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Rolling sushi

Rolling sushi
Right now I’m sitting on the couch with my hot, ventilating lap top and I’m trying not to die. Actually I’ve spent most of these past days at the lake or river but I just can’t concentrate enough there to write.. the Yooji’s event took place on Wednesday and I’m kind of proud that I really pulled it off. The other cosplayer were all very kind and I was glad to see that they were all familiar faces.
The best part was obviously the conveyor belt sushi and drinking and eating as much as I wanted. There was even a roller skate group and the girls had such an amazing look and served sushi on wheels.

Ich klebe gerade mit dem heissen lap top auf meinem Sofa und versuche dabei nicht einzugehen. Eigentlich habe ich die letzten Tage oft am See verbracht, aber ich kann dort einfach nicht schreiben… Am Mittwoch war ja der Yooji’s event und ich bin echt stolz, das durchgezogen zu haben. Die anderen cosplayer waren alle total lieb und ich war froh, alle Gesichter schon mal gesehen zu haben.
Das Beste an der ganzen Sache war natürlich das Sushi am Laufband und dass wir alles essen und trinken durften, was wir wollten. Auch ein Rollschuhverein war dabei und die Mädchen waren alle wahnsinnig toll geschminkt und gekleidet und verteilten Sushi auf Rollschuhen.

*nyaaa* can you spot me? ..I can’t remember where I found this pic.. sorry!

The event started at six o’clock and some hours later we were already free to go and got our coupons. The evening went by quickly and I enjoyed it. It had rained that day but it was still awfully hot and I sometimes worried that my makeup would start running or that my false lashes would come off but everything stayed more or less at the right place until the end. I’ve drunk so much ice tea that afterwards I felt a little sick but it tasted so good!

Es ging um sechs Uhr los und zwischen acht und neun durften wir auch schon unsere Gutscheine abholen und waren frei zu gehen. Der Abend ging eigentlich sehr schnell vorbei und ich habe ihn genossen. Obwohl es an dem Tag kurz geregnet hatte, war es wirklich heiss und ich hatte manchmal Angst, meine Wimpern könnten abfallen oder mein makeup verlaufen, aber auch nach drei Stunden war mehr oder weniger alles noch am richtigen Ort. Ich hab so viel Eistee getrunken, dass mir danach leicht übel war, aber er schmeckt auch wirklich super!

awww.. thank you! you were all so amazing and cute! source

Since I only rented the wig, I took the opportunity to take some pictures the next day. Well actually my boyfriend did. You can’t really see my outfit on the pictures above so stay tuned! Wearing a wig and transforming oneself like this, was a great experience but I’m a wild child at heart and was really happy to get rid of the clothes, wig and especially the makeup I was wearing when I arrived back home. It was definitely a wish of mine to once dress up like a lolita and now it really came true!

Da die Perücke nur gemietet ist, musste ich die Gelegenheit nutzen, und habe am darauffolgenden Tag Fotos geschossen. Also eigentlich nicht ich, sondern mein Freund. Auf den bisherigen Bildern ist ja vom outfit nicht sehr viel zu sehen, also seid gespannt! Es war eine tolle Erfahrung, mal eine Perücke anzuhaben und sich so zu verwandeln, aber im Kern bin ich ein wild child und ich war überglücklich aus den Klamotten, der Perücke und vor allem der Schminke rauszukommen, als ich wieder zu Hause war. Es war einer meiner Wünsche, einmal einen Lolitalook zu tragen und der ist eindeutig in Erfüllung gegangen!

Have a great weekend Everyone and remember to drink lots of water!! // Geniesst das Wochenende und vergesst nicht, ganz viel Wasser zu trinken!!


JapAniManga Night the 12th

JapAniManga Night the 12th
Hello people of the blogosphere! :omnom:
Before leaving for Moscow I attended the 12th JAN in Winterthur. Luckily the day I went, the weather was nice and there were many awesome cosplayers!
I also was glad to finally meet みほちゃん again and to eat one of the delicious Okonomiyaki she made! いつもありがとう :bling:
I didn’t really had the time to bother about my outfit so I just stuck to my usual school uniform and was happy with it. Seeing all the stunning self-made cosplay costumes at the conventions of this year made me ealize that it’s quite lame to just buy a costume so if I’m ever going to do a real cosplay again, I’m going to make the costume by myself. Big words, since I’m so untalented when it comes to sewing.. but fortunately I have friends who are really good at it! nyahaha :totorosmile:
Enjoy the pictures!

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Polymanga 2012

Polymanga 2012
Hello Everyone!
I finally managed to sort all the pictures of the Polymanga convention! Remember how I told you that I had a new cam? :oh: Well turns out that it takes some time to adapt to the new one. I’m used to take pictures with my old DSLR (Digital Single-lense Reflex) camera Nikon D70 but the new one is so different! I don’t know if it’s because the Lumix DMC-G1 is a mirrorless DSLR camera or if it’s because I did something wrong with the settings but some of the pictures I took were really bad.. :crying: Most of the pictures you’ll see were taken with the Nikon because I just couldn’t get along with the Lumix. Anyway, that’s enough nerd writing. I hope you’ll enjoy them nevertheless!

I’ll upload the whole images to my deviantART account but I thought that for the blog it would be better not to post too many images so I arranged them in groups. To see the rest of it, read on!

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