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Changemaker – Ethik küsst Ästhetik

Changemaker – Ethik küsst Ästhetik
Hey there cutie pies! :nekopaw:
Just recently I came across this super stylish store while strolling through the old town of Zurich where I haven’t been for quite a while. Zurich is crazy expensive and there aren’t so many stores I like and can afford and since Japan, I’m used to unique and cute stuff so I was very pleasantly surprised when I entered the Changemaker. :jupp:


I wasn’t looking for anything particular but when I spotted their Pukka teas and the Cocooning soaps and oils I knew that this was my store. Everything is well-matched and displayed beautifully and due to the friendly but descreet staff, I immediately felt comfortable.


The store is quite large and has two floors with natural cosmetics, teas, bags, cards, jewellery, plushies, pillows and various other selected goods. It’s the perfect place to find presents for friends, family, children or just for yourself. nyahahahaha I didn’t know that Cocooning has spread to the German-speaking part of Switzerland and that their products are sold in different stores here so I couldn’t resist and got myself a few things. :tanoshii:
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Hauling throughout Japan

Hauling throughout Japan
Hey there Sweeties! :nekopaw:
Although I had promised myself that I would do all the shopping at the end of our stay in Tokyo, I wasn’t exactly able to stick to that plan. The first parcel was sent back to Switzerland while still in Hokkaido and the second one from Kyoto. I also sent back way too many clothes I had brought along but soon regretted it, since afterwards I only had about three outfits to change into. In the end there were more hair care products, tableware and makeup in my luggage than clothes.

And of course I brought along food. Furikake (rice seasoning) is always convenient because it’s light and flat and I love trying out new combinations. It’s all very basic stuff and some of them are from the 100円 shop but after two months of eating mainly rice it’s difficult to switch to Müesli and Zopf so I’ve been cooking and enjoying Japanese food ever since we arrived.

Hair care is taken very seriously in Japan and if you go to a public bath or hot spring you will notice that most of the people have several bathing utensils such as body scrubers, wash cloths different soaps and various hair care products. The smell is addicting and somewhat different from the scents in Europe and I couldn’t help but bringing some of that with me. My hair now smells like fresh strawberry and sakura.. :tongue:

The chance to come across cat themed things in Japan is sky-high, it’s the ultimate kitty paradise. While the cat-themed stuff is mostly kawaii and girly, the real cats there are so Ukiyo-e! They look and behave quite differently from the cats here and remind me of cats in Japanese wood block prints.
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Sleeping Beauty~ how to wake up gorgeous!

Sleeping Beauty~ how to wake up gorgeous!
Hello Lovelies! :twinkles:

I shouldn’t be blogging right now but I found a pretty awesome article. Just wanted to share it here with you guys because I think that there are some interesting and simple advices on how to wake up beautiful!
Who doesn’t know dark circles and a puffy face right after waking up? Well I certainly do! The article is from The Fashion Spot but you can find also somewhat different and older versions around the web. I changed some of the points or slightly edited some passages but all in all I left it as it was. Ten points to help you wake up feeling and looking awesome!

The Sleeping Beauty by Kinuko Y. Craft (born 1940)

1. Change Your Sleep Style
Bad news for stomach sleepers.
The average head weighs 7 to 8 pounds—that’s a lot of pressure to be putting on your face night after night. In fact, most dermatologists can tell what side of the face you’re sleeping on by the number of wrinkles there. If you just can’t sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side with a body pillow. Your face won’t be as smashed into the pillow. For those of you who are fortunate enough to be back-sleepers, try throwing an extra pillow under your head. Gravity helps lymph and blood flow so fluid won’t accumulate. In other words, wake up without any puff in your eyes.

2. Add Volume
Piling hair on to the top of your head with a soft hair tie (scrunchie, anyone?) will add major volume in the morning. Be sure to use something soft to pull hair up to avoid crimping and kinking.

3. Moisturize Your Feet
What better time to sleep with comfy socks than winter? Slick a coat of super thick ointment cream onto your feet and put socks on to seal in the moisture. If you’re a deep sleeper, you can also apply lotion to your hands and wear gloves while you sleep. You may feel silly, but you will wake up with hands that are soft and beautiful.

4. Sleep on Satin
To minimize the dreaded morning bed-head, sleep on a satin pillowcase, or tie a silk scarf around your hair. It’s a much softer material than cotton, so there’s less friction to cause frizz.

5. Whiten Your Teeth
Long gone are the days of sitting around waiting for sticky strips to whiten your teeth. There are Products that are formulated for nighttime use. Simply paint a bit of the product on each of your “smile teeth” and wake up with a dazzling smile.

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