Speak of the devil…

Speak of the devil…
and he doth appear~ It’s funny because two days ago I wrote about my order from Milanoo and how I wasn’t expecting to receive something any time soon. Well I was wrong.. (once again!) This morning when the doorbell rang I was quite astonished to see the postman holding a package for me. After a closer examination of the poor wrapping I knew it had to be from Milanoo.

Nevertheless I was really surprised and happy to receive it. Although this is my first order from Milanoo I don’t think that one month is an exaggerated long wait for a retailer with such bad ratings on the web. I first unpacked the two different stockings and liked both of them. I tried them on right away and took pictures!

Then I started to unwrap the two “dresses” (actually they are more like skirts with suspenders) and of course there had to be a catch. One of the two items, wasn’t the one I had ordered! :ohnoo: and there were more unpleasant surprises.. Besides the creases the skirts are also too big and the color and material differs significantly from the pictures. The two skirts came with two white tulle skirts and two pink bows with clasp pins. All in all I’m satisfied with what I got. I probably won’t wear the skirts in public but it’s fun to have something like this in your wardrobe. Maybe I can make it street-suitable by dyeing it or combining it very cleverly.

Have you ever ordered something from them? I will think about some cute coordinates and if my boyfriend is nice enough to take some decent pictures, I will soon be posting them here! :miam:
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. Definitely combine them cleverly. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    I don’t order from Milanoo for the same reasons that you had issues with them. Time and the occasional (frequent) wrong thing being sent out.

  2. @ Yumi: oh thank you! I surely will :blinkheart:
    @ Ava: wuaaaah *panicpanic* I hope I will come up with something :hehe:
    @ Miho-chan: They’re lovely aren’t they? I’ll have to wait though until it gets colder again..it’s too warm right now for socks!

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