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Salopette ma divette

Salopette ma divette
Hey Beauties! :miam:
Today it’s all about fashion. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably noticed my love for denim overalls (I prefer the term salopette though). As a child growing up in the ’90s, I used to wear salopettes a lot and if it wasn’t for that, it wouldn’t be so easy for me to wear them now.

What I like about salopettettes is that you can combine them with about anything and achieve such different looks. But it’s basically a very boyish look and that’s what I like best about it. It doesn’t matter if you wear them sporty with a simple shirt and sneakers or with chunky statement necklaces and high heels for a more refined look it’s just as Dana from Fashion Tag :sprout: wrote:
The main trait of the 2013 Denim Overall is its millions of styles (sure the BF look is the hit, but one can do so many more others and get away with it). And I think that’s where she’s absolutely right!
I’m not the kind of girl who likes to wear unpractically elaborated outfits but with a denim overall I can get dressed in less than five minutes and have a totally different style everyday if I want.

I tried to compile sets with some of the denim overall looks I found on the web. There’s the bf, girly, French and chic style. Which one do you like the most? I must admit that for me it’s impossible to decide – I like them all. Most of the time I probably wear a girly kind of style with a cute shirt or accessoires but no high heels because I think that high heels ruin the boyish touch and give the whole outfit something slightly fake. I mean c’mon, a denim overall is originally workwear and have you ever seen a farm worker on heels? Just saying..

Did you use to wear denim overalls in the ’90s and do you still do? I think people are sometimes afraid of wearing overalls because they think it makes them look fat and and clumsy but there’s the right type of salopette for everyone. I just ordered two of them at from asos (I’m wearing one of them in the picture below) and they both fit nicely I think. Do you own a denim overall?!

Today it’s rainy and I’m up sice 6am and have already blogged, what should I do now?! I’m so not motivated enough to pack my stuff and go on holiday.. I can’t wait for fall and new adventures. So bored right now! But I’m sure this will change as soon as I’ll have my job. :jupp:


Hallo Ihr Süssen! :jumpingrabbit:
Heute gehts mal wieder um fashion. Wer mir auf instagram folgt, hat wahrscheinlich mitbekommen, dass ich ein ziemlicher Latzhosenfreund bin. Hätte ich nicht schon als Kind oft Latzhosen angehabt, würde es mir aber wahrscheinlich schwerer fallen, diese lustigen Hosen anzuziehen.
Was ich an Latzhosen so mag, ist, dass man sie so unterschiedlich kombinieren und damit ganz andere looks erzielen kann. Aber im Grunde genommen ist es in jungenhaftes outfit und das ist, was ich daran am meisten mag. Es kommt nicht darauf an, ob man sie sportlich, mit Turnschuhen und einem shirt anzieht oder mit statement Ketten und high heels, es ist genau wie Dana von Fashion Tag schreibt:
Die Haupteigenschaft der 2013 Denim Overalls sind die Millionen von styles (klar, der bf look ist der Hit, aber man kann so viele andere machen und damit davonkommen). Und ich denke, dass sie absolut Recht hat damit!
Ich bin nicht der Typ, der gerne unglaublich ausgearbeitete und unpraktische outfits trägt, aber mit einer Latzhose bin ich in weniger als fünf Minuten angezogen und kann jeden Tag einen anderen look ausprobieren.
Ich hab versucht, die verschiedenen looks, die ich online gefunden habe, zusammenzustellen und habe folgende ausgesucht: den boyfriend, girly, french und chic look. Welches outfit oder welchen look mögt ihr am besten? Ich muss zugeben, dass ich mich fast nicht entscheiden kann, ich mage sie alle! Meistens trage ich aber einen süssen look mit Ballerinas und accessoires aber nie high heels, weil ich denke, dass es den jungenhaften touch ruiniert und dem ganzen outfit etwas unglaubwürdiges gibt. Ich meine, Latzhosen sind schliesslich Arbeitskleidung und habt ihr jemals einen Bauern auf Absätzen gesehen?
Seid ihr auch in den 90ern gross geworden und habt Latzhosen getragen und trägt ihr immer noch welche? Ich denke, dass sich viele vor Latzhosen fürchten, weil sie glauben, dass sie darin fett und unförmig aussehen, aber ich denke, dass es für jeden die richtige Latzhose gibt. Ich habe gerade zwei bei asos bestellt (die, die ich Bild unten anhabe) und ich finde, dass sie beide nett aussehen. Habt ihr auch eine Latzhose?!
Heute regnets und ich bin seit sechs Uhr wach und habe schon geschrieben.. was soll ich jetzt tun? Ich bin nicht motiviert genug, meinen Koffer zu packen um in die Ferien zu gehen. Ich kanns kaum abwarten bis es Herbst wird. Es ist so langweilig im Moment!! Aber ich bin sicher, dass sich das mit nem Job ändern wird.

