Sleepy Forest Bento~

Sleepy Forest Bento~
Well, look what the cat dragged in… :nekopaw:
It’s a Bento! Am I making too little of these? Having school only in the afternoon makes it kind of unnecessary to bring something along. But maybe I will have more opportunities to do so when I start with university in September. :jupp:

I called this Bento sleepy forest because the two Onigiri seem to have fallen asleep between magical mushrooms.:twinkles:

Yesterday I updated my tmblr account and now I’m totally addicted to it! I actually have two accounts, one with things I enjoy or find interesting and the other one is only for Bento inspirations. I’ve seen so many beautiful Bento that I had to do one myself today. Well actually there may be an other more calculating reason fo this sudden creation. :etone:
Tomorrow we’re heading to sunny Portugal :tanoshii: and I won’t be able to update until the 18th of June.. and since I know that many of my readers like Bento I just couldn’t leave without making one first. I know I should be posting more Bento but it takes quite some time and more importantly, a lot of patience preparing them! :miam:

As usual, the most nerve-recking part was appplying the tiny, sticky grains of rice as eyes for the octopus sausages with the even tinier sesame seeds… If the rice has already dried, the seeds won’t stick on the surface and so on.. I can’t imagine how my Bento will look at the end and the ideas come with the process. Of course you can avoid all these time consuming tasks if you plan your Obento first. :bang:
The two powdered, brown things next to the strawberries are Taro Mochi. They taste sooooo good! The rest of the Bento ingredients are pretty unspectacular. Two plain Onigiri and Inari Zushi. It’s been ages since I had Inari Zushi and I had totally forgotten how delicious they are. They’re done so quickly and you can fill them with so much rice but they still taste sweet and unbelievably tasty! :totorosmile:
Then there is Tamagoyaki filled with green beans and a little pickled ginger and a green bean salad with white sesame seeds topped with Shiitake.

I still need to do some packing so I’m leaving you! If you care to check out my tumblr accounts, feel free to visit NEKONEKO & NEKOCHAN NO BENTOLAND (stupid name, I know.. still need to change that :jupp: ). If you have a tumblr account too, please leave me your link in a comment! I love to look at countless, beautiful and inspiring images and I will gladly follow you :on:
I also still have images of Moscow I haven’t showed you yet but I promise that I will catch up on that after my stay in Portugal! Have an exciting weekend & week everyone!


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    That bento looks delish! I love the detail of the octopus eyes! I’ve always just poked eyes out with a toothpick but this is so much cuter! I really need to try taro mochi, I always hear people saying how nommy it is!

    Have a lovely time in Portugal!

    Ooooh also also do you have a blog button at all? Just because I finally got a sidebar to put them on and (obviously) I wanna add yours! It’s fine if you don’t I’ll just makeshift my own but I just thought I’d ask :)


  2. Have fun in Portugal!!!
    I followed you un tumblr. I also have one, but I only use it to load photos on my blog, so it’s boring and contains spoilers XD
    I love your bento ^^ I still have to make one cute enough to be published on my blog ^^’

  3. kawaiiii ^^ I feel hungry now *lool* :ii:
    Have a great time in Portugal! Hope you won’t be disappointed like your last trip. Enjoy it :starlove:

  4. わぁ。。おにぎり&ソーセージかわいい!!マッシュルームも☆ I always love your obento- and make s me want to eat right now..! Great work as always :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  5. What a cute and lovely looking bento! I am sure it was delicious too! I love the idea of beans inside tamago!

    Have a good time in Portugal!

  6. @ Maisy: * nyaaaaa* I’m happy you think so! I didn’t know that Taro Mochi is that popular!! But it’s true that they’re delicious! Regarding the link button, I still need to make a new one.. I’ll try to come up with one before leaving but I can’t promise it :jupp:
    and I just added MAISYetc. to my blog roll again :ii: I had lost a few links while updating my site…

    @ Miho-chan: Thanks so much! Nyaaa Portugal’s people are warm and friendly and the nature must be breath taking… I’m pretty sure I’ll love it :ii:

    @ Akiko: Thank you so much Lovely! :rabukuma: You know I always feel honoured when you say so!! :)

    @ Jian: Thank you :hehe: I think you could fill in even more beans and roll it tighter.. they’re like Maki Zushi :flyusagi:

    @ zoomingjapan: Danke Liebes! Your Bento are not ridiculos at all and they look pretty authentic an yummy to me! :iida: I love your informational blog and added it to my blog roll!

  7. You make the cutest bento boxes! :hionigiri:

    Have a wonderful trip to Portugal and I hope you encounter warmth/hospitality there. Can’t wait to see photos!

  8. Your bento are always cute and everything looks so tasty! Each time I see your bento box, it makes me wish to at least have one but I don’t think I will use it often. Either way, have a nice trip in Portugual, I heard it’s a nice place to visit. If I ever go, I wish to visit the country side, I really don’t know why! I hope you take a lot of picture!

  9. I love your bentos Neko-Chan and I can’t wait to see more of them. It looks so peaceful and beautiful. I hope you have fun in Portugal! (FYI, I got another trojan warning. This one was a little more aggressive.)

  10. OMG this is the cutest bento!!!! You are so talented at making bento, I can never do that! I totally admire your talent and have fun in Portugal :) :twinkles:

  11. :hirabbit: dollface! have fun in portugal! as always your bentos look so pretty. have you thought about opening a bento shop? would be pretty cool. what is your tumblr, darling?

    xx rae

  12. Thanks ♥ I haven´t ate anything yet, so I´m really hungry when I watch these delicious photos!

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