snap it, work it, quick-erase it

snap it, work it, quick-erase it
Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, load it, check it, quick – rewrite it… Daft Punk anyone?! :bling:
OMG!!! Do you know that point where you realise that you’re using too many social media?! Well I realised it when I started to confuse Pinterest with Polyvore or didn’t even know anymore, which icon to click on my toolbar… Anyway, I guess there’s theright placefor every picture or piece of mind and what is well received on tumblr isn’t necessarily a winner on we♡it… but does that really mean that I have to use a different media for every style of picture or thought?
Fortunately I’ve got my blog, where I can write and show pictures about many different things. But I still feel like I have to stick to Japan related things, since that was and still is the inspiration and heart of nekoblog.
There are some days however, where I’m into other things that have close to nothing to do with Japan or with this blog so I started using tumblr and Instagram.

Maybe I’m going to add a description in my future Instagram entries but not today… well why not… here we go! I’ll use the same description as I used for Insta..

:sprout: 1. red nail polish 2. eggs in a basket 3. It’s still way to early to get up 4. English breakfast 5. mini arm party 6. let the game begin! Italia!! 7. my sister’s birthday muffins 8. look what the postman just brought me :) a lovely new top! 9. pretty flowers 10. spicy soup 11. gory mask at the comic fair 12. well-behaved 13. Irma la douce.. 14. mameshiba 15. sakura 16. lovechan :sprout:

Pretty much every blog does these Instagram entries, I know… but since the pics on Instagram are quite different from what I usually show on my blog, I thought it might interest you! Little sneak peeks of nekos private life… nyahaha I don’t know when I started developing this exhibitionistic side and I hope I won’t regret it later on but for now I’m fine~ the funny thing is, that I didn’t even know there was Instagram for Android phones but I read about it on Chani’s blog :on: and immediately fell for it.
What I like about tumblr & Instagram is that you can put together snap shots of totally different things with unlike moods and it still looks great! I also like the rectangular shape of the pics on pinterest Instagram (..) it gives the whole a more uniform look don’t you think?


PS: Leave me your insta name in a comment if you want a little stalker following you :w: my name there is ninnikuneko

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  1. I understand, even picture in my instagram is totally different from my blog lol
    my android camera is pretty bad, it won’t focus for me :((
    but I don’t upload often anymore. :snif:

  2. @ Piperita Patty: Thank you Dear :ii: haha my bf has a prehistoric phone as well :P

    @ rae: ooh I’m happy someone loves them! thank you :tanoshii:

    @ モモネーコ☆: I have an Android too (an older one) but it works ok.. not perfectly but still ok :klimper: I followed you on Insta, you have cool photos!

  3. :hionigiri: I hear you on this part!!! I signed up an account in too many social media that some of them I can’t even keep up with such polyvore. Thank you for the sweet comment!!

    ps. everytime I check out your blog, I can’t help myself from complimenting how cute your blog is! I love it very much :)

  4. haaaa already by the name of your blog i knew i would like it :D
    ho i wanted to paste a little totoro from your list upthere but i can’t find how :(((

  5. vielen vielen lieben Dank, das freu tmich wiklich sehr! :) Deine Bilder sind übrigens richtig cool, Hübsche :>

  6. @ Ang Lam: I’m happy not to be the only one.. :wink: it’s been ages since I last did something on polyvore o.0 aWwwww and thanks for the nice compliment Lovely :blinkheart:

    @ aïcha: wuaah two compliments in a row! I’m happy you like it :miam:

    @ tappo: oh yes! =)

    @ Luisa: Danke :klimper:

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