Le Bunny Bleu

Le Bunny Bleu
Hey there Bunnies!
Today’s post is about one of the cutest shoe brands I’ve ever seen!
“The blue bunny”

I hadn’t heard nor read about this brand until recently but I immediatley fell in love with their style. They describe themselves as “New York cool with a European twist” or also “Romantic vintage”.

They’re all totally adorable, don’t you think? But the bunny flats are my favourite! I like how there’s the bunny from their logo on almost all of their shoes. It’s simple yet so cute! The down side of pastel flats is that they quickly get dirty and that’s a real bummer for me because I don’t like to pay attantion… Anyway, they’re so perfect for spring and summer but I guess I’ll wait for the actual S/S 2013 collection.

The ones with the metal bunny look a lot like Tory Burch flats but the bunny is so much more whimsical. :tanoshii: It’s still kind of stylish and clean because the bunny is geometric and not too babyish.
Apparently the brand is kind of popural in in Korea, Japan and China and I’ve seen many Asian girls on the internet, wearing them. But I keep asking myself why they’re not as popular in Europe!?
They have different stores in East Asia and in the US but only one in Europe and it’s located in the UK. (lucky ladies :on: ) Of course you can still shop online and I think they ship worldwide.

I dont wear a lot of heels so I didn’t miss them while browsing their website. If they designed a pair of cute bunny heels though, I would obviously love them. :klimper: So… what do you think, do you like them? I posted only pictures of their F/W 2013 collection but there are many more styles.

Check out their website here: Le Bunnys :jumpingrabbit:


A cat can dream~

A cat can dream~
Hello there dear readers! :iida:

My exams are over and I’m so happy! Of course I don’t have the results yet but I’m glad that it’s over anyway. :ballerina:
Actually there’s one more exam on monday but since it’s art, nobody takes it seriously.. I’ll try my best though! After that, Silvankun and I are going to eat Sushi! :miam: I’m so looking forward to it!
As I wrote in my previous entries, I have so many things to share with you and I don’t even know where to begin. We’re planning a trip to Moscow in April and I’m really excited! I’ve never been to Russia but I’ve always wanted to go! In January I got my first Graphics tablet and I can’t wait to show you my doodles! Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to try it out yet..(expect for a few scrawly smilies..). :ainoonigiri: I’ve also been tagged by the lovely Nic nic :swirlheart: from Bangbang She Shoots and I’ll definitely do the Top Ten tag. It’s quite some time since my last beauty post and I have many products I would like to share with you! I’ve totally fallen in love with Kanebo’s Sensai line! But first things first. Winter vanished as sudden as it appeared and honestly, I’m happy! I didn’t see much snow this year but it was cold nevertheless. There’s still the possibility to go snowboarding for a few days though and depending on the weather forecast I might go! But here in the city all the snow has gone and the weather is quite mild. Useless to say that I’m looking forward to spring and (almost) everything that comes with it! So here it is, my March wishlist. :twinkles:

1) Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
:sprout: As you may know I like Bobbi Brown a lot. It’s one of my first high end purchases in makeup and of course it left a very good impression on me. Anyway, I liked every Bobbi Brown product I’ve had until now so I’m curious about this makeup book since I hope it might help me to learn a few more tricks!

2) Sweet Arrow Skirt / Milk
:sprout: Milk is a Japanese fashion label and clothing brand and is considered one of the original Harajuku fashion brands and one of the first lolita brands. I like every detail of this skirt! It’s impossible to see on this pic but there are cute little arrows on the fabric! It’s pretty much out of my price range though.

3) Silk Lace Blouse / Valentino Roma
:sprout: Speechless!! This top is sooo perfect! 100% my summer style :klimper: hehehe

4) Neon Tank Top / Pull&Bear
:sprout: I’m sure you’ve noticed all the neon popping up! I’m not a neon fan at all but when I’m really tanned it can look cool.. Especially this color! And of course I love that it’s made of lace.

5) Strike a Prose Heel / Modcloth
:sprout: Although I’ve always been very tempted to, I’ve actually never bought something from Modcloth! These shoes however are to die for.. unfortunately they’re out of stock. I hope they’ll order them again! I could never wear thin heels and the neon touch is just perfect! At the moment I own just one pair of heels so I really would like to stock up!

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