Swiss Traditions

Swiss Traditions
Merry Christmas to everyone who’s celebrating! Remember how I told you that the city is all covered in white? Well, not anymore.. :sigh: The snow has melted away and it’s just raining now. Anyway, this unwintery weather didn’t keep us from indulging in wintery food. I love Swiss cheese and of course there are many delicious and hearty recipes with it.

A few days ago we made Raclette. Raclette is a type of cheese and a Swiss and French dish, based on heating the cheese and scraping off the melted part. The term raclette derives from the French word racler, meaning “to scrape” because of the way the melted cheese is scraped off the block. Traditionally, the Swiss cow herders used to take the cheese with them when they were moving cows to or from the pastures up in the mountains. In the evenings around the campfire, they would place the cheese next to the fire and, when it had reached the perfect softness, scrape it on top of some bread.

A modern way of serving raclette involves an electric table-top grill with small pans, known as coupelles, to heat slices of raclette cheese in. When the cheese is bubbling convincingly and going brown around the edges, remove the tray from under the grill, scrape the contents with a small wooden spatula on top of the potato which you have placed on your plate, sprinkle with pepper, paprika, nutmeg and eat. As it can take five minutes or so for each slice of cheese to cook, particularly before the grill has warmed up properly, it’s a good idea to put a new slice of cheese in as soon as you’ve scraped the last one onto your potato. That way you can keep them coming. Generally the grill is surmounted by a hot plate or griddle. The cheese is brought to the table sliced, accompanied by platters of boiled or steamed potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions and dried meat. source

To learn about Grittibänz and see pictures of our raclette dinner, read on!

Cheese, bacon, gherkins and pickled onions

We like our raclette with some bacon :smile: but you could also put small sausages on top of the grill.

“En Guete!” means “Enjoy your meal!” in Swiss German. :happy:

The other tradition I wanted to tell you about are the Grittibänz. Grittibänz are made of sweet leavened dough and are a typical Advent pastry. Even if under completely different names, this pastry is known throughout all the German speaking countries. Grittibänz however is the Swiss term for it. “Gritti” refers to the figure’s legs being apart and Bänz is the short form for Benedikt but can also mean “man”. There is some dispute about how far he dates back, but he has definitely been known since the 16th century. Children often receive these doughy men together with peanuts, mandarins and chocolate on the 6th of December for the St. Nicholas day. Even at school they hand out these yummy little breads!

It’s the first time I did Grittibänz all by myself and as you can see they turned out huge and almost monstrous.. :nope: but- sooooo delicious!! The bread was so soft and buttery inside!

These are not very traditionally shaped Grittibänz but it was fun making them! If you’re interested there are videos on youtube and very simple recipes on the internet. I used this recipe and this video on youtube. Both recipes are in German (I think.. my laptop has no audio so I can’t check it right now..) but you can easily find recipes in English too!

hahaha there is only enough place for three of them in the oven! Next time I’m going to make them much smaller..

And last but not least, I won a part of Wok Blog’s giveaway! 謝謝, 你真細心。Rong!
Wok Blog:sprout: is one of the first blogs I started reading and I immediately fell in love with her writing style and her pictures. She’s a very funny and itelligent Chinese born, living In Germany since 2000. I love her native recipes and of all the cooking blogs out there I like hers the best! I’ve already tried several of her recipes and was always so pleased =). Here is what I won:

I was so happy when I saw this pretty envelope in my mailbox!

I’m so very fond of these cards! They’re so special and different from any other card I’ve seen! The colors are so vibrant and the scenes so lively!

I wish you all a beautiful and dreamy holiday!

This is one of the pictures I took a few days ago in the forest but now all the snow is gone… :snif:


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  1. I love the Grittibänz you made! :iida: It looks really yummy and raclette sounds awesome. Thanks for posting about your Swiss traditions, I always like reading culture food posts :whistle:

    And congrats on winning the giveaway~ the art on the cards are very beautiful.

  2. Mhmmm raclette xD During my stay in Davos, we had EVERY single day (no joke! :nope:) cheese and bread. Sometimes for breakfast, for luch or for dinner *lol* luckily, it was prepared more or less in different ways. (raclette, fondue, philadelphia, Hartkäse, Cottage Cheese etc…) :ghihi:

    Merry XMAS Neko-chan :raburabu:

    PS. I watched the video on youtube, *oomg* :nyan: It was very funny to look at the little girls. And sometimes they spoke Swiss German *hahaa*

  3. I love raclette, my granny has the special pan. But I love fondue fromage even more! Swiss cheese is so good *ç*
    I never ate grittibänz instead, I’d like to try them.
    La foresta innevata è meravigliosa!!!
    Buon Natale!!!❄

  4. mmm I always feel hungry when reading your food posts! Those dishes look absolutely delicious! I wish they did grittibänz in the UK! (I hope I spelled that right :3) Hope you have a fantastic Christmas! xxx

  5. @ Vermillion: Thank you!! I’m glad someone appreciates this kind of posts :D I like the cards too :happy: I gave one to my mother for Christmas :swirlheart:

    @ The life after: hahaha :D I like it very fat and tasty too :miam:

    @ Miho-chan: nooo!!! I can’t believ this!! I think Silvankun would have loved this :oh: and yes, the video is cute indeed :nyan:

    @ モモネーコ☆: Thank youuuu :klimper:

    @ chaya bunny: hahahaha :hehe: I wish I could give some raclette!!

    @ Piperita Patty: Grazie =) sono contenta che ti piaccia la foresta innevata :starlove: I like fondue too but I think I like raclette better :D but maybe that’s only because there is a scent of alcohol in the fondue that I don’t like… :nope:

    @ Maisy: Thank you Dear! :happy: and yes, you spelled it right! :nope: strange language, I know, but in the end it isn’t very different from English!!

    @ Nic nic: Thank you =) I’m glad you like the pics!

    @ melonpan: Danke melonpan =)

    @ Joyce: Thank you! :smile:

  6. oheyy :hionigiri: just something i think would be fun to watch… could you and your boyfriend do the boyfriend tag (on youtube)? (: (:

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