Spring holiday! …is over

Spring holiday! …is over
Hello there Readers!
Today is actually the last day of my spring holidays. Uni starts tomorrow and there’s still no spring in sight. At this time last year, I was taking pictures of plum and cherry blossoms but this year everything seems to be a little late. Anyway, I actually went swimming in the lake two days ago after the sauna and got a cold… I didn’t do anything special or crazy besides that and except for some excessive movie nights and some shopping my week has been pretty quiet.

Ordered these cuties~ can’t wait for them to arrive!

New in: cat flats from h&m and striped hoodie from my Mum :rabukuma:

Don’t you just love breakfast? Even if I don’t eat breakfast every morning I still think it’s the most important meal of the day and I prefer bread with ham, cheese, jam or honey to cereals… yeah – quess that’s the German genes! But believe it or not, I didn’t touch any chocolate for Easter! Luckily I’m just not that into that sweet brown mass, no matter in what shape or taste. But I could eat red meat for a whole family!! If I had that much money… :totorosmile:

Soba with shrimps and different veggies~
Omuraisu for Silvan-kun

very quick Bento without frills for after the sauna~

I’ve discovered the most yummy tofu recipe I tried in a long time! It is called Shiraae 白和え – Mixed Tofu and Spring Vegetables and since I had just bought tofu, I tried this really simple but oh so tasty recipe from “cooking with dog” (I’m sure all of you who like Japanese cuisine know and love the nice ばあさん with her doggie).
Basically it’s crumbled tofu seasoned with dashi, soy sauce and/or miso paste to which you add blanched (spring) vegetables. In the other part of the Bento there’s whole grain penne with rapini, egg and edamame. An other culinary high light was the first completely self-made pizza…

What are your favourite pizza toppings? Mine are tuna, anchovies (l.o.v.e. them), capers, onion, mozzarella and lots of tomato sauce. I never ever put meat on my pizza!!! don’t know why but I just hate meat on pizza. I like to eat meat without nothing:miam:

Picture taken by Silvan-kun back in February at the Japan Impact

Sorry for this really messy post!! and I if it made you drool too much… I’m off to dream land but I hope I can make it back really soon!!
Lots of love Cuties ..and thank you so much for all the darling comments on the Kiiroitori and the Bunnies Bento!! It’s your awesome comments that make me want to improve my Bento skills and get better each time.


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  1. All your food pictures look so delicious, especially the breakfast one! I love breakfast except I never really get creative and fancy with them. I usually have huge breakfasts at my boyfriend’s house because his mom prepares even food for an army.


  2. :hello:
    Yummy, yummy food! And I’m so sad that holidays are over now because school is really tiring yet. Those cat flats are really adorable!

  3. Breakfast is my favourite meal too, and I love to have a salty one like a cheese toast. Mybe I have some german gene too XD
    And your japanese cooking makes my drool, in particular the soba!
    As for pizza I and my bf wanted to make it too, but we had to work -.- My favourite toppings are bufala mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, spicy salami, trevigiana salad…I love it with nearly everything and without nothing too XD Pizza is one of my favourite dishes! And I love it to have a lot of tomato sauce too, I don’t like so much “white” pizza.

  4. You look gorgeous <3 and both of those shoes are just so cute! I like the ribbons! And then…. the foods! I wish I could eat something looking so delicious as those! <3 My breakfast is always so boring and poor T_T

  5. Aww, good luck going back to Uni! We just got a huge snowy blizzard here yesterday so I understand you wanting Spring to come faster! I love your new kitty flats and the bow ones you ordered, so cute! (Isn’t waiting for new shoes to come the best?!)
    Hope you’re having a great day!
    xo Hannah


  6. Ohmygosh. That kitty flats looks so cute =w=

    And you look pretty as always~

    And those foods are very omnomnomy. :3 I usually eat anything with rice during breakfast. Otherwise it doesn’t feel like I’ve eaten enough. XD

  7. :hirabbit: Neko!
    You have an amazing life,
    eating nice bento’s after a
    sauna! Me wants :c
    And silly, why did you went
    swimming in the lake :P I hope
    your cold goes away quickly!
    I like the last picture, you
    look nice!


  8. I am a bit out of date since I haven’t been online lately but I sure hope your cold is over and you are as healthy as a pumpkin already!! <3

    Wow the picture that Sylvia-kun took when you were in Japan is amazing!! And that H&M shoe is so cute! Cute animal prints shoes is so in currently! <3 Must remind myself to get a pair the next time I am out shopping =P

    You know one thing I love about you other than your fabulous looking food? Is that you love Japan cause I absolutely LOVE Japan too! Super anti K-pop =P Japan! Japan! Japan! hahaha <3


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