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Oh Japan Lover Me!

Oh Japan Lover Me!
Ok, so Japan Lover Me is probably the cutest website I’ve ever come across in the whole world wide web. Their site is structured like a Bento (Japanese lunchbox) with different compartments and is like the pinnacle ok kawaiiness! I must admit that first I was a little overwhelmed by all the colors and figures and blingbling but what I found out is, that it’s a collaboration between three young and talented artists, each located in an other country with a huge passion and dedication for Japan. Their goal is to share their love for Japan.

Japan Lover Me ist wahrscheinlich die süsseste website der ich je im ganzen world wide web begegnet bin. Ihre Seite is wie ein Bento (japanische Lunchbox) in verschiedenen Abteile unterteilt und sozusagen der Inbegriff von “kawaiiness”, Niedlichkeit. Ich muss zuegeben dass ich am Anfang noch etwas überwältigt war von all den Farben, Figuren und dem Blingbling aber soweit ich verstehe, ist die Zusammenarbeit dreier sehr begabter Künstlerinnen die alle in einem anderen Land wohnen und eine grosse Leidenschaft und Hingabe zu Japan haben. Ihr Ziel ist es, ihre Liebe für Japan zu teilen.

By clicking on the different Kokeshi dolls labeled with “Kawaii”, “Cool” and “Otaku” you gain access to their blogs with different Japan related topics. The three artists :hoshi: Kaila, :bling: Chichi and :flyusagi: Mishiewishie are located in Japan, the Philippines and the United States and there’s a lot of drop dead cute illustrations on their sites but also tutorials, collaborations, presentations and contests and they’re always looking for people who would like to contribute something to their site and share their enthusiasm for Japan. Enough said.. Just look for youselves!

Wenn man auf die verschiedenen Kokeshi Puppen die mit “Kawaii”, “Cool” and “Otaku” gekennzeichnet sind, klickt, gelangt man auf ihre blogs mit verschiedenen Japan Themen. Die drei Künstlerinnen Kaila, Chichi und Mishiewishie leben in Japan, den Filippinen und den USA und man findet unglaublich viele, niedliche Illustrationen auf ihren Seiten aber auch tutorials, Kollaborationen, Präsentationen und Wettbewerbe und sie suchen auch immer nach Leuten die etwas zur Seite beitragen und ihren Enthusiasmus für Japan teilen wollen. Genug gesagt.. schaut selbst!

Kawaii, Cool & Otaku Japan

Are you still with me or has all this cuteness killed you? Because ther’s still the cherry on top
the Japan Lover’s Bento maker :bang:

Seid ihr noch dran oder hat euch die ganze cuteness schon gekillt? Das Beste kommt noch..
der Japan Lover’s Bento maker!!!

You can imagine my face when I saw that you can create your own Bento online by choosing between the cutest and most traditional Bento ingredients such as sausage squids, onigiri, shiitake mushrooms and many more. Which one of my creations do you like the best? I think i would go with the bottom left one..

Ihr könnt euch mein Gesicht vorstelleb, als ich gesehen habe, dass man da sein eigene online Bento zusammenstellen kann. Zur Auswahl stehen verschieden, typisch japanische Zutaten wie Würstchen, shiitake pilze, onigiri und noch viel mehr. Welche meiner Kreationen mögt ihr am besten? Ich glaube ich würde mich für das Bento links unten entscheiden..



Hello! :hello:
How was your weekend? My exams went ok and I’m so glad and relieved they’re over right now but there will be the final exams in August! :oh:
Sunday I went to a Comic/Manga & Movie fair in Zurich. It was alright and I bought some very cool books but I will show them to you in a future entry. Instead I am going to review an Anime I watched some time ago and enjoyed very much! The Anime is called Ben-Tō ベン・トー and is based on the Japanese light novel series written by Asaura and illustrated by Kaito Shibano. It aired in Japan between October and December 2011.

The main character Yō Satō, is a high school freshman who gets dragged into a battle for half-priced bento. When he finds himself beaten up on the floor of a supermarket he soon learns that getting half-priced bento is an all-out brawl between customers. It is Sen Yarizui, the Ice Witch who invites him to join the HalfPriced Food Lovers Club. She’s one of the best fighters and the only member of her club.

