Spring Clothing

Spring Clothing
Hello Everyone!
Last week I went for some shopping because I felt like I really needed something new and fresh for spring. Since my bank account looks pretty cloudy I had to constrain myself to the essentials. H&M has an awful choice at the moment (to be honest I think it’s getting worse from year to year.. but I still admire their constant low prices!! and from time to time it’s even possible to find something decent) so I went to Zara. I like Zara becausen their fashion is mostly clean and simple but they also have their playful range, namely TRF. I like both, the clean and the playful and try to combine it. As you may have noticed in my older posts I love the color white. Especially for summer! I also wear a lot of blue and since red is my favourite color I sometimes add something red to my outfits. But during the summer holidays at the sea, I always wear white. :hehe: I guess this comes from when I was I child and my mother used to dress me in white. So don’t be surprised if everything I bought at Zara (except the skirt) is white. :wink:

This has already become my favorite shirt. The black stripes look like suspenders… I really like that!! and especially the two small bows on the shoulders.. And the lacy dress is just too cute, don’t you think? The emerald cotton belt is a present from my grandmother.

Haha this white shirt looks a little like a straightjacket but I really like the cut and the two small pockets are adorable. I just added two hair clips to show you that there are two small pockets..
I really try to wear other colors (and during the winter I often wear dark colors) but when spring begins and I look in the mirror of the fitting room, white is one of the only colors that smiles back at me.. :boxkitten: It illuminates my face (even with my unfortunate winter skin complexion) and makes me happy! The pictures are rather bad quality (I’m sorry I had to take them with Photo Booth..) but I only wanted to show you the clothes so there is no face on them. I hope that’s not too disturbing.. I will upload better pictures when I’m wearing the new clothes! (and not only posing for this post) By the way for all the Lolis and Gyarus out there, Zara has a lot of bows this spring!! They seem to be in.. :happy: So go for it!


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  1. Hi ねこちゃん – or should I say うさぎちゃん >^_^<

    you did some good choices! I should freshen up my wardrobe too, some colourful clothing would be nice. (≧v≦●)

  2. Thank you! ghihi yes sometimes I’m an うさぎ (*^^)I had cat ears too but I lost them… ( ・_・)…

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