Snowman Bento!

Snowman Bento!
Hey Everyone! :heartame:
Today I’m going to show you my first winter-themed Obento! It’s been snowing for the last two days and now the city is covered in white. I can’t tell you how happy I am! Everything feels so right now. :iida: I would really like to spend a few days in the mountains to go snowboarding and enjoy some powder snow but my final exams are getting closer and closer and I’ve just started repeating all the subject-matters and there isn’t a lot of time anymore. Only if I manage to work diligently throughout the holidays I’ll grant myself some snowboarding.
Anyway, it’s been some time since my last Obento and inspired by all the snow around me I decided to make a snowman Bento. I didn’t have many ingredients but somehow I like its simplicity.

There is some Teriyaki chicken, rice with fried tofu stars, chives and a really hot kind of bell pepper (more as decoration than to eat). The snowman is made of an egg and a fish ball and is chilling in a bed of snow peas. I’m kind of happy to have found the tiny but really hot bell peppers because even if they’re too hot to eat alone they’re perfect for a spicy Pasta Arrabiata, one of Silvankun’s favourite sauces! We’ve been looking for hot bell peppers for quite some time but eventually gave it up and started using Shichimi to spicen up the sauces but that’s quite wasteful.

To see more pictures of the Bento, read on!

Today we went for a stroll in the forest and it was beautiful! As soon as I get to go through the hundreds of pictures I took I’ll show them to you. Are you already on holidays? My holidays start only one day before Christmas and although I have to study I’m looking forward to them! Stay tuned for a snowy winter wonderland in my next entry and have a nice evening!


PS: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to join the giveaway for nekoblog first anniversary! You can choose between a Bento-themed giveaway and a Kawaii giveaway. :hehe:

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  1. Wie süüüüß! Dieser Schneemann ist wirklich sehr gelungen. Nimmt Dir keiner weg, wenn Du in der Schule so was Nettes isst? Oder sind sie alle grün vor Neid? :-D

    Ich habe plötzlich gemerkt, dass
    es jetzt auf Deiner Seite schneit. Wie hast Du das hingekriegt? :-)

  2. wow it’s snowing there? you lucky!! (*^^*) i’m living in the country of santa and it’s just raining here ↓
    you are amazing, the snowman bento is so cute! ♥

  3. @ sgrmse: hahaha You’re so cuuuuute :nope:

    @ Miho-chan: hehehe my father already showed me the link :ghihi: I really had to laugh when I saw the guy talking English with all the cute Japanese kids around him :D

    @ pimo: hach ich schäme mich fast das zu sagen aber ich esse meine Bento nicht vor meinen klassenkameraden.. :nyan: die leute die es sehen finden es interessant und natürlich süss aber ich mag kein grosses aufsehen um mein essen machen :miam:
    der schnee is von! auf dem quelltext findest du ziemlich am anfang ein java script welches du in deinen header kopieren kannst, dann erscheint der schnee! :happy:

    @ Ava: Thank you Ava! :hehe: I’m so happy you like it!

    @ rosa: I told this to my boyfriend because I was so shocked about it!!! Please, please dear Santa let it snow in Finland!!! I’m glad you like my Obento! :arigatou: Did you ever eat Obento when you were in Japan?

  4. it’s cold today and not raining so maybe there’s still hope to get some snow for christmas (^^)
    yes, sometimes my host mother made a obento for school :) they were so nice~
    but the ones you make are way cuter! ♪

  5. OMG you made this *_*?!
    Can’t remember seeing a ‘non-asian’ making such a good looking bento.. you really have skills!
    Oh man.. now I want my own homemade bento too :(
    And your post made me really hungry right now haha :baburukeki:

    (it’s not snowing here btw.. I actually don’t like cold/snow.. so I’m really happy that it’s still nog snowing hahah)

  6. You are so lucky! We don’t have snow yet… but we have a lot of ice T-T. It looks tasty, too bad I don’t have talent to cook!

    I am curious to know where you bought your bento box! It’s so adorable!

    • Hey Chani! The snow is gone now :crying: I hope there will be some more in January! The Bento box was a present but I think Silvankun got it from J list!

  7. :merononigiri: mmm looks delicious! :D Though Im not sure Id feel good eating the poor snowman.. I suppose i could pretend I was the sun haha ;)

    Also I saw your comment about your giveaway in your last post and dont worry, it starts picking up pretty quickly after a while :) xxx

  8. Awww that’s such a cute bento! Everything looks delcious, especially the eel, yummy! I thought that the snowman’s body was bocconcini cheese. I never have the patience to make bento, my sister does it once in a while and she’ll make one for me :D

    We just received our first snowfall today and it looks like it might actually stick in time for Christmas!

  9. you make me feel hungry after mid night = =”
    bad you!! hahahaa…
    I really was able to do bento for only a week lol
    guess I should go to just dinner instead of it.


  10. you make the most adorable bentos. i wish i knew you! haha.
    it is summer around christmas in australia, so no snow for us. we don’t get snow in winter except in the mountains.

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