Hello Everyone! :panda:
How was your weekend? I’ve spent two sunny days in Valchiavenna in Italy. There was a lot of gardening to do and I finally made my own vegetable patch! :iida: I can’t wait to grow my own Kabocha but for now there are only aromatic herbs like sage, rosmary, marjoram and chives. Originally I had planned to sleep and take many pictures but I ended up working in rubber boots and sweaty clothes. I didn’t even had time to take a shower.. :ohnoo:
Anyway, despite the stinging nettle on my hands and the tramp look I enjoyed it very much!

Plum blossoms :twinkles: aren’t they pretty?

If you follow me on twitter you probably already know but here it is again.. I passed the first part of my exams! Unbelievable but true… and with far better grades than what I expected or wanted. :totorosmile:
I feel much more confident for the second part now especially since it’s not about natural sciences & co. but languages. I have a lot of books to read though. :ohno:
I’m happy however that blogging hasn’t had a negative influence on my studying so I won’t feel too bad anymore when spending time with it. :klimper:

My grandmother has the most beautiful narcissuses in her garden!

To take a glimpse of my new hair cut, read on!

My new haircut and the topshop hoodie! I love the material and color! :bling:
I’ll show you more pics of my hair in a future post!

I’ll be back soon!


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  1. Plum flowers are so beautiful! I read somewere that before cherry blossom, japanese people used to contemplate plum ones :D
    We missed another time, but there wasn’t anything to do since I graduated today.
    I’m not talented at all for gardening! I always make plantes die -.-‘
    Your hair aren’t as short as I imagined!
    I’m happy you exams went well!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Spring is just about springing over here too, there are flowers everywhere and after a lot of cold and rain people are in such a good mood :crying:

    The topshop hoodie looks so cute and I’m loving the new hair, very chic :totorosmile:

  3. Congratulation for your exam! I am sure that it will be the same with the other ones. I hope you take picture of your garden once it’s all grow up. I also started doing some gardening but I just cleaned it, it’s so much work. I am just waiting to be hotter since we return back to minus zero. Your pictures of Italy are so pretty, lucky! Nice haircut, it always feels good to change of style.

  4. @ Piperita Patty: plum flowers are pretty populare in east Asia! I think they’re at least as beautiful as sakura blossoms! hehehe I thought so too when loking at the picture of my hair! but believe me, it’s much shorter than it was before :ghihi:

    @ Maisy: thank you pumpkin! :bling: looooove the topshop hoodie!

    @ Chani: Thank you! You’re so kind! :happy: I also had to clean everything first! the next time I’ll plant vegetables and take some pictures of it! :smile:

  5. Congratulations to your exams! :raburabu: Great job, well done Neko-chan :aiyo: I knew that you can do it ^^ :smile:

    the plum blossoms reminds me of Sakura – they look adorable :starlove:

    BTW, you are so mean :crying: Just one picture of your haircut in this post? :tongue: You look so cute with the heart and the length looks just right! Now, you made me very curious *3* Wanna see more of kawaii Neko-chan :swirlheart:

  6. love your travel picures! I wish I could hop to another country and city just like you! I’m excited about the cherry blossoms blooming.. I’ll go crazy with pictures for sure hehe.

    You look great in short hair!! Looking forward to seeing more pics of it. Also congrats on passing the first part of your exam, it can only get better!

  7. The plum blossoms are gorgeous, plum/cherry blossom are one of my favourite things ever. Your hair looks lovely and well done on passing the first set of your exams!

  8. @ Danii: vielen Dank! freut mich zu lesen :happy:

    @ Miho-chan: Thank you Dear! I’m so relieved!! hehe brace yourself!!! two days ago I cut it even shorter!! I need someone to take pictures of it! :bang:

    @ mei: Thank you Lovely! :boxkitten:

    @ Eden-Avalon: I’mglad you like it Ava! :lipstick: I cut it even shorter now!

    @ Nic nic: The fortunate thing about Switzerland is, that it’s rather small and borders to 4 countries! All of them are reachable in almost no time! My grandmother has a house in Italy and I have many relatives there because I’m half Italian! :aiai: I love your travel pics too :nyan:

    @ Akiko: ありがとう~~ :bling:

    @ winnie: Thank you Dear! :blinkheart: I’m glad you like it!

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