Those who fight for bento boxes are often known as “wolves“. Inexperienced bento brawlers are considered “dogs“, usually considered as such when they do not understand the essence of bento brawls and use tactics that are looked down upon.

Sen Yarizui is a second year student who’s skill in bento brawls has led her to be known as The Ice Witch. Her title comes from her accidentally almost buying a beer called Ice Cold (氷結 Hyōketsu) because she liked the design and assumed it was a normal drink. She’s usually calm and does not particularly know a lot outside of bento brawls and can sometimes be pretty clumsy.

Ayame Shaga is Yō’s half-Italian first cousin who is an avid gamer and will often use her wily ways to get him to do what she wants. She is also a bento brawler known as the Beauty by the Lake (湖の麗人 Mizūmi no Reijin) after eating a bento on a bench at a park next to a lake and ended up falling asleep there. She’s well known for using chopsticks in battle.

Methods to obtain a bento can reach from using baskets and chopsticks as weapons to running around avoiding fights altogether. Sometimes brawlers fight in groups, such as the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club (Yō, Sen and sometimes Hana) and the Orthros pair who will often fight with each other while going after separate bento or team up to take out a threat before brawling with each other.

The brawls are governed by a set of unspoken rules among the brawlers, mainly to keep each brawl fair and even.

:bang: Every brawler must wait away from the bento area until the God of Discounts, puts the half-priced sticker on the bento boxes, and leaves to the break room before beginning to fight. To take a Bento beforehand and to harass the God of Discounts is disrespectful.
:bang: If another brawler manages to get a bento for themselves, they cannot be attacked. If two or more brawlers get their hands on the same bento, then they fight among themselves until the others let go of the bento.
:bang: A brawler can only take one bento, to take another would be greedy and would spoil the victory for another.
:bang: Brawlers should never do anything to cause a bento to spill, doing that would mean one less bento for someone to get.

Those that go against the rules and will selfishly go after bento and harass the staff are known “boars” and have no respect among brawlers. Bento brawlers will often do everything in their power to stop boars from obtaining bento as they go against everything brawlers stand for and thus do not deserve the Bento.

I found the Anime very entertaining and humorous! If you have the time and like to watch Anime stuff you should totally give this a try. I have an interesting list of Anime I would like to watch but I haven’t had the time to do so yet. The pictures in this entry are from here and I altered the text from here.
Have a lovely Monday everyone~


Ninja Bento & Mayoi Neko Cosplay

Ninja Bento & Mayoi Neko Cosplay
Hello everyone! How is life treating you? :twinkles:
Spring has pretty much arrived and you can see crocuses and snowdrops popping out everywhere! Last weekend the Japan Impact convention took place in Lausanne. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend it this year. I totally forgot that it takes place that early in February! The Polymanga howevere, an other Swiss convention, takes place on the weekend of easter and is also in Lausanne so I can’t wait to go there! A few days ago I ordered a new cosplay costume that I absolutely want to show you. :raburabu:
I’m going to play Fumino Serizawa (the girl on the left) from Mayoi Neko Overrun 迷い猫オーバーラン!

But first, let me show you my newest Bento! I haven’t made any Bento recently because I was on holiday but since school started again and Silvakun resumed his Japanese studies I’m back in Bentoland again! :miam: It’s pretty stupid, I know, but I’m always embarrassed when eating a Bento at school because it causes so much attention and I don’t like to be stared at while eating. But since Silvankun isn’t embarrassed to eat Bento in his Japanese classes, (actually au contraire, he can’t wait to *awww* everyone with it..) I’m going to make the cutest Bento for him! :blinkheart: This time it was a Ninja Bento:totorosmile:

I didn’t want to make it too girly and I think I succeeded. I saw the Ninja idea while googling Bento pics quite some time ago but I always wanted to try it once! There are Ninjas made of egg but also made of rice. I was too lazy to form rice so I simply used a hard-boiled egg and wrapped Nori around it. In the right tire there are mini skewers with chicken, bell pepper and zucchini. To give it a little bit of contrast and also because it tastes so good I added some feta cheese cubes, rocket and white sesame. :kitsune:

To see more Bento pics and to get a sneak peek at the new cosplay costume I ordered, read on!

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