Smiling Cats on the Runway

Smiling Cats on the Runway
Hello Ladies:aiai: I know, the New York fashion week for the fall/winter collection of 2011 is long gone but I’ve only seen Anna Sui’s Fall collection just now and couldn’t help noticing her outstanding legwear creations!
I love tights and any kind of socks so I was truely delighted to see this unique selection of tights and knee socks. And last but not least my darling animal hats appeared on the runway! I’m head over heels in love with animal hoods and hats and wasn’t too surprised to see two cat hats in her collection :halloween: although they look a little too scary for my taste.. I mainly spotted three different styles in her fall collection: ethnic, school uniforms and a little bit of Rock chick. Clearly there is no escpaping from patterns! I read comments on different sites saying the models should have worn high heels instead of low shoes because their legs looked stumpy in low shoes :ghihi:. But if I may, I think these people just didn’t get the message of her collection. Sure, they would all look great in high heels but they look at least as good wearing low shoes! The strap shoes look adorable and very feminine and the lace-up shoes look boyish and cool. I like Anna Sui’s development throughout the years. Maybe it’s daring to say but in my humble opinion her choice of fabric and pattern combination has become more sophisticated and adult. This years fall collection was clearly influenced by the Ballets Russes exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.“The V&A has the best collection in the world of designs, costumes, props and archive material from the Ballet Russes, and is also borrowing widely from private collections. The costumes and painted scenery, including a backdrop designed by Natalia Goncharova for the 1926 production of The Firebird, are fragile and very rarely displayed. Curator Jane Pritchard said it was a measure of how important the Ballet Russes was considered that so many costumes were carefully preserved.” source A rarity on the cat walk besides the cat hat were the smiling models! Well not all of them were able to unlearn the facial expression they usually have on the runway and some of them put on a rather strange smile but a few smiled genuinely and it actually looked fresh and vitalising! I guess not every outfit requires a smile but if the apparel allows it and this collection obviously did, why not? Here are some collages I did with the tights of her collection and some shots of dresses I especially liked:
I hope you enjoyed these runway pictures as much as I did!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:

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  1. 8D As much as I love the kitty hats, those tights and leg wear really capture my attention. I especially love the ones that made the model’s shoes look like boots!

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