Straight from hell to Beppu

Straight from hell to Beppu
Hey there cutie pies! :omnom:
The cold weather that has been prevailing during the last few days is probably appropriate for early February but due to the lack of snow in the city, it still doesn’t really look like winter but it sure does feel like it. It’s hardly surprising that I’m longing for turquoise ponds with boiling hot water and subtropical vegetation.


When we arrived in Beppu with the car, there was steam coming out of drain covers and the air was filled with sulphur so that I instinctively put my face mask on. It was scary and fascinating at the same time and totally what I was looking for. Beppu is famous for its numerous hot springs – onsen – which are found all around town but also in the nearby volcanic mountains.


The first hell we stumbled into is named after the mud bubbles, which emerge from boiling mud pools and look like the shaven heads of monks. We were pretty much the only visitors and we enjoyed the beautiful and warm November weather while looking at the fuming ground and carefully arranged garden.


There are eight major hot spots which are often referred to as the Beppu Hatto, the eight hells of Beppu. Geography, especially volcanoes and geology was one of my all time favourite subjects during school so I was really glad I actually got to see so many hot spots.



The vegetation on Kyushu is stunning and I’ve never seen such a huge amount of lotus flowers. The second park called Umi jigoku had a turquoise pond where they boiled onsen tamago, hot spring eggs. It was hot and my face got all wet from the humidity in the air but also because when the sun was shining, it sometimes got really hot during noontime. There were fairly more visitors in this hell, probably because of the beautiful greenhouse and the amazing colors all around. :hehe:


Guuuuuys! I’m sorry for the fload of images but I can really feel the sun again when I look at these pictures… :happy: Ok, so we didn’t get to see all of the hot spots but you didn’t even had to look for them because there was hot water and steam coming out of everywhere.


Tomorrow is the first day of my two days work trial and I’m so excited! Although it only starts at 11am I should probably go to bed now.
As promised I will keep you up to date with my travel diary but everything at once would be tiring.
Take care and see you soon!


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    • I looooved the mud bubbles *.* You absolutely have to visit Kyushu if you’re in Japan one day!!

  1. Die Bilder sind unglaublich schön! Ich bin ein ganz klein wenig neidisch. xD Hoffentlich habe ich irgendwann auch nochmal die Gelegenheit, heiße Quellen zu besuchen. *~*

    • Danköö =) meine cam ist dabei voll alt und auch etwas kaputt T.T Heisse Quellen sind was Wunderbares… gibts aber in Deutschland auch!! :P

    • hahaha I know exactly what you mean with “places like that really do exist”… I felt the same when I saw this ;)

    • You have too!! it’s also the island where the maker of One Piece (Eiichiro Oda) comes from so it MUST be awesome ;)

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