa Schönberg“, a historic bakestone house build in 1886 that is located in the Rietpark, on a site of 17 acres. The Museum situated in the same park hosts the only art collection of non-European cultures in Switzerland. It’s quite nice walking to university in such a surrounding and a good change to the crowded main university building where I have my Japanese classes for example.

Villa Schönberg in Zurich

Institute for Art History

My humble attempts at Hiragana (平仮名).. ‘ka’ and ‘ko’ are so difficult!

The disadvantage of having classes in such a building is that the rooms are comparatively small so if you want to have a place at a table you have to be there really early.. Even if my main subject is history of art I feel like I have to do much more for my Japanese classes. That’s somehow logical since I not only have to learn the language but also about the history of this country. Whereas the language is definitely the tougher part. But it’s great how the classes necessarily correlate with each other. I’m a little scared of the huge amount of reading material though. :jupp:
On wednesday I brought along a Bento and ate it between the Japanese classes. For the first time I didn’t feel completely out of place while doing so!

The content was really simple but tasty and Silvankun & I devoured it in 10 mintues. We’re not in the same classes but often in the same building so we can have lunch together. :aiyo: I’m definitely going to make Bento more often since it’s way too expensive to eat there and I’m completely broke at the moment.

Although uni is much more intense than school and I feel like my life is going to be less varied than before… But I’ll try to keep you up to date as often as possible and can’t wait to share some autumnal inspiration with you guys~


Fukuro Bento

Fukuro Bento
Hi there! :hionigiri:
I called it owl Bento but actually they turned out looking more like hybrids between penguins and owls.. I hope that when I start with university in mid september I can do more bento again!

I was so happy today when I walked into the Japanese grocery store (Nishi) and saw that they had Narutomaki (なると巻き)! Narutomaki is that cute pink & white spiral made of Kamaboko (processed seafood) that is often seen swimming around in Ramen bowls. I avoid going to the Japanese grocery store too frequently because I always end up buying way too many things but this time I restrained myself and only bought rice, Narutomaki, Edamame, Renkon (lotus root) and Takuan (pickled radish). :bling:
The idea of making a Bento with owls came to me shortly before falling asleep… Some time ago I had seen pictures of Bento with penguins and I liked them a lot so I wanted to do one myself but suddenly my head started evolving the penguins to owls. So I gave it a try but as usual it’s far away from what I had in mind. :ghihi:

In the upper container there’s fried fish with mayonnaise, parsley & lemon and Taromochi with prune as dessert. The other one is filled with rice.. Inarizushi tastes always sooo good! I decorated the sweet tofu pouches with some corn, radish and parsley and set the owlpenguins on a bed of rocket, renkon & radish (wow, what awesome alliteration :nope: ..). It’s important to me that a Bento contains at least a fewtraditionalingredients. This time it’s the yellow pickled radish (Takuan) and Narutomaki!

I’ll be off to Italy for the next days but I’m going to take pictures of yummy Italian food and beautiful things to share with you cuties~ We have lots of vegetables that need to be harvested and after that I’ll grant myself some days at the sea. :klimper:
Enjoy the weekend! :rabukuma:


Sleepy Forest Bento~

Sleepy Forest Bento~
Well, look what the cat dragged in… :nekopaw:
It’s a Bento! Am I making too little of these? Having school only in the afternoon makes it kind of unnecessary to bring something along. But maybe I will have more opportunities to do so when I start with university in September. :jupp:

I called this Bento sleepy forest because the two Onigiri seem to have fallen asleep between magical mushrooms.:twinkles:

Yesterday I updated my tmblr account and now I’m totally addicted to it! I actually have two accounts, one with things I enjoy or find interesting and the other one is only for Bento inspirations. I’ve seen so many beautiful Bento that I had to do one myself today. Well actually there may be an other more calculating reason fo this sudden creation. :etone:
Tomorrow we’re heading to sunny Portugal :tanoshii: and I won’t be able to update until the 18th of June.. and since I know that many of my readers like Bento I just couldn’t leave without making one first. I know I should be posting more Bento but it takes quite some time and more importantly, a lot of patience preparing them! :miam:

As usual, the most nerve-recking part was appplying the tiny, sticky grains of rice as eyes for the octopus sausages with the even tinier sesame seeds… If the rice has already dried, the seeds won’t stick on the surface and so on.. I can’t imagine how my Bento will look at the end and the ideas come with the process. Of course you can avoid all these time consuming tasks if you plan your Obento first. :bang:
The two powdered, brown things next to the strawberries are Taro Mochi. They taste sooooo good! The rest of the Bento ingredients are pretty unspectacular. Two plain Onigiri and Inari Zushi. It’s been ages since I had Inari Zushi and I had totally forgotten how delicious they are. They’re done so quickly and you can fill them with so much rice but they still taste sweet and unbelievably tasty! :totorosmile:
Then there is Tamagoyaki filled with green beans and a little pickled ginger and a green bean salad with white sesame seeds topped with Shiitake.

I still need to do some packing so I’m leaving you! If you care to check out my tumblr accounts, feel free to visit NEKONEKO & NEKOCHAN NO BENTOLAND (stupid name, I know.. still need to change that :jupp: ). If you have a tumblr account too, please leave me your link in a comment! I love to look at countless, beautiful and inspiring images and I will gladly follow you :on:
I also still have images of Moscow I haven’t showed you yet but I promise that I will catch up on that after my stay in Portugal! Have an exciting weekend & week everyone!